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Garnier The Brusher Gel Cleanser Deep Cleansing Formula, 5-Fluid Ounce

A unique daily cleanser with a soft exfoliating brush + a deep cleansing gel with soothing green leaf extract to deep clean and smooth skin. Gentle enough to use every day.dermatologist tested for safety. 100 percent oil-free. Non comedogenic – won’t clog pores.

Key features

  • Nutrition and dermatology
  • Smooths skin and deep cleans
  • Oil free

Honest reviews


Not What I Had Hoped For….

I really wanted to like this cleanser. I have liked Garnier Cleansers of times past but have had a hard time finding one I like right now within their current collection. To start, the packaging looks cool but I found the brush irritating to my skin. Granted I have very sensitive skin and tend to have to stay on the side of “gentle exfoliating”, but they do make it sound like this is gentle enough for sensitive skin so I tried it. On to the cleanser…although there seem to be some positive user reviews I have read of the product, I really was not a fan. I did not really feel like the gel did much of anything and the packaging made me feel sort of jipped with the contents, add that to my discontent with the brush. So sadly I will take a pass. For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles online.

Kari Booneville, KY

Works well

This stuff works well to use as a deep cleanser a few times a week. It gets rid of minor blemishes and I believe prevents new ones. It has salityc acid in it, which is standard. I think what makes this different than other products is only the application system, which is nice.

Cora Kantner, PA

Removes Makeup and Gets Your Skin Clean

The Garnier Brusher Gel Cleanser sounds like such a silly gimmick. The brush on the top isn’t really a brush as much as it is a disk with little silicon flanges poking out of it. The cleanser doesn’t really foam much, and it doesn’t feel like it’s getting my skin clean. Then I rinse my face: epiphany moment. This little brush not only managed to clean off my skin, but it also got off all the foundation I was wearing throughout the day. My skin felt soft and clean. I’ve now been using the Brusher Gel Cleanser in conjunction with the Gel Moisturizer for about 3 months, and my skin is improving so much – my skin is so soft and getting clearer!The one gripe I have with this brusher is getting the soap out of it to use – if you store it upright, it sometimes can be difficult to squeeze out the soap. I started storing it upside down and it helps a little, but be prepared to squeeze a little to dispense the soap. Outside of that, highly recommended.

Tiffany Malta, MT


Using this has improved the quality of my skin greatly. I absolutely love this cleanser, and even moreso, the scrubber. Even after the cleansing liquid is used up, the scrubber works great for whatever other facial cleansers you might have lying around. It’s even gentle when used with beaded cleansers. Definitely worth the inconvenience of being an Add-on Item only. Don’t let any of it get in your eyes though, it hurts like a mother.

Shawn Rimrock, AZ

Great cleanser

I’ve been using this cleaner for a while now and I love it. The bristles are so soft and make my face feel so soft, you can feel the beads in it working as your cleaning you face. If you like a nice, deep clean this is for you.

Taylor Pedro, OH