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Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel, 1.6 Fluid Ounce

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel is a clinically tested* exfoliating leave-on treatment that is gentle enough for regular use on dark spots, brown spots and post-acne marks and uneven skin tone. *In a clinical test.

Key features

  • Gentle leave-on peel; Renews & smothes, fades dark spots & brown spots
  • Glycolic vitamin c complex
  • Gentle enough to use every night

Honest reviews


Use as recommended with Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector

I first started using the Dark Spot Peel and was not than impressed but once I started using it withGarnier Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Skin Renew, 1.7 OunceI noticed a big difference. On the back of the bottle it says “for persistent dark spots, follow with…” so the answer was there all along!When you think about it it makes sense. Many of the great skin care systems have multiple steps (i.e. Proactiv). While I did not want to have to go spend more money, I am glad I did. The peel seems to remove the old/dead skin and the corrector encourages new cell growth – new cells replace the dark spot cells. If you want fast (3 to 4 week results) I strongly suggest you invest in both products.

Amparo Trebloc, MS

Brighter Skin but Still Have Dark Spots

The new Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel contains glycolic acid which is touted to fade dark spots, even skin tone, brighten skin and smooth skin texture.This particular product is a gel that you apply at night and leave on. There’s no film to rinse or “peel off” like you might think. You just apply it like any other skin product.I have applied and used faithfully each night hoping to rid some of the sun spots that I have. I can say that after a few weeks of use that my skin looks brighter but my dark spots are still there.I was hoping for more results because I’ve been really wanting to get rid of a spot that I have on my cheek. It is advertised as “clinical” so I was kind of hoping for more dramatic results.I didn’t have any problems using the product such as irritation but since you use this instead of your regular moisturizer, my face felt really dry while using it.~ I received a free product to review.

Camille Colby, WI

Ok Product, Subtle Results

I bought the product more for hyperpigmentation- little red spots left after pimples. I do not have any brown spots on my face.The product itself is not your typical lotion. It is very “liquid-y” and a bit sticky. It reminds me of the texture of Aloe Vera. It remains tacky on your skin for a few minutes. I wait until it dries then apply a moisturizer. I had a slight stinging upon application however I just got done washing my face real well. I have not had any stinging since. A little goes along way with this. I am only applying it to the sides of my face and problem areas as it is a bit drying and I don’t want the rest of my face to dry out.Week results? My skin feels smoother and a little of the red marks from old pimples are not as bright. They are not gone but I realize I have not given the four weeks this product needs. You need to use it in conjunction with a moisturizer as you will feel dry.I do wonder why they call it a “peel”- I think that is a bit misleading. It in no way acts like a professional peel and if you expect that you won’t be happy.***** 2 Week results. I had some very mild peeling. If I didn’t look close I would have missed it. NO breakouts at all. In fact my skin looks clearer. I put it on regularly. In the morning and at night. If I am going without make up and staying indoors I will apply some during the day too. I have noticed a difference. I wake up and my face just looks “Calm” more even.***** 3 Week result. My dark spots (Hyperpigmentation) are much lighter. (Not totally gone) My skin feels very dry though. In fact even my lips are peeling. It is a little too much dry for me so I am only going to apply it once a day now.My skin seems more even and calm. The effects are very subtle. I had one day of what appeared to be a very light peeling but for the most part there has been none. But, my skin does seem to be a little more even. I especially notice it when I wake up. I will continue to use the product since I have two bottles. Then I may stop to see if there is a noticeable reaction when I stop. LIke I said previously, I don’t think this will remove dark spots completely but it does work to some degree on smoothing out skin tone.I am 45, a non-smoker, and I use a lot of sunscreen. I have had to use less foundation with this product.This is a slow process, I would be very leery of any claims that spots have gone away within days. I am not paid to do this nor am I in any way affiliated with any company.

Michell Centerville, WA


**** I received this product free of charge from BzzAgent****GARNIER SKIN RENEW DARK SPOT PEEL is a product that is marketed as a gentle leave-on peel that reveals brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin and minimizes the look of spots, imperfections, and post-acne marks. It contains Glycolic Vitamin C to exfoliate and minimize dullness and discolorations. The product itself should feel silky and should leave skin feeling hydrated.I have a medium complexion and my skin is on the dry side. I have a few discolorations from scars and the sun, but generally have clear bright skin. The overall tone is a little uneven in places.GARNIER SKIN RENEW DARK SPOT PEEL was easy to apply. An added bonus was that I did not have to wait and then wash it off or neutralize it. I really like that it is a leave-on product. The texture is a thin gel. It reminds me of aloe vera in pure form. The smell was light and refreshing. The gel quickly absorbed into my skin upon application. There was a slight tackiness initially, but it dissipated after a few minutes. I was worried that it would be drying since a major component in this product is alcohol, but I have yet to experience any dryness associated with this product.I have been pleasantly surprised by the results. I was using a product from another line that is almost three times the cost of GARNIER SKIN RENEW DARK SPOT PEEL. While I did not see my skin get dramatically brighter, I had been expecting to see my skin get duller as a result of discontinuing the more expensive product. I am thinking about switching products and will decide when I have completed the entire bottle. My skin has been soft, comfortable, and luminous. It also seems to be more even toned.In conclusion, I would definitely recommend GARNIER SKIN RENEW DARK SPOT PEEL. It was pleasant and easy to use. It absorbed quickly and I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of neutralizing, like with some other peels. I feel it has delivered results. My skin is bright and glowing and unevenness I have is decreasing. Additionally, this product is affordable and readily available and I know I will be able to find and purchase it easily. My only caveat is that I use a regiment of other skin care products and cannot definitively attribute all of the benefits I have been experiencing solely to this product, however, from what I have seen so far, it is definitely worth continuing.

Daphne Conway, MA

It works for me

I don’t expect miracles anymore, but given time this does seem to be lightening dark spots, and scars, better than other products of the same type. Am happy with this product, and will purchase again.

Madge Fruitdale, SD

Great results for minor imperfections.

I bought this product in hopes that old acne marks would fade, and my skin would brighten… well success! After once month, my acne marks are much lighter! The only downside was my skin becoming increasingly dry- but after I achieved my desired results, I quit using it, and my skin went back to normal.I can’t recommend this product to anyone wanting the results of a professional in-office peel, because it would be unrealistic… but if you need a subtle fix- buy this.AND if you have scars you want to significantly lighten (3+ shades), invest in a tube of Merderma. This product just doesn’t do what Mederma does for deep scarring.

Irene Bud, WV

Not that it really does anything.

I bought this thinking that it would do a real good job of removing dark spots that I got when I went through menopause. It really doesn’t do much. The amount of the ingredient that causes the peel is so low that there is no visable change in your skin. I see no difference. Buy something else.

Edna Henry, VA

Used once

I can only say it was OK I guess. Didn’t really do anything for me after one use. Package arrived on time and in good condition, so complaints on that end. I will keep using until gone and see how i like it.

Elvia Taylors Island, MD

dark spot

Well I wanted too try something different it ok it did help me with the dark ring I had around my wrist

Zelma Inyokern, CA

I have just started using this a couple of weeks ago.

I like the way it works overnight. My skin is looking real good. I will continue using this to hopefully see better results.

Haley New Portland, ME

really works

I like this it really faded my dark marks drastically. It does take the whole bottle before i seen results but when i did well worth the wait.

Donna Topsfield, ME