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Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color, 7.0 Dark Blonde

Unlike traditional hair color, olia uses an exclusive 60% oil blend, with natural flower oils in the colorant. The unique oil-based formula propels colorants deep into the hair without ammonia, for pure, vivid, long-lasting color. Olia achieves maximum color performance while the oils help reverse roughness and dullness, visibly improving and restoring hair.

Key features

  • Oil powered permanent color – 60% oil blend with natural flower oils and zero ammonia.
  • Brilliant Color. Visibly Improved Hair.
  • 100% gray coverage in 32 long-lasting shades.

Honest reviews


BIG SCARE During the Application Process

(** Review updated – see note at the bottom) I have colored my own hair off and on for the last 10 to 15 years. I typically go to the salon, but about once a year will do it myself to save money.I tend to buy medium brown, warm tones, something leaning toward auburn or chestnut brown. I have ash tones in my natural hair color and try to avoid that at all costs ( it looks olive green in florescent lights!)My hair is also 45% gray. I’d let the roots go for too long and had almost 1.5 inches of yucky gray roots showing. There are bigger patches near my temples and behind my ears.So – was I ever surprised when my roots turned bright pink during the processing period. Bright, deep Barbie doll pink!Wow was I scared. Normally hair color solution turns black. It was only my gray roots turning pink. The ends of my hair looked fine. The pink kept getting brighter and brighter…I waited about 22 minutes, trying not to freak out, but rinsed a little early. Since I was doing an all over color, I should have waited 30 minutes.The color rinsed out well and my roots were not pink. But my word, what a scare! The resulting color is a nice soft brown, not too much auburn or red. Brown with a hint of warmth to it, just what I was looking for.Pros to this product :- It does not have a chemical smell at all. I have no idea how they eliminated that, but it smells sweet and fruity.- The resulting color is fine and the gray coverage is pretty good. Probably would have been better had I left it in the entire time.Cons to this product:- Pink roots during processing will scare the crap out of people!!!- The developer #1 bottle seemed only 1/3 full. I had enough but why not make the tube smaller. Users may think they didn’t enough the full amount.- The design of the application bottle is not great. The rounded bottle is slippery with gloves on and the super small tip was a pain to use. Slow and tedious.But since the color turned out well in the end I am awarding this product four stars. I will report back in a few weeks to add how well the color holds up.** Update – I’ve dropped my rating from 4 to 3 stars. The color lasted about the same as a semi permanent color. This isn’t what I was hoping for. I use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo -Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo, but even that didn’t help this color last. I also have soft water.Within about two weeks I was back to dull, mousy brown. My roots stayed covered – somewhat, but dull brown. I don’t think this is due to me not leaving it in the full time. One comment below states that her color didn’t last through a few washings.Too bad – the shine and warm color were gone so fast.

Jeanie Fort Smith, AR

No stink in the dye!

This did not smell bad at all. It smelled pretty and clean. You receive the mixing bottle, the two solutions that need to be mixed and an after color conditioner, two black protective gloves and instructions. If your used to home coloring, there are no surprises with mixing. Twist of the top of the mixing bottle and combine the two color solutions and shake. The surprise it there is no ammonia scent at all. The smell is a clean floral, not overpowering, it is a very desirable scent – and the conditioner smells similar and If I could buy the conditioner I would. My fiancé could not get enough of how good my hair smelled. The mixture is not drippy at all, not at all, it is thick like a good conditioner. It is remarkably easy to put in your hair and there are no messy drips on your neck or forehead. You leave this on for 30 minutes. And again, there is no overpowering eye stinging smell.Then you create a lather in your hair and rinse it out till the water runs clear. Between you and me I have always had a little extra color left on the hair in the past and have ruined several towels, pillowcases, etcetera. The water did run clear, and I did not have color residue on my hair. Then you use the conditioner, which smells fab and does a great job of detangling.The only drawback I have is that when I dye my hair I typically don’t wash my hair on the day of the dying, this formula uses oil to saturate your hair, so my hair felt a little greasy after the dye. And I wasn’t in a big hurry to wash my hair right away, because I had just dyed my hair and didn’t want to dry it out or stip color with shampoo. So the first day was a good day for a messy updo. If I did it again, I’d pick a weekend day to do it and wash the next morning. All and all I would use it again in a hair eat because my hair didn’t get as dried out as the other dyes, it was easy to use, it smelled amazing.

