Gelish Soak Off 0.5 oz Ooca Coocha Bing Bang Bam Gel Nail Color Harmony Polish

These gels come in an array of fun colors. It applies like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or in 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • Easy Application
  • Chip Resistant
  • Stays on for up to 3 weeks
  • Perfect for a Do-It-Yourself Mani or Pedi

Honest reviews


Picture Not Right Color

So i seriously love this color way more than I thought I would. The picture window shown is definitely not accurate. It is nowhere even close to that dark. It’s a nice bright turquoise blue. I mainly got it because I do my friends’ nails and one was requesting a blue so this is what I got. But now I currently have it on and even after a week I still love it. Easy application. It does take about three coats to make a good solid sparkly turquoise, but if you do it right and keep the coats thin, then you wont feel like you have a big glob on your nails.

Autumn Penrose, NC

Love this color!

I love this color! It looks like a mermaids tail. Beautiful and sparkly. It goes on smoothly and stays on well

Stella West Fargo, ND

Lovely Marine Blue

If you are an ocean person or just love a shiny teal – marine blue this color is for you. It’s gorgeous and lasts equally as long as all the other gelish products. So far I think this is one of my favorites!

Andrea Stovall, NC

Bippity Boppity Boo!

So honestly the name of this color caught my eye — lol! So I ordered it and was not disappointed at all! It’s a beautiful color and as cool as it’s name!! ;o)

Marquita Kearney, NE

My favorite!

The picture does not do this color justice. It is WAY prettier than it shows. It is a sparkly teal color not as dark of shade as shown in the picture. I like it better than the mint icing color because it has a little more green. So pretty. I does look similar to a mermaid tail that a few others have described it as. I have been wearing this the last month and love it. It is my new favorite color!

Rhea Jamaica Plain, MA

Gelish Polish

This was the first gel polish that I had ever purchased. It is the most awesome color ever. I got stopped every where I went by women asking what kind of polish it was and where did I get it done. It is like a shimmery teal, but there’s something else about it. It is just a fantastic color. I definitely recommend it! It goes on smooth and looks best with two to three thin coats. This color and this brand started my gel polish addiction. Gelish is in my opinion the best gel polish. It lasts at least two weeks and goes on so easily.

Lorena Eckerty, IN

Pretty color–opaque glitter

This is a very flashy color all on its own–it looks like a mermaid’s tail, and is very glittery. It also looks pretty cool when it’s layered over a dark color. It’s certainly flashy, but I don’t get what the huge deal is with these Aurora colors. They seem to be just really awesome glitter colors (which is fine by me). I posted a picture–three coats.

Maureen Middleburg, FL

This is the nicest color Gelish has!

Of all the colors I own, this one gets the most compliments. This color is a BLUE, very bright and glittery. I’m including “traditional” polish in that category too, since that’s always on my feet. This is bright and shiny and doesn’t seem to dull at all. I’ve had it on for 2 weeks without chips (which I’ve found to be typical of all Gelish colors) and there is no visible fading or dulling of the finish. The polish could have lasted longer, my nails just grew out.

Anita Bailey, MS

Not too happy with this one…

I love my gelish system but not all the colors are created equal. This color is great, but the durability is just not there as it is with some of my other colors. This color will start chipping within a day or two whereas some of my more durable colors will last 2-3 weeks!

Georgina Campo, CO


A great shade of teal with so much sparkle your nails will catch everyone’s eye! Two coats was plenty for good coverage, a third made the color just a bit deeper and even more sparkly!

Eugenia Jackson, MI


It’s a cute color, I like it.. Like the other reviewers said, the color looks kind of like a mermaid tail.

Lauri Box Elder, MT

Great color

More greenish aqua than blue. It sparkles so much if you do 3 coats. I get compliments on this color every day.

Esmeralda Danevang, TX

Really nice color!

This is a very pretty color. It’s like a turquoise blue/green that shimmers and reflects different colors in the light. It’s also glittery. The only problem I had was that it was a bit sheer. I had to use three coats.

Joni Maple City, MI

Even better!!

The picture does NOT do the color justice! It is SO SPARKLY! I love glitter so I guess if you don’t like glitter then don’t get this color. I like to put this over the top of the color ‘Garden Teal Party’ and it just strengthens the tealy colors of both polishes! Gelish is amazing!

Edna Glandorf, OH

Gelish Soak Off 0.5 oz Ooca Coocha Bing Bang Bam Gel Nail Color Harmony

I gifted this to a friend who absolutely loves the color. Its bright and beautiful and it looks great on her nails!

Renae Poplar, MT

Blue Green and Beautiful!

Both my daughter and I are wearing this polish! Just the right amount of sparkle. The color is somewhere between blue and green; a little bit more green. Remember to put light coats of polish on. Otherwise, some of the glitter can stick out at the tip of the nail. Very pretty.

Brigitte Mellott, IN

dense glitter

This is a dense irredescent glitter that can look blue or green depending on the light. Covers fully in three coats. I also have used this over light green and light blue polishes as an accent and it takes on the color underneath it. Its a great summer color.

Jami Ann Arbor, MI

Love It

I love this color as a topper or alone. It is really a great teal type color. My daughter loves this and we use it frequently. Work great, no issues and stays on well.

Darcy Reardan, WA