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Garnier Skincare Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream for Dry Skin for Dry Skin, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

Garnier moisture rescue captures the power of antioxidant fruit water. Together with skin-healthy humectants that resemble skin’s natural water-binding functions, this refreshing gel-cream, helps replenish skin’s moisture reserves for 24 hours and helps defend skin from external aggressors. This ultra-lightweight, oil-free gel-cream contains 2x more moisturizing agents than our moisture rescue refreshing gel-cream for normal skin.

Key features

  • Intensely locks-in moisture and soothes dry skin for 24-hours
  • 2x more moisturizing agents than moisture rescue refreshing gel-cream for normal skin
  • Dermatologist tested for safety

Honest reviews


Perfect for combination skin

I want to start by saying that I don’t think this product is entirely accurate in its own description. If you have skin that actually does run dry, this probably won’t be enough for you. In fact, this product is best for people with combination or even oily skin, or people like me who just hate how heavy and gross creams or lotions feel on their faces.This product feels like spreading cool water on your face, except it sinks in and stays with you. Like I started to say before, I hate heavy lotion moisturizers in anything less than bitter cold weather. They make my combination skin feel oily and kind of sticky, and they often break me out. This product doesn’t do any of that. That’s about all I can give you if you’re considering trying it.I’ll make some comparisons to other products just in case that helps anyone. Cetaphil and CeraVe I think are the most common “light” facial lotions, and this is much lighter and feels much cleaner. Garnier has another moisturizing gel very similar to this one (the green one) and if that one wasn’t quite enough moisture for you, but you liked that it felt nice and light, this is a great upgrade. If you’ve used Clinique’s moisturizing gel, this is quite similar in consistency except that it has a little bit of a fruity (apple?) scent.The only issue I can think of is that this isn’t the most hygienic way to package a product like this since you have to put your fingers directly into it. If you wash your hands before using it, though, you should be fine.I really can’t recommend this highly enough and I wish I could give it six or seven stars. It’s by far my favorite drugstore moisturizer, and close to my all-time favorite just behind Clinique’s gel.

Veronica Pascola, MO

Didn’t Work for Me.

I wanted this to work so badly. I have very dry skin and summer is here. My skin can look just awful in dry heat. This gel has a very cooling feel on the face, love that. In the morning it gives a bit of a wake me up, like all my gels I keep this in the fridge. So the extra bit of coldness is lovely. At first, maybe wishful thinking, I thought this gel was great. It applies really smoothly and sat under my makeup easily. But not even an HOUR would go by and my skin would just look so dull. I changed up the routine, applying this gel directly out of the shower, prepare for work, then applying another layer before I applied my makeup –- an hour later –– DULL.If you have very dry skin, like myself, I can’t recommend this product. I am still on the hunt.

Essie Shiloh, GA

Best when enhanced

with hyaluronic acid which you can buy on Amazon. 🙂 I got the Timeless hyaluronic acid solution. I put multiple drops right into my Garnier gel cream and it enhanced it’s effectiveness 10 fold. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t use this stuff. I am so used to Cliniques Moisture surge and without this little trick I employ, Garnier gel cream wouldn’t compare.

Tamra Renfrew, PA

Not great

This did not last very long, and it didn’t really help my skin…didn’t hurt it either but ultimately not great, and overpriced. I’d recommend the Alba Botanica moisturizer instead. Plus they don’t test on animals!

Faye Lone Oak, TX

I regret buying this

I bought this product hoping it would help with my very dry, flaky skin. For starters, it smells like a heavy perfume. It was extremely overpowering. I used this for a few days, and my skin was actually feeling flakier. I read the ingredients and #3 on the list is denatured alcohol, which explains why it was drying out my skin. This is a waste of money, and I do not recommend it.

Twila East Palestine, OH

Perfect product for my very dry face

My face used to be so dry that it would peel. I tried everything and nothing worked, until this product!!!!! I’m so glad that I finally found something (and cheap) that stopped my face from peeling. It almost worked immediately. VERY HAPPY.

Hazel Guy, AR

I love this

I love this product! It is so light and feels so refreshing. It’s not thick and absorbs completely leaving my skin soft and surprisingly moisturized without a greasy feel.

Josefa Alameda, CA

Dry, Acne Face

I have Dry skin and my face had alot of acne cause other than being in the sun alot and with work and sweat nothing wasn’t working on my face. The smell is very delish and it has a very light texture to it. Just a little dab with my finger and massage it into my face. within days i can see my face clearing up the touch of it to my skin feels like moisture bursting without that oily feel which i love. If you have facial skin problem this is one of the best i ever used.

Mallory Montville, OH

Great basic moisturizer

This smells wonderful. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. It is very moisturizing without being greasy or sticky. Highly recommend.

Jessica Wray, CO

My HG moisturizer

I love this moisturizer and hope it never discontinues. It has non of the" acne ingredients to avoid" and it great for my troubled skin.Cool, refreshing and lightweight. Works well under makeup or alone.Fast shipping and came in original box. All was sealed for safety

Cassie Solo, MO

Good product- comparable to clinique’s moisture surge

Great product that compares to Clinique’s moisture surge. i bought this product to try out after using clinique’s moisture surge for many years. mostly, i was tired of paying 50 dollars a jar for clinique’s product. this product is definitely comparable and way cheaper! definitely recommend

Nan West Islip, NY

Three Stars

I like their green formula better.

Brianna Mico, TX

Very good, but second choice.

Tried this because it caught my eye when buying Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream. This is also nice. The consistency is lighter and there is a slight tackiness as if soaks into your skin. It is a good product, but I am already spoiled by the other more intense moisturizing effect of the Ultra-Life.

Lisa Thompsontown, PA

Excellent product, escellent price!!!!

I have tried so many differents and expensives brands for my facial care. And I have to tell you this Garnier Skincare Moisture Gel is as good as many of them at a really fair Price. I have in my 30’s acne prone skin but dry in some areas, so i was looking for something that could balance my problem. My skin feels moisturized all day long without breaking me out. And you perceive a refreshing sensation after the application. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and as it absorbs quickly you can use make-up inmediatly. I will try other products from this line.

Hannah Bradford, RI


I was pleasantly surprised at how well this cream moisturizes, you won’t find anything close for the money…. I will be buying again!

Veronica Rubicon, WI

Freshens skin and leaves it moisturized all day

Contains many good ingredients for skin. Does not cause irritation or break outs. Their Grape Water version did not work on me but this one is great.

Lucille Lynch, KY

Love this!

This is so silky smooth! I haven’t tried it under make up but I use it every night after washing my face and my face feels so much more hydrated.

Susanne Akeley, MN