Janna Crouseville, ME

Surprised and pleased

I’ve used Clairol products for years to cover my greys. Natural Instincts was my regular until about a year ago when I noticed it was fading out faster. So I switched to Nice & Easy and used it every 2 months or so until I tried Olia about a month ago.I should mention that I go with light auburns to try to closely match my natural color. Natural Instincts shade was ok. Nice & Easy was a little too bright red and not as natural looking.So when I first used Olia a month ago, I was initially disappointed because the color (light auburn) seemed darker to me. Shampooed 3 days later and either I had gotten used to the shade, or it toned down a bit. Anyway, I have loved it ever since. I mean, seriously, this is the most natural auburn coloring I have ever found. My husband thinks my hair looks like Tiger’s Eye now, and he loves it.I love that the color stays true. Hasn’t gone brassy at all. And there’s no obvious grow out line after a whole month. PLUS, the coverage on my greys is still holding – wow. I am so happy with how it looks and feels; I honestly would have thought I’d have to spend 4x as much by going to a salon to get these results. So far, so good.Almost forgot to mention – it doesn’t stink when you’re applying it. How nice! But you do have to rinse and rinse and rinse. Worth it in the long run, but be prepared =)

Lilly Cedarville, WV

do not buy this

my hair is light blonde and used the 91/2 lightest blonde. my hair is now dark blonde and so dry i am going to have to go to the salon for treatments. my hair is ruined

Leigh Stinesville, IN

Smells great, bad design

I used the 6.3 light golden brown.Pros -Smells fantastic! I am a dyeing newbie but the ammonia from the other box dyes I used I’m sure fried some brain cells. So this product was a pleasant experience.Cons -The bottle has got to be redesigned. It is awkward to hold and not user friendly whatsoever. The design is a good concept on paper but not practical at all.Didn’t really make my hair softer than before, even with the conditioner. Surprisingly, the other box dyes I used with the ammonia left my hair feeling better than this one – strange.Will I use this product again? I might give it another try.My hair saga is as follows:I have never dyed my hair before so I had the requisite virgin hair. It is a soft black and I really wanted the color lifted rather than bleached to a brown color. I wanted to stay away from bleach because I did not want my hair to turn orange.So I chose the L’oreal Paris sun-kissed caramels UL51 hi-lift natural brown.Prior to dyeing, I didn’t wash my hair for a day. I followed the instructions. I wanted a subtle ombre effect so I only applied the dye from chin length to the ends. I left it on for 30 minutes. The effect was so subtle, I could barely tell anything had been done to my hair!Having gotten over my fear of dye, the next day I went on a dye rampage (not advisable given the fact that no professional has ever colored my hair – I just watched a lot of Youtube videos).I wanted to stay with the ash/cooler dyes to avoid the orange effect so I chose the L’oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown. I washed my hair first with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried then followed the directions. The color lifted at least two shades of brown, which was good.But I didn’t stop there. I then washed my hair again with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried, then applied Garnier Olia 6.3 light golden brown. It made it darker. Not good.So I washed my hair again with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried, then applied another layer of the L’oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown. My hair was the right shade of subtle dark brown. I love the effect of my soft black hair’s subtle gradation to the brown from roots to tips.If you’re fearing for the damage to my hair, you’re not alone. I figure 20+ years of no chemical processes and then 4 box dyes in 24 hours should balance each other out. Anyway, I applied the Pantene overnight miracle to my hair and now my hair feels even softer than before.The next day my hair lightened even more so it is now a rich chocolate brown.Final verdict: If I had to do it all over again – I would have skipped L’oreal Paris sun-kissed caramels UL51 hi-lift natural brown and just used the L’Oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown the first time around.

