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Garnier Sleek and Shine Shampoo, 25.4 Fluid Ounce

Smoothes for long lasting frizz control and shine. Fights frizz for 48 hours. Stay 10x smoother, with intense heat protection, even in 97% humidity.

Key features

  • Fortifying
  • Argan oil from morocco and apricot
  • Frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair

Honest reviews


Excellent Shampoo

This shampoo is excellent and a great value. And this size is much larger than I could normally purchase in a local store. I am very happy with this product.

Sallie Mineville, NY

Helps straighten Natural hair…kind of…

I have all natural African American textured hair. Normally I wear it curly or blown out with the blow dryer because anytime I flat iron it regardless of what product I use, it puffs right back up. I started seeing a stylist and they reffered me to Chi Enviro spray which worked perfect to ease all frizzies and give my hair the sleek elongated look I missed and longed for from my relaxer days. However, Chi products are not cheap and it’s hard to always get my hands on those products since they are professional salon sold only (the ones in the stores are either old or fake!). I tried Garnier Sleek and Shine shampoo and conditioner and followed it with a bit of Chi silk infusion. My hair looked much better than when I use any other shampoo or Conditioner (Dark and Lovely, Suave, Cantu, Herbal Essence Hydrolicious, Crème of Nature, the list goes on…) I have to be honest though, it wasn’t near as good as Chi Enviro spray, but compared to other drug store products it did what it supposed to do. My less frizzy hair lasted for about 3 days with Sleek and Shine, with the Chi Enviro it looked way sleeker and lasted for 2 weeks! I think I could’ve gotten better results if I had some of the other Sleek and Shine products to finish the style. Overall, I prefer to use Chi Enviro any day for achieving and maintaining straight hair with the flat iron, but I would use this again if I get tired of my afro and don’t have anymore of my Chi!

Gloria Ross, OH

Perfect if you like Garnier Fructis

This shampoo smells very good and works great. It is definitely one of my favorite brands of shampoo to use.

Jacquelyn Low Moor, VA

Love it

This shampoo really cleans deep! I have a dry scalp and get scabs time to time in the winter and this shampoo really helps to keep my scalp clean and scale free!

Sally Vona, CO

simply the best

I "LOVE" this shampoo-my hair is very long and thick-it makes my hair super sleek and a shine like i can’t believe.

Clarissa Missouri City, MO

Great product

I’ve been using this for a few years now. It does wonders for my natural wiry/curly hair. (I do use the conditioner as well, so I’m not sure which one helps my hair). Non greasy, but soft, silky hair.

Caryn Fox Lake, IL

Great for frizz

I think this is one of the best drugstore lines for frizzy hair. I’ve got fine, thin, wavy/curly hair that is very frizz prone and honestly kind of a hot mess most of the time. I used this line for years and it really made my hair shiny, smoothed it out, and made it look so much more healthy than other shampoo/conditioners I’d used. Sometimes it was a bit heavy and I’d need to rotate a clarifying shampoo in because my scalp tends to be oily. I am knocking one star because I absolutely hate the smell of Garnier products, it smells like overripe fruit! Luckily it doesn’t linger after using the shampoo and conditioner.

Alisha Hiko, NV

Frizzy no more!

I love this shampoo. I have really crazy curly hair, and live in a very humid area. Bad combination, right? Well this shampoo keeps it under control (with the use of some other products in this same line) and the curls are very nice. I think it is a bargain for the price, too. I did attempt to get this from Amazon, but it came twice spilled in the package and so I am just buying it at the store now.

Melody Rollinsford, NH

Not fancy priced right

A lot better then dollar store shampoo. But it is not overpriced with your money going down the drain. Great price when you compare to buying off line

Leta La Grange, IL

It lives up to its name

I had read a few reviews for this shampoo, and it seemed to be among the highest rated particularly at this price point. I noticed a difference in my hair within a few days, and someone actually stopped me just this week to ask what I was doing different to my hair. They said that they’d notice a new shine and it looked like I’d started highlighting my hair. If people are commenting on my hair, I think its a pretty good endorsement that this product is living up to its name. Try it, you just can’t beat this price.

Leonor Kewaskum, WI

It does the job !

So, I was very curious to find out if this shampoo could live up to my expectations. I am an African woman with very dry, frizzy, thick, unmanageable long hair, I live in an area where the weather is very hot and humid, so you can imagine how bad my hair would look in such conditions. Well, I have tried the shampoo and I even skipped the deep conditioning step because my hair already felt moisturized and soft after using it, what I really found impressive was that I was able to detangle my hair without using my leave in conditioner first…this stuff is amazing, it definitely is worth the money and it smells really nice, a bit like apple, which is a plus.So, if you have hair like mine then you will love this product. Give it a try, it’s worth it.

Judi Marion Junction, AL

5 STARS for shampoo & 1 STAR for Amazon Shipping

First i give 5 stars for the Shampoo! I used it in the past & it is great! GOOD ITEM! The REST OF THIS REVIEW is ALL ABOUT SHIPPING so skip if you want 🙂 Box was bigger then it should have been for one. There WAS air bags on top But nothing on bottom & items could still shake around very easily. Since there was no air bags on bottom, during delivery or somewhere the box had to of been thrown or dropped (it did not say fragile so NOT USPS fault! There was no reason for it to say fragile either, just needed more protection). When i opened the box & took out the 3 TINY air bags there was conditioner EVERYWHERE!!! This stuff is NOT easy to clean off of things since it is so smooth & it was a chore just cleaning off the other items i ordered (all shipped from Amazon). My Garnier shampoo was intact & not everywhere. My guess would be that MAYBE this is shipped by Air & the pressure is what squeezed out over 1/2 the bottle of conditioner? Why not the shampoo…? I am guessing it is because the conditioner is so thick…I guess, no scientist here. Thankfully my other items (besides shampoo) were all wrapped in clear bags so no damage from conditioner. ****Now**** When i took my eye-kit clutch (eye-shadow) out & opened it, shadow went everywhere 🙁 NEVER had damaged items & i don’t want to deal with having to ship back for low cost items. It would cost me more money in gas driving to USPS then i paid for damaged items). I am MORE THEN CONFIDENT that IF i returned items, Amazon would have sent me new ones, But it’s just not worth it to me.

Leeann Prairie Du Rocher, IL


I think that this is an excellent shampoo. What I particularly like about this shampoo, is the fact that it gets in between all of my hairs and all the way down to my scalp. I had never felt my head and hair as clean, as I do after I’m done washing my hair with this shampoo.

Nichole Savoonga, AK

Awesome Product

Used along with the conditioner, this product is highly recommended for its light, good smelling, and great results shampoo and conditioner!

April Tiger, GA


The smell of it is so fruity, and it smells like apple and the mix of other fruits. Like it.

Nancy Knowles, OK