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Garnier The Expert Exfoliator Daily Exfoliating Gel, 5 Fluid Ounce

An exfoliating gel cleanser with polishing green jojoba microbeads that provides a deep, purifying clean.dermatologist tested for safety. Oil-free. Non comedogenic – won’t clog pores. Allergy tested.

Key features

  • Nutrition and dermatology
  • Deep cleans and gently refines pores with microbeads
  • Non comedogenic – won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Love this cleanser though it has microbeads so will likely be discontinued in the near future. ):

Nanette Atlanta, KS

Awsome Awsome Awsome

I have used a lot of the face washes available, in the market. But since I have used this, I am so, happy that, I have been using this everyday. In the morning this wakes me up, with the tingling sensation, of menthol and mint. My skin is left baby soft, and oil free. I did not let this go, for the last 2 years, although I use other products, but this one is always there, in my routine. I got scared, when they changed, the packaging, thinking that this is it…But, I bought the one today, with the new package, and voila! Its the same thing! I went through every ingredient, same same same….I am so happy! My holy grail in the morning! I hope they keep making this product forever!

Lea Sayner, WI

My face has never been softer =]

I tried this product out because it was one sale for buy one get one and I must say I LOVED it!You don’t need much of it and when you wash it off your face feels really refreshed.MAKE SURE however, you use a good moisturizer after wards.Overall I really liked it since it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, nor make my occasional acne flare up =]

Ingrid Detroit, TX


This product is awesome for the price. It scrubs into the skin nicely and afer a few seconds your face feels amazing.

Kathrine Dell, AR

Lovely scented exfoliator

This exfoliator smells lovely and is not abrasive at all. Does the job well. I will definitely purchase it again.

Kitty Cummington, MA

Huge fan of all Garnier Products, but not this one

I bought this because I finally ran out of the Garnier Nutritioniste Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit I stocked up (and looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved). The scrub that came in the old kid did such a great job you felt like you got an expensive facial. It had a lot of scrubbing particles in it and made your face look polished, clean, refreshed, small pores and less visible age spots. It made me feel like a new person every time I used it! But since I had no choice I bought this stuff “Exfoliating Gel” and found out that it has like 1/10 of the scrubbing particles, mostly just a gel cleaner, not much exfoliation going on at all. The gel is peperminty which feels good (unless you get it in the eye!). But most of all I was just disappointed by lack of exfoliation which I expected from a SCRUB. It also didn’t leave my skin feeling as clean and polished as the previous product (polish kit). I got some breakouts this week out of the blue (first time in years), and if I had the old product I know the scrub kit would have had this issue taken care of after one treatment, but this GEL stuff didd’t help at all.

Ashleigh Covington, PA