Naomi Scott, LA


First, I will say that I absolutely loved the color result of this product. It was the perfect dark brown. I got so many compliments on it. Also, I am a veteran home hair color consumer.Now . . . Something is not right with this product. It may be ammonia-free, but there is a chemical equally harsh, possibly more so in it. There really is no bad smell, but it most certainly had fumes. Fumes that stung both my eyes and throat. That was mysteriously disturbing. Then, when I washed the color out, my hair felt like wires. My first thought was, to quote Gob Bluth, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Then I conditioned it, thinking that would take care of the wiry feel. At best, it upgraded the feel from wires to straw. ??? So I was quite disappointed in this product. I just touched up my gray roots with Clairol’s Natural Instincts and, while I have used this product numerous times in the past, I could not get over the difference in the feel of my hair after merely rinsing the color out. Very smooth, no wires. Post-conditioner? Super slick and smooth. I realize that Natural Instincts is semi-permanent, but it also touts the ammonia-free label. I DO NOT recommend Olia. If you do a Google search on it, you will find at least one forum where women have had their hair come out in clumps, or they’ve not been able to get it rinsed out after days and days of washing and rinsing, and other such horrors. It’s not worth the cost or the risk, so BUYER BEWARE.

Greta Clover, SC

Garnier Olia

I have been using Nutrisse for years and I have loved it. I tried the new Olia for the first time this past Friday. As always, I followed the directions. I rinsed my hair until the water ran clear.It is now Tuesday. I have washed my hair two more times since Friday. Every time I shampoo and rinse, the water is pinkish (used an auburn shade–660?) I just got into the shower today and again the color is washing out. I thought this was supposed to be permanent. The color is leaking out on my pillow at night, my towels and my shirts. It has ruined a white shirt and stained a pillowcase. While I love the color, the application is faulty.In addition, the bulb-like applicator is difficult to use. It slips out of my hand easily.Take this back to the drawing board, please.

Anastasia Medina, NY

I bought mine at Rite Aid and…….

Even tho I got mine at Rite Aid drug store, I wanted to write a review.I did my hair last night using this product in a dark blonde shade. I have colored my hair for decades, (I’m 54, and hve colored my hair since I was 12) using many different shades of color. This product did exactly what it said it would do. It smelled great, and even tho it did look very dark as the color developed, don’t panic, this is just how its supposed to work. Leave it on for the full amount of time (30 minutes) and just follow the easy directions. This is a darker shade then I usually buy, so I did do an all over coloring. I had just gotten my hair cut the same day , and my hair just barely touches my shoulders, and there was just enough color for me to use. If your hair is much longer you will need 2 packages of color.My hair turned out perfect. I tend to have dry hair, and my hair is silky, the color is even, and I love it. I got exactly what I paid for and would buy this product again. The reviewers who had negative comments must not have used the product correctly, because this is a high quality product, and does what it says it will do.A+++

Lucinda Grandville, MI

True to color

My hair is naturally dark brown, with some grey. Mostly a sprinkle, it I do have one solid streak in my bangs. Normally I need to get a hair color shade a little lighter than what I want, as my hair tends to soak up the color quickly even if I do the roots first. With Olia apparently not – my hair came out exactly the color on the box.Also, the after color conditioner is awesome on my fine hair. Not too slick or silky-flat, it has nice body and styled really well right after coloring, which is unusual for me.With most color, I see a deep purple shade during processing. This one was more of a mauvey pink. I do love that it actually smells good, and will buy again for that alone.Like another reviewer, the shape of the bottle was not my favorite, but I realize it’s part of their marketing package.Excited to try another color and see if I get the same consistent results.

Deidre Laneville, TX


I wanted to love it but it really dried out my hair, i got the soft black and its black for sure but not sure how long its going to stay in. My ends aren’t doing great though. and getting the developer out of that tube was a pain in the ass seriously.. redo that with the developer in the damn bottle like everyone else…anyways not a fan, had to use two kinds of conditioner to make my hair feel somewhat soft…and then used a leave in also so the whole oil part of this hairdye is just bleck…update of sorts its only been two days since i used this, my hair is in crappy shape the dye keeps coming off its made my hair really heavy but dry if that makes sense I actually used a little bit of developer and some clarifying shampoo to try and get some of the dye out because it just kept running off when I washed it before that though I noticed it coming off on my hands when i ran my fingers through my hair.. breakage too. I think if you want to use garnier stick with their normal brand because I do not see this one lasting long its just gimmicky and not worth the money at all its a waste in my opinion.

Geraldine Coto Laurel, PR


I’ve never colored my hair at home and this was extremely easy and color stayed true. Definitely will buy again.

