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Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Bb Cream, Combination To Oily Skin, Light/Medium, 2 Fluid Ounce

Garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector bb cream for combination to oily skin immediately mattifies, minimizes pores, and conceals imperfections to give skin a naturally smooth, flawless finish. Save time with just one multi-benefit product that combines advanced skincare plus immediate skin perfecting coverage. Broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen protects against harmful effects of the sun when used with other sun protection measures. Formulation facts: dermatologist tested for safety, non comedogenic, won’t clog pores, non acne genic, won’t cause breakouts, gentle to skin, oil-free, and non-greasy.

Key features

  • Packaging May Vary
  • Combines oil-absorbing mineral perlite, natural tint and a touch of hydration
  • Controls shine, minimizes pores, evens, hydrates and protects
  • Broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen

Honest reviews


Surprisingly good!

I ended up buying the Garnier Combo/Oily BB cream after reading some good things about it on the internet. I was confused about color but chose Medium/Dark. I actually have light medium skin (foundation color matches for me are Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny 3W1, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 3 (slightly dark for me), Mac NC30, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Plus, Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation in Medium, and Light Medium in the Smashbox BB (slightly dark for me) and CC creams and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 H in 330 Bisque – N). Looking at the list, I appear to be a foundation junkie.Anyway, I thought the color match was pretty good. I wanted Light/Medium but ended up getting Medium/Deep because Light/Medium was out of stock. Medium/Deep looked dark coming out of the tube, but it blended so well it wasn’t a problem. It’ll be perfect in summer when I get darker.The coverage was FAR better than expected. I was expecting coverage to be more like a tinted moisturizer, but I would put I would put coverage at a solid medium. It’s about equal to the Smashbox in terms of coverage and a LOT better than the Too Faced or Urban Decay BB Creams that I’ve sampled. My skin is pretty clear but I have hyperpigmentation from past breakouts and it really evened out my skin tone.I was REALLY surprised by how liquidy this is but it blends in easily and smoothly. A little goes a long way. If you’ve tried the Urban Decay BB Cream, the texture is liquidy like that one but the coverage is about a million times better. I added some finishing powder on top. It feels very comfortable and light.I don’t think it’s QUITE as good for my oily skin compared to the Smashbox BB and CC creams, but at $12.99 for 2 oz compared to $39 or $42 for 1 oz that’s ok. I found myself getting shiny sooner than I’d like but it’s better than a tinted moisturizer in that respect. I haven’t done this yet, but I suspect that a mattifying primer will extend wear. SPF is 20. If I were to spend all day outside, I’d add Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 45 underneath, as I’d do with any product.I think that the Garnier BB Cream for Combination/Oily skin is a great choice for people with Normal to slightly Oily skin who want lighter coverage and a lighter feel than they get with foundation. I think it’s probably too hydrating for moderately to extremely oily people like me without a primer and finishing powder. As for colors, that could be a challenge. Because the coverage is so good, I think it could make color matching a bit more complicated than a more sheer BB cream. There are only 3 or 4 colors.

Bianca Sugar Grove, NC


I can’t believe the high ratings for this stuff. I broke out horribly from the oil free version. Garnier uses the cheapest ingredients that clog pores, no oil required. It’s a myth that if it’s oil-free, it won’t cause breakouts, and it’s definitely a myth that all oil WILL break you out. Evidenced by this garbage, which gave me the worst breakout I’ve had in years. And no, I do not typically break out. I switched to another brand after using this crap for two days and my skin went back to normal. Don’t waste your money!

Cheryl Boise, ID

Oily and greasy!

I wanted to like this, and I had read some good reviews, but this was terrible for me. It’s so oily and greasy. I really couldn’t believe the shine even on my dry skin! I felt like I was wearing a mask. This is honestly one of the worst things I have bought in a long time. Throughout the day, and reapplying powder to cover up the oil, I began to feel little spots on my face that were itchy and turning red. Sure enough, it broke me out. I don’t know if it was the sunscreen in it that did it, but I returned it today back to Walmart, and hope my face returns to normal soon!

Summer Wallingford, KY

Not for me

This product gave me acne and is very runny. I didn’t understand the fuss, not for me. Wouldn’t recommend this.

Letha Laurel, MD


I have kinda dry skin and I hated it! I bought this foundation and it’s amazing!! It mousterizes my face and it doesn’t look dry and flakey anymore! It has AMAZING coverage as well. It looks airbrushed almost. I literally get complements on my skin everyday and get asked what foundation I use. I’ve use A LOT of different foundations and this is by far my favorite!

