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Gelish: Color Gels Mini Basix Kit

Gelish Mini Basix Kit – This handy BASIX STARTER KIT has mini sizes of Gelish System essentials needed for a Gelish Salon Manicure. (Note: Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish colors are not included in this kit; they are sold separately) – Includes: pH Bond (9ml/.30 fl oz), Foundation (9ml/.30 fl oz), Top-it-Off (9ml/.30 fl oz), Nourish Cuticle Oil (9ml/.30 fl oz), Nail Surface Cleanse (60ml/2 fl oz), and Artificial Nail Remover (60ml/2 fl oz).

Key features

  • Mini Basix Kit Nail Harmony Gelish UV Gel Bouns Items

Honest reviews


Perfect Starter Kit

This is the perfect starter kit…but it you love the gel manicure like I do, you will soon need the bigger bottles, especially of the remover!

Heidi Green Valley, IL

gelish rocks

Easy to use system. I added natural nail primer after pH Bond to get longer wear. Great starter size to make sure you like the system before investing a lot.

Lena Ruby, VA

Great product great price

This is a great product, you get all you need for a great price, I don’t think you can get all these products for less than this price. I have tried them and they work excellent. And if you only do your own nails this kit will last you a long time. You can also mix them up with gel polishes from other brands and still work really good and last the same as if you were using only gelish products. The only thing missing here that would make this the greatest kit would be if it came with cleaning pads, but I guess you can’t have it all, right?? Just make sure you follow the instructions to the t. 🙂

Earnestine Spinnerstown, PA

Really like this product..

this has saved me three times what I would have to spend at the salon (and I haven’t even get to use half of it yet) without compromising quality in the results. Yes, it takes some practice but it didn’t take much for me (and I am really messy for this kinda stuff). I have used it with Gelish color nail polish and with sensatioNail color gel polish.. it works great either way..

Lynda Easton, ME

Gelish convert!

I bought the NailUV starter kit from Costco and was having lots of trouble with my polish lifting and peeling. I was about to give up on gel polish but decided to give Gelish a try since it seemed pretty universally loved. Now I understand why. Not only was the system MUCH easier to work with, consistency wise, I have also had a much better result. The finished manicure looks loads better and 48 hours in, shows no sign of lifting, peeling, etc., which the NailUV stuff already had. The NailUV led light works great through, and was still worth the $30 spent at Costco. However, from now on, I’m a Gelish girl. Love this stuff!

Lessie Chicopee, MA

Not a bad kit for gel beginners

Recently began using LED polishes. This kit was helpful, but, like all the LED stuff out there, a little pricey for the small sizes. I now know what I need to purchase and won’t be using kits again.Use alcohol for the "nail surface cleanse", since that’s what it is and acetone remover for the "artificial nail remover". You can use vitamin E, or jojoba, or some other natural oil for the "nourish" cuticles part. Much less expensive than the kit when purchased in larger sizes, but the small bottles in the kit may be helpful to save for traveling purposes.I also purchased separately the lint free wipes–don’t waste your money. Washable lint free cloth works better; just don’t use fabric softener when you wash it.Not sure if "ph bond" is necessary for good results or not, but I have been using it. You will definitely need an LED-compatible foundation and top coat–those are the two components of the kit that you can’t do without.

Adelaide Glastonbury, CT

Nice started kit

It’s a great kit to start. I bought it just to try the gelish brand. I wish I would have ordered the full size. Still a good value for a new home gel nails kit.

Loretta Newbury Park, CA

starter kit

when I first learned to manicure, this was my first starter kit! It lasted longer than I thought. It convinced me that I love the Gelish line of products. I have since graduated to the bigger bottles…

Stacy Baker, MN

Perfect way to start

these work great for when you are just starting and getting a feel for the product, have family nail nights now.

Mia Knox, IN

Good for a starter

This product was good as a starter for the Gelish Products. I got the starter kit from Sally’s to try the Gelish products and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I order the full size products on Amazon (I wish I’d know that from the beginning) because I use the products exclusively.

Candice Morrowville, KS