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Garnier Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer Serum and Moisturizer for Wrinkles and Firming, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

Ultra-Lift introduces a 2-in-1 innovation to deliver powerful anti-wrinkle results in just one easy step, with 2 times pro-retinol from nature, ultra-lift 2-in-1 wrinkle reducer combines a precise dose of both a concentrated serum and a daily moisturizer to boost anti-wrinkle and firming action. This swirl suspension technology means no more compromises – the results of a serum and a moisturizer in just one step.

Key features

  • For wrinkles and firming
  • Boosts wrinkle repair in just one step
  • Serum deeply penetrates, moisturizer instantly firms

Honest reviews


Giving Up All My Garnier !!!

Ive been using Garnier for 3 Months ( all of theres )Im gving them ALL UP,there Ok,At first i liked it, Well something is better than nothing lolthen i discovered another product , its cheap & & i figured All companies are out just For $$$ money,some Are the same,Ponds is Great to,Cost less,my friend has beautiful skin & uses noxema every night , then uses ponds,she Tried telling me These Are Scams !!i would not listen……But its Ok,Its not bad

Rachelle Athens, IL

Okay as a night time moisturizer

I haven’t been using this product long enough to tell if it has reduced the wrinkles that I have. As far as the moisturizing portion of the product it goes on pretty thick and doesn’t absorb in all the way. I wouldn’t wear this product under makeup, but it works okay as a night time moisturizer. It also kind of leaves a residue after it dries all the way.

Ashley Tampa, FL

Good Overall Moisturizer

I needed a new moisturizer, i researched and decided to try this one after reading reviews, etc. Its light, not greasy and its easy!!

Caitlin Beulah, WY



Jodie Keithsburg, IL

Very Happy

My experience with Garnier products is that they can be hit or miss. I received a mail sample of this product, wasn’t expecting much, and really loved it so now I’m on the subscribe and save program.I love the scent! One nice thing about Garnier products is that they smell great. The scent is pleasant yet subtle.I also love the bottle. It’s got a cool design, and the serum/moisturizer is easy to dispense with the pump. Another nice thing is that the instructions are in a readable font. It drives me nuts when these products that are obviously marketed to older people have microscopic print.Finally, it feels great on my skin. It absorbs well and makes my skin feel soft and moisturized.

Aline Cima, CA

A time saver but not a repeat buy

This is a relatively new product from Garnier and while I have not typically been the biggest fan of Garnier products (nothing bad, I just never really see them do much of anything, good or bad for me), I decided to buy this product on a whim as it appealed to my laziness of mixing a serum and facial cream into one.The product works with a pump and unlike many pumps allows me to see the product being pushed to the top so I don’t feel like its being wasted. The pumps come out in relatively controlled bursts so it’s hard to over pump, and the product is visibly consisting of a serum like half and a lotion like half. The instructions say to use for day and/or night, but be warned it does not have a sunscreen so it needs to be used in conjunction with a sunscreen for your day cream vs. using a day cream with a built in sunscreen already.Some reviews I have read complain about the scent, but if you have used Garnier products before and liked the citrus like scent, it’s essentially the same. I have been using the product for the past 3 weeks and have to admit I really like the texture and feel of the product at night and find it has cut down some of my product steps. I tend to only use it in the morning when I am not getting fully dressed face wise as it is very emollient for day use.I would give it a chance if you are currently combining a serum and cream as part of your nightly routine. But for me I likely would not buy again as there are so many other products to try.For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles online.

Betty Monticello, MN

Wonderful product, really makes a difference

I have used this product for a year now, and I know that it works. When I first started using it, I unwittingly conducted an experiment when I applied the cream to my face and my throat and neck underneath my chin. I didn’t put it on the rest of my neck as I was mainly concerned with the area under my chin… Well, the skin where I used the cream has gotten noticeably smoother with more even color, and now I’m working on getting the rest of my neck to match! I love this product, it’s lightweight, not greasy, and has almost no scent. I apply it at night and in the morning before I put on makeup. I highly recommend this!

Gretchen Mount Shasta, CA

As good, or better, than the pricey brands

This works just as well as much more expensive facial creams for smoothing lines and making skin hydrated and radiant, without being greasy. Very impressed with this product! I will continue purchasing it from amazon.

Michaela Ventura, CA

Nice for Daily Use

I use this under my make-up as a day cream. I have combination skin and it doesn’t leave me oily or cause any break-outs; It absorbs quickly and 1 pump covers my entire face, neck and chest area. A little goes a long way. The smell is not over powering. I will continue to use. I see improvement in my skin. I also use the Ultra-Lift Night Cream. I really like this line.

May Hunt Valley, MD

Moisturizes, But That’s It

This product did moisturize my face, but that’s all it did, and I can do that with my standard moisturizer.After four weeks of per-instructions use, the wrinkles I was targeting (two above my upper lip) are as visible as they were when I started.I may have noticed an exfoliating effect, but I’m not sure whether what was coming off was skin or just dried product.The product came out oddly, never fully mixed. There was clear, very thin fluid plus a thicker yellowish fluid. They were NOT mixed. The smell was also “off,” almost like the odor of oil going rancid.

Clara Senoia, GA


Over the years I have used many Garnier skin products. I have found all of them to be exactly what they say that they are. I tried this new one this time and can testify to the fact that the claims made by Garnier are TRUE!! This is a keeper ladies!

Lea Tsaile, AZ

It,s okay

I have not found this to be any different than other products that I have used. On to the next brand!

Helen Mojave, CA

Excellent product

I plan on continuing to order this product. This, along with my regular cleansing and moisturizing routine has provided visualimprovements in my skin. I have more "mature" skin now and this has really helped minimize small lines and dryness around the eyes and laugh lines. Love this product.

Harriet Odum, GA

good product except the smell

I like the way this product works for the most part. It leaves a bit too much shine on the skin after applying, but okay. The only problem I have is the horrible strong smell. It makes my eyes water and makes me cough when I am putting it on. Otherwise makes the small lines less noticeable.

Hattie Fruithurst, AL

Good product

I really like this product, I actually just finished my first bottle. It goes on nicely, easy to smooth over entire face and neck and it dries quickly. I’m not really sure if its working but I have read that it’s an effective, good quality product that I like. I am happy & will continue to use

Elisabeth Airville, PA

Great for sensitive skin

I have dry sensitive skin and I always prefer this product to keep it from breaking out in a red flaky rash.It soothes any irritation, calms any redding areas, and smooths the skin back down.I love it

Therese Moreauville, LA

I like it

I like this product it makes my skin feel very smooth. I don’t feel a lift or tightening in my skin but I do feel my skin looks better than when I wasn’t using this. It’s reasonably priced and if nothing else works as a good moisturizer for me.

Deirdre Harrison, ME

Garnier 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer

I am 35, so I am just now starting to take proactive actions to prevent wrinkles. I do have some crows feet starting and have a smoker’s mouth, even though I never was a smoker, and I feel like it’s okay, but not like Garnier says it would be.

Nina Perkins, OK

Made the change

Decided it was time for a change in skin care products. Glad I did. Love this one and the price. I have been using skin care products since the day I turned 30. A little late I know that now. I have used all price ranges and name brands. I like this one and pair it up with Garnier BB cream. It’s like the dynamic duo.

Thelma Gwynn Oak, MD