Millie Belfast, TN

No complaints here!

Bought this to use during the warmer-weather months when I prefer to lighten up (a lot) on my makeup. I have nothing negative to say about it. It’s a rather watery formula as opposed to a viscous cream, which I happen to like; the consistency I feel really suits my combination skin. Color match is fine–because this is is such a sheer product (i.e. minimal/light coverage), I believe that each of the 2 available shades would “match’ quite a variety of skin tones. I have strong yellow under tones w/a light(ish) warm complexion, and the Light/Medium shade blends right in. I don’t even have to take this down onto my neck (indication of just how light a coverage to expect). I’ve had zero issues regarding my skin since using this. No breakouts, no redness, no irritation whatsoever. In my opinion though, that means absolutely nothing as everybody’s skin and body chemistry is so different. But I digress… Overall I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a great affordable option if you have relatively decent skin and are looking for something to provide minimal coverage and a nice, natural, truly skin-like finish. I will repurchase.

Elsa Mc Veigh, KY

5-star rating all the way

i recently bought this at my local cvs and when i used it, i fell in love with it. it does an excellent job of evening out my skintone and controlling my gross, oily skin. would totally buy again.

Amy Strasburg, OH

Good at first

This is beautiful when first applied. I have super extremely unbelievably oily skin. I have large pores and my pores are always clogged no matter if I wear makeup or not. This looked really nice when first applied. I set it with a mineral foundation for a bit more coverage and staying power. 4 hours later my skin was an oily mess worse than usual. I tried it for a week and it ended up clogging even more pores than I already have clogged in places they don’t normally get clogged like on my neck and between my eyes. It’s a shame because it really does even skin tone and it feels light. I would consider my skin tone to be light to medium olive and this shade was good for me though a bit too orangey.

Rebekah Climax, PA


No, I didn’t buy the product here but I picked it up at the drug store, and let me tell you I tested it today. I had my evening College classes canceled, that being said I had an 2 hours to kill, so I spent it walking on a mildly hot day exerting myself quite a bit by making a trek to the near by mall. which is a good 25 min walk Let me tell you one thing, I have Smashbox BB cream and their tinted moisturizer, Oil free. Yea okay after suffering from white heads and skin break outs, just too creamy for me. I still use it occassionally because I like the coverage and I have lesions on my face (very small of course due to a genetic disorder that has caused a rash like bumpy layer on my cheeks I like to cover them up (most just tell me they think I’m having a alergic reaction BUT this isn’t what the review is about so moving on) . But I regret spending $50 dollars, when really all I needed to spend was less than 20, that product is a god send, at least for me and my oily skin, definitly my new best friend, I never developed oily spots on my forehead cheeks the creases between my nose I honestly could have cried. Finally a product for oily skin, this won’t be just a summer foundation either, I’ve got huge plans for it all day any day and every season,I just wish I was able to get my hands on it sooner but was never able to find it, If I can’t good ol amazon will sure have it! .

Priscilla Winslow, AZ


This is the second tube I have ordered. I first bought this and tried it because I had heard so much about BB cream and how good they are. I am always hesitant to use moisturizer or sunscreen because I already have oily prone skin. This stuff is very thin liquid..thinner than I thought it would be. But it goes on AMAZING. It is completely non greasy and soaks right into your skin very easily. It is very nice and matte finish, which is very hard for me to find in a foundation. I feel like I am getting decent coverage without using a thick foundation. Also, most foundations give me oily skin as the day progresses, but this stuff helps my skin stay non-oily. I am very impressed by this product. And this also lasts a long time. One tube lasted me months

Camilla Gilbert, LA

Solid 4.5 stars….great product with minimal problems

I had read about BB creams in several magazines and wanted to try some of this “miracle” potion. I normally wear a “high end” foundation, but I didn’t want to splurge on a product I may not like, so I picked up this much less expensive product at my local drugstore. In the past I have worn a mattifier underneath my foundation, in addition to powder, so I was hoping this all in one product would make my makeup routine more simple for the upcoming summer months. Once I tried this, I was hooked. The cream is a light-weight liquid that blends beautifully. I have an oily “T-zone” and this BB cream did a great job of controlling the oil on my face. I was so pleased to see that at the end of the day I didn’t look like “orange” (my makeup sometimes looks orange if my skin is extra oily.) The coverage is sheer to begin with, but I had no trouble blending and layering enough product to produce an even, “medium” coverage. If I am going to work, or just staying around the house, I use just enough product to even out my skin tone and provide sheer coverage. I had a formal event to attend last week and I “set” the BB cream with loose powder, and it looked just as good as my Estee’ Lauder foundation.My only complaints with this product is that over the course of the day, there is some “settling” of make-up in the corners of my nose. In addition, I have experienced some dryness/flakiness along my hairline, along with a few fine bumps, which I have never had before. However, these things so far are not enough to make me toss the BB cream to the side. I plan to make this my “warm weather” make-up, and I may end up making it my “year ’round” make up. I highly recommend this product.

