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Gelish Artificial Nail Remover, 16 Ounce

This bottle of gelish gel polish remover is designed to remove gelish soak-off gel polish in 10 minutes or less, with conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying, and maintain a healthy nail. Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional uv lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes.

Key features

  • Designed to remove gelish soak-off gel polish in 10 minutes or less
  • With conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling

Honest reviews


ok – not great for gel

maybe this is only for acrylic – laves a film when trying to remove gel. I wouldnt get this again.

Jeanne Bohannon, VA

Works Great

This remover does a great job of removing the Gelish. Just remember, you need to really buff the top coat of the Gelish before you apply this product. This product does not hurt my cuticles unless I have to keep it on longer than 15 minutes. But, I have found that if it takes more than 15 minutes, I have put my Gelish on too thick or improperly cured it. Usually, this occurs when I put the foundation on too thick. However, I have been 1/2 way into a manicure and found that I did not like the color and just kept applying color until I found one I liked. This is much harder to remove and takes a longer time of contact with the remover. I found that sometimes a bit of buffing and scraping midway helps. That being said, I have not had to move up to a stronger remover because this one works great! 🙂

Denice Beecher City, IL

Works Well, Very Happy

I was concerned because it wasn;’t a brand I was familiar with, but I was very happy with how well my gel polish came off, less time than the CND remover i had before. I will definitely keep getting this one, but from a different seller, since the one I got it from sent it with absolutely no padding.

Mamie Pinole, CA


I tried the mini starter kit before buying the larger volume bottle…the best "trick" is to use your hair dryer on warm. Follow these instructions (buff until you see color on your file, 1/2 cotton ball w/ remover held on w/ square of tin foil, I heat a couple times and then apply pressure when removing…after 15 minites the color comes right off, no scraping, then moisturizer – I use bag balm over night) and you will be very pleased with the removal! It took some trial and error, but now I do my nails every two weeks or so and find I have no damage to my natural nail!

Araceli Clarkton, MO

works like a charm

This is the only polish remover that works for me. I use the gel polishes and have such a horrible time soaking them off… I have tried other removers and this one is what works. Soaking time is cut in half, takes about 20 minutes or so of soaking and the polish comes right off. I’ve even soaked off acrylic nails with this polish remover. This remover is not hard on my skin or nails and does not burn unless I have a cut on my finger.A little big goes a long way for me. I order the large bottles and save up for when I need it, because I use so much of this stuff. Gel polish lasts on me about 5 days before chipping & I have to remove it to start over again. Great product, shipping is fast, and absolute great value.

Ines North Norwich, NY

I prefer this to pure acetone.

I use this when removing my gelish manicures. I tried pure acetone for a couple of months, and it never did as good of a job as Gelish Soak off. I feel that this is gentler on my skin, yet more effective at removing gelish polish and gelish structure.

Carrie Huron, TN

Don’t use regular acetone

This product is the best thing to remove gel polish!! It isn’t harsh on your natural nails at all. Just use this product on a little piece of cotton and wrap your nail in foil then wait for 15 min and the gel polish just slides off!!

Octavia Denver City, TX

12 minutes …

Works well. I made my own wraps to remove gelish from my daughters nails, using stick to itself bandage/wrap (cut to size) and cut up pieces of a cotton swab. I used a glass dropper to soak each tiny little cotton swab with the remover, wrapped em, waited 12 minutes and the Gelish scraped right off.I don’t think I’d be able to wrap my own nails with my home-made wraps, but its a great idea to use if someone else can help.

Mabel Bruceville, TX


Found it for good price. Glad to have purchased, now it’s more easy to remove gelish nail polish. The smell is not annoying

Maria Staunton, IN

Love it but don’t need it!

Great product, however for over $13 per bottle…I found out by going to 2 nail salons (different ones) that using 100% pure acetone is just as effective and the same size bottle is about $3 at Wal-Mart. Sorry but for a $10 difference, I’ll be buying mine at Wal-mart.

Ellen Magee, MS


I’ve been using gelish for about 6 months and have tried using 100% acetone to remove the gel polish but this works so much better and doesn’t strip your nails or skin of natural oils, etc the way acetone does. Smells great too!

Michael Clayville, NY

The same as any other acetone nail remover.

I think this is pricey for acetone. I recommend going to your local beauty supply store and buying what ever’s cheap.

Estela Catawba, SC


worked like a dream. the shellac polish came off just as it was supposed to, after soaking for a few minutes of course. will definitely buy again.

Mercedes Manderson, SD

Shipped quick

Pure acetone doesn’t work as well as Harmony Soak off Nail remover.Fountation, Alcohol and this are my main-stays with any of the soak off brands.Aurora Beauty Supply ships quickly and my items are always in great condition

Amber Tok, AK

Most get!

Easy to use nail color come out easy and fast soak sweet to use as well i feel great to have order this to.

Trina Hurricane, WV


works great every time i use it to remove my gel polish and i will buy it again and again

Monika Pennington, NJ

Fantistic for Gelish product removal

This product soaked off the gelish polish in 15 minutes. My nails were not brittle and dry like they are when I’ve used the pure acetone. I used the cotton pads cut in squares the same size as my nails and wrapped them in foil. After 10 minutes, the polish started to flake. In 15, the polish just "fell" off. The amount of product used was minimal, so there is no great expense.Update:I used glitter on my nails for some "holiday glitz". In order to do this, I used two coats of the gel builder to set the glitter. This product still soaked both the glitter and the gel builder off without any problems. Anybody that’s ever used glitter and/or glitter polish knows that it’s usually a pain to get off – this is the solution. And again, without damaging my natural nails.

Margaret Lisle, IL

Works, but so does acetone.

I bought this product thinking it would ease in the removal of Gelish better than acetone since it is specially formulated to be used with Gelish. On the MSDS I know it says that the remover is basically acetone and fragance. The bottle labels it as being made of: acetone, water, another solvent, moisturizers and fragrance so perhaps this is a new formulation. I do not think it works better than acetone but it definitely seems easier on the skin making it less dry after I complete my Gelish removal. I find I have to soak for about 25 min to remove the Gelish product easily with either acetone or this remover. By the last five minutes my fingers start to feel a little bit burning with either type of remover, but like I said the end result with this remover is less dried up nails and cuticles. I would purchase again as I do appreciate that it is less drying.

Marquita Newkirk, OK

It works great!

This is a great polish remover! I put in on my nails with a cotton ball and foil, let it sit for 20 minutes and the polish comes off easily without damaging your nail or drying your cuticle. It is worth the price.

Dominique Muenster, TX