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Gelish Make You Blink Pink – #01558 by harmony BEAUTY

Gelish Make You Blink Pink – #01558

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  • Gelish Make You Blink

Honest reviews


Bright pretty barbie pink

Looove this color! It’s a bright Barbie pink… I used three thin coats, there was no wrinkling, and a coat of Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy to add that purple-ly pretty sparkle. Both colors are phenomenal and work great together (results in picture gallery). The item was shipped within two days and I had it on my nails on three. Perfect summer color!!

Ashlee Kossuth, PA

Pretty highlighter pink

The color liquid is extremely watery…. Spills over all over the place. Needs very thin and multiple layers to look nice

Kerry Mount Union, PA

Good color

Bright, fun, pink color. I have had some trouble getting gelish to stay on as long as the salons do it but it is still the best gel polish out there.

Velma Earlville, IL


love this polish color – it is very very pink! i wish it was more of a hot pink color but it still is gorgeous. pink tips are awesome

Jaclyn Mc Gee, MO

In love

A must have for any pink polish collector. Bright "Barbie" pink that wears bright. I have heard the pinks fade, but since I just put it on yesterday I cannot say much on that fact. The picture, as usual, does not convey the true color of this pink. It is not as dark. Remember to check for swatches before buying!

Luz Johnson, VT

Hot Pink!!!

Hot Hot Hot pink, makes your nails pop, I get so many complements when I use this color, it is gorgeous. Great for summertime. I don’t mind using this color for 2 weeks or more.

Suzanne Weinert, TX

Gelish “make you blink pink”

Love this color. It’s translucent so it takes about 3 coats to get full coverage. I use it with my French mani. I only use one coat looks really nice.

Madelyn Nucla, CO

Best neon pink

I would give this color 10 stars if I could! This color is a true neon pink. I’ve been looking for this color in a gel polish for some time. It’s the kind of color when you go on a vacation to a popular beach destination and step into the beachwear shops and see bright neon colors….this color is one of those colors, neon pink. It took about 3 even coats for a finished look. Apply to much and it’ll crinkle. I absolutely love this color. I can easily say it’s my very top favorite right now! Can’t wait to receive the I’m Brighter Than You color from this line, which I hear is a neon peach.If you like bright or neon colors, you have to get this one!

Lela Allison Park, PA

Pretty but has a weird consistency

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love gelish and have about 15 different colors. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed with a gelish color. The consistency of this polish is super thin and when you paint it on your nails it spreads out. It takes at least 3 coats to look decent. My nails usually look pretty good after doing the gelish but not with this color. The sides of a couple nails are missing polish because of the thin consistency and the way it spreads when you paint it onto your nails. The color is pretty and is a bright Barbie pink after about 3 coats. I tried shaking up the bottle for a few minutes and that did seem to help a little. I don’t think I would recommend this color.

Hattie Tioga, PA


This is a nice pink it is a true bright pink with a lavender undertone this is really a nice pink it also looks great with either Vegas Nights or Ambience glitter for that extra pop!

Kelly Rock Spring, GA

Nice, bright pink

This color is so bright. I painted my granddaughter’s nails and she loved it! It applied nicely on her hands with two coats, but her nail were short. Will revisit when I do my own nails to see if a nail line is visible with two coats.

Sofia Lovell, ME

Bright Pink

I love this bright pink-almost fluorescent under the right lights. Looks great with every skin tone. Goes on easy and looks great. Arrived quickly.

Sonya Borger, TX

The perfect hot pink!

Love this hot pink color! The consistency of the polish is normal and has held up over time. The perfect color for summer

Melissa Forreston, TX