Lenora Pocola, OK


Now THIS is what i expected when I first started hearing raves about “BB Cream.” MUCH better than the original or “regular” Garnier BB Cream formula. Instead of the thick, lotion like texture of the other one, this one has a thin, watery texture that sets to a near perfect matte finish that mostly stays put. Nice for putting on additional make up, like powder blush or eye shadow. the original bb cream from Garnier seemed way too thick for that. It never seem to ‘set’ and would just wipe off easily. This one for combination/oily skin offers great coverage, but its still ‘thin’ and light enough that I can also put it all over my neck and chest area. So i have the SPF coverage AND my neck and chest look smooth and flawless too! I actually bought a 2nd one, so I can have plenty.Havent been using it long enough to experience any break outs, but I wouldnt anticipate any. ( I have normal to dry skin, with the occasional monthly ‘hormonal’ break out, usually around my chin and lower jawline area.) and even being a little on the dry side, this bb cream is still just fine for me, not TOO matte. Perfect for when its hot out and you want a matte finish, as opposed to a dewey ( sweaty!) finish. The ONLY thing, its not waterproof, so if you are outdoors for any length of time or sweating, you would need to reapply if you are using it for the SPF.

Pearlie Datil, NM

A little goes a long way

I have been using this for about a month. I tried BB creams on a whim and all the other products I tried out seemed to be extremely runny with limited coverage. I was getting a little desperate when I decided to try Garnier. I usually don’t spend that much on make up but I am so glad I made the exception. Not only do I have a TON left, it really doesn’t take much for my skin to look smooth, even and natural. Fortunately for me it does exactly what it says and it isn’t runny at all. I love it!

Kristie Nicholson, GA

Very orangey, but okay formula

I purchased this is the shade deep hoping that it would at least blend in with my complexion. This shade is way too orange and light for my complexion. The formula is really liquidy and runny. It blends alright – if you can find a shade that works for you this is a decent product for summer time. It mattifies your face and provides decent coverage as well as providing SPF. I wouldn’t buy this product again unless they make more shades.

Cheryl Hamburg, NJ

B is for Beautiful

I found this BB cream when trying out a friend’s bottle when I couldn’t find my foundation- long story short, I’ll never use another foundation ever in my life! With BB creams like this, you get very light coverage which makes your skin look more natural- like you’re not even wearing makeup (Basically it fades your dark spots/scars and evens out skin tone immediately) and there is absolutely NO cakey look like the one you’ll get with most foundations.This particular cream is extremely runny as others have stated, but applies flawlessly and creates an even look. It has an orange undertone, which I realize now that my face requires in makeup, so if you have pink or neutral undertones, the Deep color may not work for you. My skin is a caramel color and it works great.One thing I don’t understand is the fact that this is advertised for oily skin- my skin is very oily in the summer, and this product definitely doesn’t help. If anything, it puts more moisture into my skin. However, it isn’t oily and doesn’t worsen anything, so as long as I use my Ben Nye Powder (I find Sienna to match this color best) I don’t have any serious problems.

Brandie Barbourville, KY

Great for oily skin!

I’ve tried several BB creams that supposedly work for oily skin but they always left me even more shiny than I started out. This one actually does the job and does it well. I’m redheaded and have TONS of freckles that I don’t want to hide. This BB cream does a great job of covering imperfections and evening skin tone without covering my freckles. I will keep buying this.

Edith Questa, NM

Would like more color options

I’m very fair skinned and if I don’t blend this well into my neck I will look like I am wearing a mask! I would love more color options to choose from for us that are fair or darker then they 2 shades offered. I also have oily skin and need to use powder with it. It goes on well, has pretty good coverage and it wears well with the powder.

Stacy Strandquist, MN

It’s okay

I usually write good reviews, I’m pretty easily pleased, but for some reason this just didn’t catch with me. The ‘light’ skin color is more for tan people, so I won’t really be able to use it, as it makes me look orange. I’m not very pale, either. It also came looking like it had been used, with the cap not completely screwed on, so that the foundation managed to leak out and into the box, which was also smashed. I’m not too happy.

