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Gelish Nail Gel, I’m Brighter Than You

Gelish I’m Brighter Than You – #01559

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  • Gelish I’m Brighter Than
  • You – #01559

Honest reviews


Beautiful color

This polish is a wonderful color, but it’s thin and streaky, so you have to use at least three coats. Once you have the third coat, it’s beautiful. I’m older and never would’ve thought I’d like neons, but these Gelish colors have made me change my tune.

Nichole Pittsboro, NC

More of an Orange

I love Gelish and I’ve been searching for a pretty Coral pink and that’s what this seemed to be. As always, the picture is not accurate. In fact, not at all. Actual product isn’t as pink and I agree with the review saying its more of an 80’s color. Still pretty and still love it but I’ll keep looking for that perfect coral pink.

Felecia Orient, ME


Beware the clue is in the title…this color is so bright that it is NEON! I wanted a coral polish but this one is too bright for the look I wanted. However the worst part is the consistency of the polish. I own other Gelish and they are thick, but this one is very thin. Maybe it is because of the color? I had to put several coats and it was streaky.

Maura Java, VA

Orangeish color

This is a orange color that is bright and fun for summer. Gelish nail polish is great and easy to apply. This is used with uv light and base, top coat as well as ph bond made by Gelish too for two weeks staying power

Josie Dresden, TN


This color is more light a neon pink. It is cute though not what I was looking for. The only disappointing thing is the polish is thin. I feel like this has been happening a lot with polishes ordered in amazon in general. 3 coats sometimes font work or cover correctly. All in all it was ok.

Blanca Graham, TX

love this color.

I’ve received many compliments on this color and it was my favorite color of the summer. I got all my coworkers wearing a similar shade now too. Its a pastel neon peach/orange. Loved the brightness without being too loud. It was a little chunky but that seems to be the case with the more pastel colors. I can’t wait to wear this color again next summer.

Tami Newton, NJ

I’m in Love!!

5 Stars, this color will rock your nails, it is really nice, it goes on bright and within a few days it starts to lighten a little, but it looks beautiful. Nice coral color, I am in love with this color.

Mia Commerce Township, MI

Gelish “i’m Brighter than you”

This is a bright coral color, not nearly as pink as the picture, this is a 80’s color. Great color.

Alma Myakka City, FL

bright colors

I’m a sucker for anything bright… I love this color…This goes with most of my clothes… Will buy again and again!

Adriana Shasta Lake, CA

Wow! Can you say fluorescent

This is a bright bright peachy coral color!!! I’m 39 and feel a little too old to be wearing this haha!!!

Gwendolyn North Turner, ME

NEON Orange!

This polish is absolutely NEON orange in natural light. I’m just writing this review after having the polish for a long now looks like a beautiful light orange when applied, but don’t be fooled- the second you hit natural light it is NEON.

Nina Cardington, OH