Alison Gosport, IN


I will never use this product again. I normally use garnier nutrisse extra light natural blonde (100) and LOVE the color. I saw a coupon for the olia and decided to give it a try. I used to 9.5.1 (light cool blonde) and it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I followed the instructions to a T and my hair ended up coming out silver/blue. That’s definitely not what I was expecting, the color is darker than the light blonde on the box and i’m incredibly upset. I went from having gorgeous light blonde hair to SILVER hair with random chunks of blue in it. The smell of this product is very nice and my hair feels great but the color is terrible. I’m going back to nutrisse and never using this one again.

Geri Luthersville, GA


made my hair 10x darker than what the box said and will not wash out. Will never use again. Only plus is it did not have a bad odor

Candy Carrollton, KY

Garnier Olia 3.16 darkest violet

Earlier today I purchased this color locally. I was thrilled with the results! So I subscribed to get one every month from allow me to give you the facts. I am an older woman with naturally dark brown and grey hair mix. My hair is very fine andwavy. I applied this color over my previous dye color of med.dark warm brown.(wanted to find a more glamorous look this time)I wanted a burgundy but not a burgundy red. So many burgundies out there have rosy highlights. I thought the darkest violet would look good with my ice blue eyes.And it does.I followed the instructions but tweaked the time a little. Since my hair was already colored a few weeks ago, I decided to cover my entire hair and time it 30 minutes. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed the the extra color until the water ran clear. Applied the conditioner but left it on for 5 minutes instead of 2 as my hair is a little dryer than virgin hair would be. While wet my hair had a heavier tangled mess feeling but after using the conditioner I was able to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. Then I let it dry at room temperature. (my wavy hair styles itself…LOL)The end results………my hair feels soft and shines like a new penny. And I have a dark violet color that looks amazing! I realize that only time will tell how long this color will hold up. If it fades too quickly I will edit this review at that time.PS My granddaughter who is on vacation is a cosmetologist. Next month she will do my roots for me. LUCKY ME,YES?!!

Josephine Andover, OH

Disappointed horrible results

The applicator is almost impossible to use, tiny hole and product is thick, viscous. Smell not bad but results after the allotted 30 minutes were darker than I expected. I use Garnier Nutrisse in 9, macadamia, and love the results. Since they are both light blonde I did not expect to be a medium blonde/light brown! My hair did not feel as soft while rinsing as it does with Nutrisse. I won’t purchase this product again. I am thankful that my hair did not turn lavender or blue as some reviewers experienced.Update:4-8-13 in bright sunlight my hair has a greenish tint. YIKES! If you mix blue with yellow you get green (see last line above for reference).Update July 9,2013. After three months my hair is still extremely dry. I have not colored my hair with anything since using Olia. I have to use an oil treatment after every shampoo. I have had two haircuts, trying to get rid of the colored hair. This product damaged my hair. Be warned.

Lorie Monroe, NE

BLUISH-Burgundy tone. Cool, not warm.

This color is not natural looking by any standards. It’s got a bluish (cool) tone to it, so it looks very fake. Think Duran Duran’s John Taylor, circa Rio, circa 1982. For real.I did my hair the night before meeting a client. My mistake, clearly falls in category of “things you don’t do”. Let’s just say I looked like a freak, with my cool-toned burgundy hair, looking horrible with my freckles. I cringe to think how it looked when we walked outside in the sun.I’ve been washing my hair like crazy to get this color to tone down. After about 10 days, it no longer looks like a mistake. I’ll never use this color again and don’t recommend it to anyone. It also leaves your hair crackly dry. Thank god it’s more temporary than permanent.

Bernadine Sedley, VA

I plan on buying again!

I dyed my hair on March 17th and it’s now April 1st. My hair used to be a medium auburn and this product did dye true to color on the box. I’m 21 and I’ve been dying my hair off and on since I was 14 and usually with hair dyes my hair is really nice for about a week but then gets really dry and brittle. I haven’t had that problem at all with this hair dye. My hair became VERY soft after I dyed it and has still maintained softness to this day. My hair used to look kinda thin and dry at the ends before I used this product but looked amazing afterwards. My mom usually has problems with hair dye making her hair really dry too so I recommended this brand to her. I plan on buying again in another two weeks. My only complaint is it is starting to fade now but overall my hair still looks healthy and shiny!