Pat Richfield, WI

It does not control shine

i got this bb cream from walmart. this bb cream claims to control shine and control oil production but i did not experience any of that. after using this bb cream, my face become shinny in a hour or two. has SPF of 20 and provides very sheer coverage. i will not repurchase it because it is not effective on super oily skin.

Emily Palmer, AK

Mixed Female, 20’s, Combo Skin, Applied with brush

I was SO scared to try this because it has such mixed reviews. However, I purchased the Medium/Deep shade from Target and I LOVE it. The color match is very close, it goes on great with my elf small stippling brush, and the coverage is nice. I wanted something that would cover my redness without looking like I’m wearing make up and it does look really natural. My skin tends to look really oily through out the day and this keeps it looking good and lasts a quite a while. Yes it is runny and yes it smells faintly of alcohol but you cant smell it unless you go out of your way.

Margo North Fort Myers, FL

Great alternative to other foundations!

This item gives great coverage and allows for quick application. It also allows for skin renewal and promotes healthy skin.

Lacy Hitchcock, SD

Contains harmful chemicals

Contains octinoxate, a known hormone disrupting chemical used in many sunblocks. It’s too bad because the cream looks nice and dries into a matte finish, but the beauty aspect is not worth the damaging properties of the chemicals within the cream. Most creams contain chemicals but some are worse than others. Anything with sunblock in it should be checked for octinoxate, oxybenzone, and avobenzone. Those three are hormone disrupting and have been shown to cause DNA damage once the body absorbs them. Beware. If you need a product containing sunblock, opt for the ones which only contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are much less harmful. Some of the clean brands of BB creams are Juice, Tarte, Philosophy, and Stila. There are more out there of course; you just have to do some research on the ingredients.

Libby Mascot, VA

Not for me

This stuff sucks. I used it for almost half a year. Initiallly, I obviously thought it was decent but the 2nd bottle I bought seemed different somehow, like it was reformulated. It’s greasy and gloppy and makes your face look spackled with muddy goop.. I switched back to CG BB lotion for the time being and my skin instantly looked 100 times better. Not for fair complected skin despite the fair formulation. And i hated the perfumy smell.

Angela Hidden Valley, PA


This is a good product, I have very oily skin and I thought this BB cream would help me as a foundation. It is better than the foundation I was already using, but still my face gets all shiny during the day. I t does have a more natural look and it feels lighter than foundation so it is great for summer.

Alyssa Beaver Crossing, NE

Good stuff

My daughter recommended this to me. I was skeptical so I tried hers before I spent my money. This stuff is awesome. I don’t like a heavy foundation but I need a little coverage for my age speckled skin. This BB cream is easy and fast to apply and the coverage is perfect for most days. It doesn’t take any longer to apply than my normal moisturizer and I love that. My skin is super oily so I do use oil control wipes during the day, but I have that problem with any product I’ve ever used.I normally wear Bare Minerals in Golden Fair and the light/medium BB cream is perfect for me.I love that is also has SPF 20 so I don’t have to apply sunscreen too. That saves me time and money. I’m in my late 40’s, and, trust me, protect yourself from the sun!

Lula Hamilton, MO

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Bb Cream, Combination To Oily…

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Bb Cream, Combination To Oily is perfect for my combination skin which even in my 60s is blemish prone. Just the right mix of moisture and cover. Love it!

Zelma Glenwood, NC


this is real good it clear up my spots on my face with in a few months, and i still have more

Chelsea East Haven, VT

Not a perfect fit but does the job well enough

So, I got this a while ago at my local drug store and I have been holding onto the receipt and box just to make sure that this would work for me. Finally, I threw them away, so this product is a keeper for me. I love that it has sunblock in it and the coverage is amazing. This is the perfect makeup to throw on when I don’t feel like doing my usual routine or if I am short on time. Running errands or walking the dogs is what I mostly use it for. I slap this on over a toner with a quick brush of blush and mascara and I am out the door. Despite all the positives to this product, there are some negatives as well: The color doesn’t quite match my skin. It’s close, but no cigar and that is kind of a big deal for foundation. My Jane Iredale makeup matches perfect so for those with yellow undertones, this might not be the best match for you. Also, it doesn’t really control oil very well. My skin is pretty oily so I wasn’t expecting much but it would have been nice if it lived up to it’s advertisement. However, for what I use it for, as a quick alternative to my normal routine, it does the job. I will keep looking for a better BB cream but in the meantime, this works and I can’t really complain too much about the cons. This will stay in my makeup drawer until I find a better fit.

Brooke Franklin, ID