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Gel Flex Toe Stretchers


Key features

  • Imported
  • Waterproof design allows you to stretch your toes in the bath or foot spa.
  • Cool, flexible gel gently relaxes your toes with a therapeutic stretch.
  • Stretching toes helps relieve sore or swollen feet.
  • 100% polymer.
  • Care: Hand wash. Air dry.

Honest reviews


Great product for the price!

I saw similar ones in a catalog for $39.99 not including the shipping. I knew I didn’t want to pay that much but yet I wanted a good quality product. These are it!! I have hammer toes and real tightness in my feet. They are awkward at first trying to get the baby toe in especially since that is our shorted toe! I wear size 11 M and they fit my toes fine. If you notice in the picture..that girl has a LOT of spare room near her big toe area so I figured they’d fit my feet. I’ve been using them 2 -3 times a day for about 20 -30 minutes a day over a 6 day period so far and I can tell there IS a difference in how my feet feel~!! I had very tight tendons especially in my right foot and using these has loosened up the tightness in both feet. I wish I knew about these years ago!!! But better late than never. I do highly recommend them.

Pearlie Douglas, AK

Do these do anything?

I attempted to follow the instructions & only wear them for 5 minutes the first time, but I lost track of time watching a movie & had them on for 14 minutes. I felt nothing during or after.

Melisa Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Good stretch

I use this a couple time a week to get a good toe stretch. It feels good. It’s soft and flexible. It relaxes the foot muscles. Very easy to use.

Mai Denmark, NY

Works great!

I have been using this for the past two weeks. I did not have much trouble putting it on and it has worked fine. I cannot call it excellent but i think it works well enough

Simone Pierce, TX

Bought for a friend…

I bought these for a friend who has a lot of difficult feet problems. I thought it might take away some of her the pain.She said they worked okay, but she didn’t really get the relief I had hoped for. But then again, I do not know how often she used them.

Kelsey Athens, WV


I ordered these to use as toe separaters for pedicures and they seem to work quite well. They are a bit awkward to get on the first time, but are not uncomfortable and serve the purpose intended.

Jana Calistoga, CA


Odd at first but wonderfully relaxing. It’s my daily treat! Can’t way to stretch my toes at the end of each day 🙂

Tamra Viewtown, VA

Helps with Morton’s Neuroma

These come in pairs, and while they didn’t "cure" my Morton’s Neuroma, they stretch the gap between my 3rd and 4th toes (location of my problem) to relieve the the associated pain and decrease the flareup frequency. These are an inexpensive and easy to use aid for the very painful condition of Morton’s Neuroma.

Margo Delta, MO