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Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller, 0.50 Fluid Ounce

Actual size. Caffeine pro-vitamins b5. Gently roll skin renew anti-puff eye roller under the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner, one to two times. Use finger to smooth in any excess until absorbed. This cool, refreshing light serum is immediately absorbed without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. It is oil-free and an excellent base for make-up. Healthy-looking skin starts with proper cleansing. After cleansing with nutri-pure, use your preferred skin renew daily moisture lotion. Apply skin renew anti-puff eye roller as your daily eye care, morning and night.garnier nutritioniste skin renew anti-puff eye roller. Roll away under-eye puffiness and dark circles for renewed, refreshed eyes. Skin renew anti-puff eye roller is right for you if you want to gently stimulate micro-circulation around skin’s delicate eye area to decongest excess fluid for diminished dark circles and puffiness. Garnier nutritionist skin renew is our 1st anti-puff eye roller that uses a unique combination of “skin-nutrients” and a cooling, roll-on applicator to stimulate micro-circulation. It’s ideal for a hygienic application in the sensitive eye area and convenient for use on-the-go. “skin-nutrient” facts skin renew with massaging roller and: caffeine decongests puffiness and diminishes dark circles. Pro-vitamin b5 refreshes and hydrates the delicate eye area.clinically tested and reviewed by dermatologist and nutritionist. Results instantly: eyes look renewed and refreshed. In 1 week: with continued use: the severity of puffiness is further reduced and dark circles stay minimized. Nutritional- dermatology. Garnier has developed an advanced skin care line with a unique combination of natural and essential “skin-nutrients,” surface-cell-recharging ingredients targeted to help your skin stay healthy- looking and beautiful, day after day. Dermatologist tested for safety. 100% oil-free. Ophthalmologist tested. Gentle to skin. Allergy tested. Non-greasy.

Key features

  • Nutrition and dermatology
  • Decongests puffiness
  • Diminishes dark circles

Honest reviews


Gives good short-term results & helps afternoon tiredness but beware the odd side-effect

I’m not sure that this product lives up to all it’s promises but it certainly does give you an instant perk-up effect and that’s worth the cost. My husband has seriously dark reddish under-eye circles and puffiness, the kind you might even cough up serious cash for that Hylexin stuff but this product lessened those problems considerably within 5 minutes of applying. I gave him 3 good swipes instead of the recommended two though. He may even take the tube away from me and bring it to work to use in the afternoons! The effect didn’t last but he didn’t mind. He likes having this option for temporary relief.As for me, again, there was a good instant effect but my problems aren’t as noticeable. I did like the instant alert feel I got from the product and the cooling effect of the metal roller which was like the old trick of putting a chilled spoon on your under eye circles. That was nice. What wasn’t nice was the seriously jumpy feel I got a few minutes afterward and the chest tightness that felt similar to having taken an imitrex injection. However, the effect was only fleeting and it passed in seconds. it’s not enough to turn me off to the product. I decided to post a review explaining this side-effect in case anybody else was wondering why they felt weird after using the eye-roller! it’s not so bad, really – just surprising. It makes perfect sense given that the active ingredient is CAFFEINE and you are applying it in a circulation rich area. No wonder I felt a little jolt!I wouldn’t expect this product or any other topical product to reduce very dark under eye circles. Only a dermatologist can really do that and he/she needs to use laser treatments. redness under the eyes comes from seepage of blood from tiny capillaries. No cosmetic product can make that go away completely or dramatically. As for serious puffiness, again, you likely won’t get long term results from any cosmetic. The Eye-Roller can help you look a little better and feel refreshed but it isn’t going to magically make your bags go away no matter what their ads say.If you have realistic expectations, the Eye-Roller will please you. It does temporarily reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles. it won’t eliminate them or make them permanently lessen. I can learn to live with the minor bad side-effect of temporary jumpiness to get the immediate relief and good effects this offers.

