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Gelish: Mini UV Light 1

This listing is for the Gelish Mini UV Portable Curing Light. Save time and money with this inexpensive light made by Gelish. The MINI UV Light is a small hand-held, battery-operated portable light, designed for curing Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish. The MINI Light will efficiently cure Gelish Colors and products from Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish system for a long lasting manicure. This lamp will cure nails a bit slower than the LED lights, but for the price you really cannot beat the value. This will easily fit in a small bag for trips and can be stored away much more easily than other larger lights and lamps. The UV lamps in this light are not harmful to your skin even after continued use. Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included) We are an authorized Gelish Dealer!

Key features

  • New Gelish Mini UV Curing light
  • Cures Foundation Gel in 1 Minute
  • Cures Gelish Gel POlish in 2-3 Minutes (varies by color)
  • Takes 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Cures 4 fingers then thumbs separately

Honest reviews




Gena Bingham Canyon, UT


i was a little skeptic about getting this mini uv light because it does not come with an ac adapter nor batteries. (you have to buy and put the batteries yourself) i got it anyway because it was the cheapest i could find. Well lt me tell you as soon as i got it in the mail i went right away and tested it out using batteries. Im not sure what happened but even with the batteries charged the uv light did not want to turn on. i think it was just my batteries. my husband found my old iHome charger and connected and it works perfectly.What i love most about this product is that it is travel size, so i can easily fit it anywhere. When i have to store somewhere it does not take up much space. Despite its size it works just as well as those big ones they have at the nail salon & you save tons of money on it too.if you decide to buy this mini uv light and you want the charger for it you can always find it right here on amazon. I looked for it when i bought it just in case and it’s only about 12 or $13 about the same price that you would pay for the uv light itself.its worth the price its worth everything. i love it. i do my nails with it, i do my friends nails as well. you should definitely go ahead and buy it or at least consider it. =]

Ophelia Carrollton, GA

Just Okay

I bought this light because we travel alot. Even though it doesn’t state, it’s ONLY about 5W. The lowest wattage that I have found available. This light ONLY cures Gelish, but does it very well. It will also cure IBD super shine sealer (3 Min cure time). I really like using IBD, however as I said I use this light for travel due to it’s compact size. It fits well in a suit case and is light weight. You will need to do your nails a bit more often with the gelish as it does not hold up as well as the IBD.

Jill Middletown, DE


I actually bought this to give for a Christmas gift, it arrived on time and packaged nicely, my sister had been saying she wanted the gel nail kit and light, so I found this one here at a great price and she loves it, she opened it the day of Christmas and did her nails the same night.

Anna Dumont, MN


We’ll I have the mini led lamp from gelish and I love it but this one not so much just used it for the first time this past week and it did not cure the hard gels I was working with. I am not sure if it is bc this is only for gel polish…. But we cured the gel for about 15 minutes and it was still wet in areas. And I am not sure if I can return it now since I bought it just after Christmas so disappointed.

Deann Ceres, CA