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Gelish Hard-gel Dry Armor LED No Cleanse Top Sealer .5 oz

Gelish Dry Armou LED No Cleanse Sealer.

Key features

  • Gelish Hard – Gel Dry Armor LED No Cleanse Top Sealer 0.5oz

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not shiny

I love Gelish products, but this one falls short of the standard Top it off top coat. Goes on smooth, has a bit of an odor. No residue to wipe off, but dull as dishwater, and has no shine at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Mindy Laconia, NH

omg the smell could kill you

I purchased this never used it, it came broke an leaking i open the package and the smell was so strong it almost knocked me out, it made me nauseaed and dizzy. it may work great but i sent mine back asap i couldnt take the smell.

Tammi Mcadoo, TX


I use both Gelish and IBD gels and this can go over either brand. I love that it cures in 30 seconds and the shine can’t be matched! You do need an LED light for this.

Leila Crested Butte, CO

Shines like crazy but Heat spikes

This is a nice no wipe sealant for gels and acrylic but it gets heat spikes worse than any I have used before.

Justine Geneseo, NY

Don’t have to cleanse

after you use this, but does not “cure to a sleek shiny surface” as Gelish claims. It also doesn’t self level very well, so I ended up having lines in the finish from the brush bristles, even though I wait for a minute or so before curing so the gels level. Disappointed***********Edit***************I’ve added a star to my initial review. I have been using this on top of “acrygel”, where you dust gel base with acrylic powder before curing. I use an ultra thin coat of this on top of the gel/acrylic combo. It’s been working good so far, I put regular nail polish on top, and this hard gel top protects the soak off gel underneath from acetone when I change colors. Starting to love this stuff, but it’s still not shiny 😉

Eva Evansport, OH

Love it!

Love this no cleanse top coat. Beautiful shine! The trick is super thin coats n use either the soak off foundation or soak off structure n polishes before applying n it will soak completely off in about 20 minutes…making sure to break the seal before hand.

Toni Conover, NC

Cracks and flakes off

I bought both the Top It Off and the Dry Armor sealers. Top It Off is more flexible than this product, which is HARD. So if you use Dry Armor and your nail bends, the surface cracks, then flakes off. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone with soft nails. This product is to be used with Harmony Hard Gel, but even the hard gel nails bend sometimes. I should have listened to earlier reviewers. I wasted my money on this product.

Tori Loris, SC

has been a Super Product for me

Excellent product for gel home application. Stays on for two weeks and longer when applied correctly. little odor an, not like Acrylics

Jaime Doe Run, MO

Great product – if used properly!

This ultra-shiney topcoat works wonderfully for both gel and acrylic nails. Do NOT use it on natural nails! A couple of hints from a pro – use a very thin coat, and it won’t crack. If necessary, use two coats, curing between them. Also, cure for a full TWO minutes with an LED light, or FOUR minutes with a UV light. Wait about five minutes or so before applying cuticle oil afterwards. Yes, you will have to file this product off. Just be careful.

Heather Freedom, NY