Sybil Ozone Park, NY

Disappointed- No Dissatisfied is More Like It

I tried this product for under-eye puffiness and I was not happy at all. First of all it specifically advertises instant results. Now I’m realistic and I’m willing to give products a chance, but I also expect products to live up to their own standards. This product says “Instantly: eyes look renewed and refreshed”. Not so. “In 1 week: under-eye puffiness is reduced …” Not so. I got no such results and was very disappointed, not just because of my lack of results but also because of the price I paid to be so dissatisfied. Although it was a bit cheaper in the store, it was still over $10.00 (on sale) for a half ounce (0.5 oz). I wouldn’t recommend this product because of the little to no results (none for me) verses the price. Ironically enough, I used a cold eye pack/mask because of a headache one day and realized that treatment worked for my under-eye puffiness. I had gotten better, faster temporary results for free.

Gracie Pine, CO

Reduced my dark circles

I have been using this product for over six weeks and it brightened my dark cirlces considerably. The difference in the bags however are not that noticable. I like the coolness of the metal roller and the fact that I don’t have to use my fingers to apply the product. I paid about 12 dollars in a store for it and it is worth the investment.

Jill Batavia, OH

My First Roller

This is a great roller. This product feels light going on, it rolls very easily, is small and compact that fits in a small purse or makeup bag. I don’t understand why it gets a low rating. It works like it says on the box. It doesn’t cause eye twitching that I read on the reviews. It greats for the puffy and dark circles around the eyes. The reason I gave four stars is the price should be lower.Its almost $12.00 for the small tube at Walmart. For the price there should be more. I probably won’t buy again due to only the price. This product does work if you are loyal to only garnier products.

Britney Colfax, IL


I wouldn’t expect this product or any other topical product to reduce very dark under eye circles. Only a dermatologist can really do that and he/she needs to use laser treatments. redness under the eyes comes from seepage of blood from tiny capillaries. No cosmetic product can make that go away completely or dramatically. As for serious puffiness, again, you likely won’t get long term results from any cosmetic. The Eye-Roller can help you look a little better and feel refreshed but it isn’t going to magically make your bags go away no matter what their ads say.

Laurel Stewartsville, MO


Did absolutely nothing. It feels cold on your skin, due to the little metal ball roller, but it’s clear to me that the product itself does nothing. Get some ice for a better effect. So far, and this is going to take a leap of faith from you, buy a bottle of Jarrow Ubiquinol (approx $40 on Amazon) and squeeze the contents of half a pill or so into your palm and apply all over your freshly washed face. Go to bed. Those little pills are amazing. Rub it on your gums, on your skin, take it internally. What I didn’t realize was my eyes were just the symptom I could see, but the real problem was total body inflammation. I fixed that with alkaline food diet changes, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables (drink especially with acid forming food) and use the Ubiquinol topically and internally. My two cents. Exercise would be the next inflammation killer, but so far, I’m simply too lazy.

Julianne Winter, WI

Still does not work

Waste of time and money. This product does not work as advertised. I used it for over a month for under eye puffiness.

Jordan White Owl, SD

I rub it on my finger then apply under eyes…

I love that it has caffeine which decongests puffiness. I don’t like the roller, too small so I apply on my finger and massage under my eye area. I do notice puffiness go down a bit but no dramatic results.

Karyn New Leipzig, ND

Chilled spoons do it better

I was totally into the hype on this because of the caffeine and massage effects (plus I think Sarah Jessica is great) so I did believe I’d see those late night bags go down after rollering away with this — but honestly? it didn’t do much. I keep trying and I don’t know? maybe it’s my “kind” of bags/dark circles are resistant?I read in a magazine recently to put spoons in the freezer for a few minutes then put them on your eyes.I used a cold spoon on my left eye. This roller thingee on the right. Spoon won. So for me I’m kind of thinking it’s on the “do not buy again” list. 🙁

Alyssa Sewanee, TN

Good product!

I use this product daily to reduce eye puffiness. It works wonders and for the price, should be a must-have for anyone who needs to de-puff in the a.m. as well as p.m.

Cassandra Mentor, OH

Amazing & I’ll never be without it!

