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Garnier Ultra-Lift Daily Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment, 1 Fluid Ounce

Ultra-lift introduces pro-retinol from nature, a blend of natural linoleic acid from the safflower and retinyl acetate. It is developed through the environmentally-conscious process of green chemistry, that is free of solvents and minimizes energy consumption and waste. Ultra-lift effectively targets and visibly lifts wrinkles with retinol-like action, all while gentle to your skin.through collaboration with dermatologists & nutritionists, garnier has developed an advanced skin care line with a unique combination of “skin-nutrients”, surface-cell recharging ingredients targeted to help your skin stay healthy looking and beautiful, day after day. Garnier nutritioniste(r), great skin from the inside out.garnier nutritioniste(r) ultra-lift(r) daily targeted wrinkle treatment is dermatologist tested for safety, including sensitive skin; non comedogenic – won’t clog pores; gentle to skin; allergy tested; non-greasy. “skin-nutrient” facts – ultra-lift with pro-retinol from nature lifts wrinkles effectively from the core; rice protein fortifies skin’s structure; argan extract firms skin. Results – instantly the appearance of fine lines is reduced. Skin feels deeply hydrated, softer and smoother. In 4 weeks, pronounced wrinkles are reduced. Skin is firmer, and a more youthful look is restored.this daily targeted wrinkle treatment continuously delivers a clinically effective, targeted wrinkle repair action to the core of each wrinkle to plump, fill, without harsh side effects. Ultra-lift daily targeted wrinkle treatment combines pro-retinol from nature with other skin-essential nutrients to target and visibly lift even pronounced wrinkles. Retinol is an effective way to fight wrinkles, but can be harsh on skin. Ultra-lift introduces a new generation of pro-retinol.

Key features

  • Plumps fills and soothes skin
  • Targets and lifts even pronounced wrinkles
  • With rice protein and argan extract

Honest reviews


I think it’s working

I’ve been using it for about a month. I use it only on one spot on my face, furrow lines. It hard to tell but I think the skin in that area is tighter and the lines are less prominent. I’m saying it hard to tell because I have been using it together with another Garnier anti-wrinkle product. So, I guess together these two did the job.

Jami Dousman, WI

Good targeted care

I tend to use this is the winter instead of serum. On warmer days, I primarily use in the evening under my moisturizer. I have been satisfied with the results.

Nelda Erie, IL

Good product

I honestly can see visible difference in fine lines. Around eye area and also the harder to diminish smile lines. Good product.

Christi Chester, ID

I gave mine away

Wasn’t good for my skin,’Im using Ponds & other stuff.Then i was my face with zoxema really good

Rebecca Kendrick, ID

Does Nothing For Wrinkles, But…

I buy this because after washing my face with a gentle cleanser, I still have the dry look under my eyes. It moisturizes the area (about 1/2" below eye) and I can workout without getting "raccoon eyes". I have very sensitive skin and just recently found the Roc brand of Retin A for sensitive skin. They advise to use every other night, so to fight actual wrinkles I would recommend that. So, if it’s just a bit of moisture you need Garnier is fine and I’m glad Amazon has it. After using this product for over a year I’ve never seen a change in fine lines, etc.

Clare Edgewater, NJ

It did nothing!

I was very disappointed with this product! I used it regularly until it was gone just to give the product time to work. It did absolutely nothing! It felt greasy when I put it on and didn’t get any better.

Rhea Glorieta, NM


Applied day and night – has lessened wrinkles, not all gone, but at my age not really expecting the wrinkles to go away!

Regina Montague, NJ

Ok Product

I’m in my early twenties and am starting to see some fine lines so I decided to try this. I can see some improvement but not as much as I would like an this I can only use at night because it makes my skin super oily even if I just use a little. Their is more in the tube then I thought would be which is nice and for the price you cant beat it its double this price in stores. Also it has a very pleasant smell to it and it doesn’t burn at all after washing my face. When this is gone I’m goin to try something else if I cant find something different I’ll purchase this again. Arrived in a timely fashion that was a big plus if you have really deep wrinkles I wouldn’t not recommend this because I have very faint ones an it hasn’t really done much but moisturize my skin.

Tonia Village, VA