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Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, Black Cherry Berry, 0.5 Ounce

Gelish soak-off gel polish applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional uv lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews


Rich Color

Honestly, I purchased this polish to wear during the winter months or during the holiday season. I have not tried it yet, but who doesn’t like a deep, rich berry color? Because it is made by Gellish, you can’t go wrong.

Terra New Meadows, ID

Black Cherry

A bit dark for my taste. Gelish products are hard to remove and I like CND products better than Gelish.

Adeline Pottsville, AR

Basically the best!

This is the first color I bought to start my Gelish collection. I thought it was a great staple and excellent for fall. Ive used it on myself and some of my friends, with rave reviews. Its applies with the same consistency as a regular polish. Some of my friends prefer 2 coats and I prefer 3. The color listed on this swatch more accurately shows what 3 thin coats look like. I will probably have to invest in another bottle soon 🙂

Francis Ursa, IL

It’s Gel Love!

This color is great for the evenings during the holiday seasons! Seeing as it is almost always dark in the winter, I love that I don’t have to keep changing my nail color. Another great feature, I can apply regular nail polish onto this is I need a color change for a bit and then just wipe the new color off. It doesn’t mess up the gel nail at all!

Jeanne Eastlake, CO

Very disappointed in the color

I really wanted a dark red. I specifically did NOT want a red that was actually purple. And that’s exactly what this is. It’s like a plum. I don’t hate it because this color is in right now, it’s just not what I wanted, which was a dark red color.

Audra East Greenville, PA

black cherry berry

This color is to die for. If you are looking for a darker sexy red but not too dark or too bright this is your color. It does look like the color of a dark red cherry.

Patsy Keavy, KY

One of my favorite Gelish colors!!

The first time I got my nails done with a gel system, I picked out a red color from OPI and I really liked it. So when I invested in my own Gelish nail system at home, I just had to have a red color in my kit and this is exactly what I was looking for! I think the name of the color, Black Cherry Berry, describes it perfect! It’s red with a warm dark tone to it that I love. If you want a true red, this is not the one, so you may want to try Red Roses. With two coats you will have great coverage that last for weeks without chipping!

Therese Tippo, MS

Great color for fall/winter

when you use two layers, the color is like an oxblood red. Great on my skin tone, which is light. I highly recommend this color!

Sierra Owensburg, IN

Great Gift

I bought this polish for my friend’s birthday along with the UV lamp to dry. we have used it together a few times now and its perfect salon quality. The color is a perfect deep red.

Lee Aquebogue, NY

Gorgeous deep red

This color reminds me of black cherry chutney from opi. It’s a beautiful color, very rich. It’s not too dark that it looks like a black red, but it is a dark red…awesome Fall color.

Loretta Redlake, MN

This color is awesome!

Okay, this is, by far, my most favorite color – although I’m partial to Rendevous and Plum and Done, too! But Black Cherry Berry is really so much the color of a ripe black cherry – dark, rich, gorgeous!

Beverley Blue Jay, WV

great color

I love this color. It’s such a rich and deep color. It lasted at least 2 weeks. The color was still fine, but my nails had grown so much I had to redo them.

Christi Hamilton City, CA

Lots of pigment, hard to clean up

I love the color – a creamy burgundy, no pearl or sparkle. You can wear it with any color. But beware – you need steady hands for this! I have a lot of residue around my cuticles, and I’m hoping a little oil and a hot shower will help me scrape the extra polish off my fingers in a few days, once my cuticles grow back a little. I will definitely try again, but be super-extra-uber careful next time!This was my first attempt at doing dark gel polish. I didn’t find it streaky like some reviewers said. I thought it was heavily pigmented, which is great for coverage, but made it really difficult to clean up. I used a brush dipped in Erase, and I couldn’t get it all off. I use a 36W UV lamp, and I had to cure each layer for 6 minutes. I guess that’s how it is with dark colors.

Elva Hagarville, AR

Love Gelish

I have a UV kit and love Gelish nail polish. Easy to apply and stays on for ages! If only my nails never grew I’d probably never have to take it off!

Dolores Anthony, KS


Black Cherry Berry is an awesome color its a deep red and one of my all time favorite colors . With the gelish gel polishes my gel manicure will usually last about two weeks.

Chrystal Rattan, OK

Great color

This color is very close to what is pictured. Be sure to do 2 coats and make sure to keep it under the UV lamp a bit longer as I think the darker colors take longer to set.

Jacquelyn Twin Rocks, PA

Not a Deep Red

This was a bit brighter than I was expecting, but still a great read polish with a bit of shimmer/sparkle.Gelish reds seem to need even less polish so extra thin applications are key & if you’re like me, you’re going to need a manicure stick to keep that polish from staining your cuticles because it will.

Lora Fairview, OR

Black Cherry Berry

Love the dark color and shine. East application and lasts a long time. Be sure to follow instructions and use sparingly.

Marta Black River, NY

Pretty, dark red

This a pretty, dark red color. It’s perfect for the fall and I imagine it would look good on most skin tones. I used 3 coats to get even and total coverage. Someone with a little more skill in applying red could likely get away with 2 coats. It was a good addition to my collections…no regrets.

Wilda Jonesville, MI

Great Fall/Winter Color~

This was the 1st Gel-Polish I bought. This is a fabulous fall/winter color! Its the perfect shade of a dark red. Its exactly the color that is shown in the display picture too – which is always hard to know how true it is. Love it and would highly recommend~

Maryanne London, TX

Deep Red

I bought this color because my mom had it as well. Her Black Cherry Berry wasn’t as dark as mine is. Not sure if the formula was changed up a bit or not. Still a good color, just slightly disappointed it was darker than what I was expecting.

Elva Williamsport, KY


Beautiful very dark burgundy. You will need 3 thin coats for the true color. It is a dark shiny Bing Cherry color!

Meredith Bradgate, IA

Deep Classy red

Nice burgandy red. It sounds awful, but it is the color of dried blood. I love it. Great for fall/winter. Pairs well with anything.

Barbara Edgewater, WI


It is the perfect color for the holidays. Not too dark yet dark enough. A perfect color to add to your collection. Note of warning: Do not keep it close to the light as it will harden and you will never be able to use it again. I learned this the hard way.

Louise Whitestone, NY


This is a gorgeous red. It can range from a deep red to an almost black red depending on how many layers you do, which I love.This was shipped from AFL Fulfillment. It came tightly capped, securely wrapped, and 4 days before the estimated delivery date, which was awesome.

Octavia Wilbraham, MA

Beautiful color

The color is actually quite darker than it appears on the computer. I love the color but it is difficult to get an even coat. I have found the darker colors to need 3 – 4 coats to make them even. A little more time consuming but worth it, especially since you only have to do your nails every 2 -3 weeks.

Minnie Fieldton, TX


This is a very classy color… I wear it often… I would recommend it to all. Yes, I would buy it again…

Melissa Alma Center, WI

Deep Red

The color is very similar to the color that is shown by the manufacturer. It’s a beautiful deep red. I don’t usually do Red on the finger nails since it’s a bit too red/flashy for me but I dig this color!

Beatriz Montfort, WI

Not as dark as picture

I just love Gelish!! My nails have grown and finally look really good all the time!! I find it last really well for 10 days but I can get 14 good days from it!! This color is not has dark as picture even with two coats.

Rosie Whitehouse, OH

Beautiful color – even covarage

To me, this color is closer to the color shown than any other Gelish polish I’ve purchased.Two coats gives you a nice wine color, but three coats gives you deep, rich wine color that is just beautiful!! This polish was easy to apply. It didn’t streak or puddle and had a good consistency.

Daisy Sunnyside, UT