I was hesitant about purchasing this product after reading the mixed reviews. I’ve seen it in the store, and I will say, on “Subscribe & Save” you absolutely can’t beat the price! I can’t speak for everyone (i.e., age, skin condition, etc.), but I can say that I am 44 and all of a sudden, I’ve been seeing dark circles under my eyes and a whole lot of puffiness. I’m not sure, if it’s age, environmental or both, in any case, I wasn’t happy about it at all! So, I purchased this product and I’m thrilled! The first time I used it, I stood in front of the mirror and watched it working…the very first time! One of my eyes seems puffier than the other, and the one that’s not so puffy, basically, deflated as I watched. All I can say is this, I’ve been using it for less than a week now, and I won’t be without it.Application tip: be sure to shake the product and as you apply it, squeeze it a little. The tube is a bit flexible, and the first time I used it, I didn’t know to gently squeeze it. You will slightly feel the product coming out, as you apply it. It’s very refreshing and feel great. It may even feel better, if you put it into the frig? Also speaking to another reviewer, I did not find this product to sticky or tacky at all, or I wouldn’t be using it! After using this product, the skin under my eyes feel refreshed, not sticky, and not tight…you don’t even know it’s there. It goes on very light and smooth with no change in the feel of your skin. I apply it, right out of the shower in the morning and after about 5-10 minutes, I can put my make-up on…right over top!If you have dark circles or a “puffy-eye” issue, give this a try. It worked wonder for me, and I hope it does for you too!

Terra Streamwood, IL

Really Worked For Super Puffy Eyes!!

I first used this product when I was 20 (I’m now 22). I woke up one morning, and my under eyes were SUPER puffy. And it freaked me out because that has never happened to me before. I was working at Rite Aid at the time, so I picked this product up and used it that night because my eyes were still puffy. It was easy to apply and smelled good. The next morning I woke up and the puffyness was gone completely. I never had a problem with puffyness again but if I ever do this will be there !! 🙂

Alba Westwood, MA

Works for me!

I have sensitive eyes/skin. This does not burn or sting. Score… I have an aveeno one that stings (rollerball). I’ve tried the Loreal rollerball and it’s nice but not as good for puffy eyes/dark circles… great for filling out the skin though (creases).Not only that but it actually does help with puffy eyes! I have very serious allergy issues and it’s a struggle… the dark circles diminish as well. It’s not a permanent fix but it lasts quite a while.I’d recommend it to others!

Ava Whiteland, IN

No Dramatic Change

Well, it FEELS good going on….cool to the skin. But after 3 weeks of use every morning and night, no noticeable difference. Now cucumber pads, THOSE are great…get them on Amazon too!

Greta Saint Helen, MI

Love that initial cooling affect!

This product is not perfect but it certainly does deliver most results it states. I LOVE the nice cooling affect it gives especially when I first wake up with “puff ball” eyes. It does reduce the puffiness no question there, does it last all day? No & I wasn’t expecting it to be a miracle product & if anyone does expect that they need to see a Dermatologist for whatever they can do. I have slightly dark circles under my eyes but nothing major, it doesn’t seem to help cover the dark circles up but again I was expecting to still have to use an under eye concealer. If your problem is more with puffiness give it a whirl because it does help.

Saundra Moscow, VT

It does what it says!

Yes….no miracle worker of course but YES, this de-puff your eyes big time. I definitely recommend and would purchase again.

Susie Davis, SD

A great wake-up for your eyes

This one has caffeine which gives my eyes a lift. I love the cool feel of the roller ball but it probably picks up bacteria better than a pump. So use it up fast.

Essie Manassas, GA

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

I’ve been using this on my eye area for two years now. I do not experience the puffiness that I notice on others (filled bags). It works for me, but everyone is different so I can not attest to the results others may have using the product. I also place the product around my mouth where laugh-lines are. I do not have deep crevices there.

Debbie Lorton, VA

results temporary

I didn’t notice much of a change, but it did seem to reduce puffiness right when you use it. The effect doesn’t last long, however, and by afternoon the puffiness will return. It does feel good, though, when it goes on.

