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gDiapers Little gPants 2-Pack Orange & Vanilla, Small

Start up or stock up with gDiapers signature colors for playtime, naptime and snuggle time. The 2-pack is a great way to keep several pairs of gPants on hand for all life’s little occasions. Use little gPants with gRefills or gCloth. Flush wash or toss with the gDiapers landfill-free diaper system. Available in S, M, L. gDiapers little gPants are designed for use with absorbent, biodegradable gRefills or cloth inserts. gDiapers little gPants + biodegradable gRefill or cloth inserts = one cute bum. Finally, the best of cloth and disposable in one diaper. The gDiapers system consists of cotton, washable little gPants, and absorbent refills. Use with either 100% biodegradable gRefills, or washable cloth inserts. Sold separately. Size small fit babies 8 – 14 lbs, medium 13 -28 lbs, large 26-36 lbs. Made of breathable material, just like sports clothing: 92% cotton, 8% spandex. Each little gPant comes with one snap-in liner made of highly breathable, waterproof material for less washing, and faster and easier changes. Because they’re breathable, your baby is far less likely to get diaper rash. Easy fit is snug and soft. Your little bug will love the stretch around the waist and legs. Soft velcro tabs close around the back away from little hands for a great fit without the bulk. Little gPants come in loads of fab colors. Collect them all. 50 million disposable diapers enter the landfill every day. Each one takes up to 500 years to break down. gDiapers biodegradable refills are plastic-free so you can flush or compost (50-150 days) in your garden. No landfill necessary. No elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no latex and no guilt.

Key features

  • gDiapers Starter Kit, Small, offers convenient, “green” alternative to traditional disposable diapers
  • Decomposable diaper liners are completely flushable
  • Contain no plastic components; breathable “little g” pants keep baby’s skin healthier
  • Contains 2 “little g” pants
  • “Small” size for babies 8 to 14 pounds

Honest reviews


Awful, unless you love doing laundry

I don’t know really why these diapers don’t work for us. Perhaps it has something to do with my son’s gassiness and the force of his stooling. You just can’t predict how your baby’s digestion will work.Anyway, this system NEVER contained my son’s stools. EVER. It was an absolute mess every time. As I do not have a w/d in my apartment, the cost of these diapers rapidly spiraled out of control, taking into account all the washing of clothes and g-pants. My building is older, and the inserts never flushed properly. (YES, I followed all the instructions.)Boo. These are awful, and I can’t even get refunds. I use Pampers Swaddlers, and although they aren’t green, at least I’m not using so much water and SWADDLERS CONTAIN THE STOOLS.

Kristina Weyauwega, WI

Create less waste

I’ve been using these gdiapers for about a month now. Makes us feel better that we are creating less waste for the landfill. You can compost wet ones and toss or flush soiled ones. We choose to toss to conserve water usage. These diapers actually break down unlike regular disposable diapers.

Felicia Redstar, WV

Liked the old version better…

I loved our gDiapers…they were the ONLY cloth diapers that never leaked! We used fabric soakers in ours, not the disposable refills that gDiapers sells. This makes them VERY affordable and convienent.However, they have now changed them and removed one of the waterproof layers, meaning it is just a piece of normal cloth with some fasteners and a plastic pouch that holds something for kids to pee on. It’s really basic and anyone can make these for much cheaper now…kinda bummed, it was an awesome product.

Shannon Willard, MO

one of the greenest options

Our baby is 23 days old and now that his umbilical cord is off, we’re trying the GDiapers. Previously, we were using Earth’s Best organic disposables. With a newborn going through many, many diaper changes per day, I have already had several opportunities today alone with the GDiaper. I had purchased the Starter Kit, which comes with two little G pants, 3 reusable liners, plenty of flushable inserts, and a swish stick.First, the GDiaper is one of the greenest options. When the flushable insert is flushed, it returns to the earth and can be used for compost. But even so, it can also be disposed of and it still decomposes much faster than a disposable diaper made of plastic.It is as easy – if not easier – to put on the GDiaper as a disposable. The velcro sides are adjustable. My baby is currently between 8 and 9 pounds, and he is on the smallest setting of the Small. You have to be sure that the interior lining is snug to their thigh crease, much as you would ensure that the disposable’s ruffles are facing out. You do not want to fasten it too tightly – it’s not necessary. One great thing about the GDiaper – so far, it has not fallen off as so many of the disposables have! The outer cover is soft, and GDiapers make many fashionable covers, that could serve as alternate bottoms with a t-shirt.It is not as convenient, however, for disposal. When changing, be sure to have another pair of Gpants locked and loaded. You know how it can be with little boys – you need to be prepared right away! I would suggest buying more than one starter set – I will be buying more G-Pants! Now that you’ve changed your baby, if you want to flush, you will have to leave your baby on the changing table or some other safe spot.I want to give a complete description of the flushing disposal method because it is an important factor for buyers, not to dissuade anyone, but you should know what it entails. You remove the flushable insert from the diaper. Now you take it to the toilet. Rip open the side, dumping out the interior. Then, take the swish stick and break up the material in the toilet. Now, you can dispose of the outer liner. All can be flushed in a modern sewage system. If you do not separate the inner core from the outer liner, however, you will get a clog. Yes, touching the wet or soiled insert can be a dirty process and you may get your hands dirtier than you did with a disposable. This process also takes more time. For this reason, we will not be using GDiapers at nighttime (and we currently change diapers 3x per night – we prefer not to let our baby sit in a soiled diaper). We will be sticking withEarth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers, Size 1, 8-14 Lbs. (Case of 176)for night time changings.Now, we’ve gone through only one G-Pant so far, so leakage has been minimal. But in one day, we’ve already gone through 2 of the 3 liners – and he is wearing the third. The liners must be washed and hung to dry. So you will need more of those as well.

Robert Grand Chenier, LA

Great alternative to disposables when you need something other than cloth

We cloth diaper our baby and have since birth. We were intrigued by the G-Diaper because it decomposed so quickly. We use these when we travel, or when we are expecting an extra messy diaper. They work great and we have rarely had leaks. The actual G-Diaper pant is very soft and the leg elastic won’t leave red marks on your baby’s legs.Personally we don’t flush the diapers, but have occasionally and they do flush completely. I just worry about overloading our plumbing.I could also see a disposable diaper user being able to make the switch to the G-Diapers very easily. They are very little hassle.

May Columbus City, IA