Willa Murray City, OH

under eye *refresher*

I think this product is probably better suited for people looking to combat the dreaded tired look caused by actual fatigue, as opposed to an anti-aging product.I used this product under my son’s eyes after he had a couple of bad falls off his scooter. Unbelievably, it actually worked! It reduced the appearance of the bruising and swelling! He actually liked it and would ask me to put it under both of his eyes before bed. (He liked the way it feels too.) I saw people mention possible side effects from the caffeine, buuut… it didn’t keep my son up at night or anything lol. He’s 12 and doesn’t drink anything caffeinated, and he had no side effects whatsoever.Under my own eyes I also saw immediate improvement,
• except
• when my under eye issues were caused by a cold. In that instance, this product did absolutely nothing for me. I had to look as sick as I was feeling lol.I’ve never used any under eye product regularly before this. I was curious about this product for awhile, but was hesitant to even bother with it because don’t
• really
• have under eye issues aside from when I’m tired or my sinuses are bothering. Turns out that this is exactly the type of product I would need! I wouldn’t count on this to turn back the hands of time for anyone, but it’s def a product to have on hand for a midday refresher, or before you go out to dinner after a long day.I can’t speak for long term effects at this point. I’ve been using it semi-regularly for a few weeks now, at least once a day. I haven’t noticed any lasting difference in the general appearance of my under eye area thus far. It is a product that I’m likely to continue using and repurchase.The first couple of times I used it my eyes were slightly itchy initially, but only slightly and it quickly subsided. With continued use, it doesn’t cause me any itching at all. My son, on the other hand, never had that issue.

Jordan Colora, MD

Pretty good

I used it and it seems to be helping just enough so that I’m afraid to stop using it. It’s easy and quick. the little applicator seems to last forever.

Frieda Waterville, PA

Love this – totally different around the eyes

The first time I used this, it was because my sister purchased it for me for a present. She had achieved dramatic results around the eyes with it and loved the product. I started noticing quite a difference pretty quickly and love this product, too. It lasts a very long time. You will be surprised how long. The puffiness is reduced dramatically. With continued use, I think the skin around my eyes looks younger. This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it.

Janette Roy, UT

Works sort of, for a while anyway

I keep this product in the fridge, and it feels nice to put it on my puffy eyes in the morning. It often reduces the puffiness for a few hours, and then they are back to being puffy again. If I use it everyday, it wears off in it’s effects – rather than building up to reduce the puffiness long term. I know my puffiness is caused by minor allergies. This product isn’t real expensive, which is why I continue to use it, but I am looking for something better. I want a good deputing product that works reliably and do not have to reapply throughout the day.

Lorraine Lempster, NH

Brighter, healthier looking eyes.

This product worked really well for me. I used it for dark circles under my eyes and it did a great job with clearing them up. I had to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before bed. I noticed a difference right away, after just 2/3 days. Once I thought the dark circles were gone and stopped applying, they came right back, so I do have to use it all of the time. I just wish that after the circles have gone away, I could just stop applying the stuff.I was soo happy with this, I just ended up running out and buying the “Garnier skin renew anti-dark circle roller” with tint. Heeyy! This one’s not as good! Stick with the puff-roller.

Mayra Karlsruhe, ND

If you have sensitive eyes

The one and only time i applied this, it was nice at first. About an hour later while i was driving, my eyes had some kind of reaction to whatever is in this and they started to water. Not just a little bit, i mean it looked like i was bawling my eyes out. It was so bad i had to pull over until it stopped about 10 minutes later and then my eyes were incredibly sensitive to the sun after that. Thankfullyi was close to home. I dont have sensitive eyes, but if you do, keep caution when using this.

Shelia Amana, IA

Reduced puffiness is better then nothing…

I have old age bags under my eyes and I think this product has helped them look better. I also think it has reduced the wrinkles under my eyes. I like how I can roll it close to my eyes without it getting into my eyes like moisturizers have done. It is a gel like substance that stays where you roll it on. I apply it heavily and let it dry up by itself. I don’t dab it in. I don’t think it has done too much for my dark circles but I feel like my overall eye appearance has improved since using this. I will continue if only because it has reduced my puffiness and the wrinkles around my eyes. That is worth at least $13 to me.

Natalie Milledgeville, OH

Felt nice but no improvement

While this has a nice cool feeling on the undereye area, I have used most of the roller without any noticeable results for puffiness or dark circles. I’ve found the creams to work better and they don’t leave the undereye area feeling a bit stiff as this product did.

Alba Karlsruhe, ND

Love this

Problem is I can’t find them anymore I wish I could they were refreshing and seemed to last for hours

Shelia Galesville, MD


It feels good when I apply it under my eyes. It makes me look a little more awake each day before work.

Jerry Spring Grove, IL

Feels good

I’m trying this item as well. Hope all of my efforts will work – the puffiness and dark circle under my eyes are annoying me so much.

Sheryl Marvel, CO