Cristina Breaks, VA

“Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Haircolor, 3.0 Darkest Brown”

I love "New Garnier Olia Powered PermanentHaircolor! Its ingredient is the oil, which relaxes-softens-styles the hair. The color stays vibrant.and natural.I highly recommend this!T. M.

Kathy Eastanollee, GA

The color didn’t last…but the damage did. Thanks, Olia!

I purchased the color 6.60, light intense auburn. It’s promoted as a more gentle form of haircolor because of its oil content. That’s just b.s.My natural haircolor at the root is dark brown, and I had bleached my hair several months before. So, I had new brown growth at the roots with bleached length. The bleached part of my hair took the color really well, and turned a vibrant red. The roots-nothing.Pros: gorgeous, rich color (for exactly three shampoos, anyway)one bottle does all my (fine) long hairCons: color does nothing on brown hair. It worked only on my bleached hair. The bottle is hard to hold, pretty poor design.The color lasted exactly THREE shampoos! In cold water, with minimal scrubbing and color safe shampoo. Three shampoos! Junk!This haircolor will fry your hair. I have bleached my hair with Tish and Snooky’s 30 volume for years (great stuff, btw), and it has never been as fried as it was when I used the Olia haircolor. I would not touch this haircolor EVER again, even if it was given to me!After using this Olia junk, I went to Loreal Feria vibrant reds. The color was almost identical, and took even on my brown roots, and actually it feels so much softer than it has since I dyed it with the Olia.If you are trying to recover your hair from damage, as I have been for the last three weeks, it does help to add a quarter size (for long hair) of organic jojoba oil to your conditioner. Or just do yourself a favor and SKIP OLIA! Don’t believe the hype, their reviews are biased by many people that are encouraged to post positive reviews in return for receiving a free box of Olia. It’s junk.

Cheri Newhebron, MS

Nice color, uncomfortable applicator

I recently began coloring my hair to keep on top of the white streak that appeared up in my dark brown hair. I like to have a natural color so noone can even guess I color my hair.Garnier has a large selection of colors shown in photo #2 (see photo collage that I attached by following ‘customer photos’). I selected Garnier’s Olia 4.0 dark brown color and the color came out nicely. The color is very natural and matched the rest of my hair very well. This is the good news part of the review.Photo #4 shows the hair before the color was applied and Photo #3 shows the hair after the coloring.On the negative side, I did not like the applicator. It is attractive looking, but the tear drop shaped bottle is not comfortable to hold and is slippery when the gloves are soaked with color mixture. The bottle is totally smooth and round and the sleek gloves had trouble holding on to it. The bottle is shown in photo #1.The color mixture is fairly thick. I started applying it directly to roots by parting the hair. Because I found the bottle hard to hold I switched to using a brush to apply color and that worked better for me.The color had no amonia and thus no amonia smell, that was very nice. I found the flowery fragrance a bit too strong. I would have preferred a lighter scent or unscented.I liked that the color stains on my skin around the hair line washed off easily without much scrubbing.The bottom line of my experience: nice color and uncomfortable applicator. I plan to use it again with the following modifications: I would use some masking tape to create folds and grooves on the bottle so that the surface is no so smooth. I would also be applying the color from the bottle on to the brush and then use the brush to apply it to the hair.Ali Julia review

Alexandra Rockwell, IA

Perfect color, coverage and condition

The first time I tried this I didn’t like it as it left my hair sticky. However, if I wash the coloring out with a little shampoo before putting the conditioner on it was perfect. It didn’t effect the color doing this. I had been hooked on Herbishine and thought I would not find a good replacement as it had been discontinued. This product is wonderful and I will continue ordering it.

Sherri Jamaica, NY

great color.. patchy dye

I love the color. I bought 6.60 light intense auburn. I only dye the top half of my hair. My qualms is that this stuff is hard to mix in this weird shaped bottle. Also for some reason this dye comes out really patchy. I didn’t totally kill the bottle on half my head so I had some left over. I’m pretty meticulous with dying and I still had 3 spots I had to touch up. Very annoying…. On the bright side my hair is very soft and feels decently healthy after the process.

Bertie New Creek, WV

If using an Olia brown shade, it is difficult to lighten with another shade. Start light if experimenting!

I love this hair color. It has become my new favorite. I say this often. Each time that I do, the color gets discontinued. I seem to have a perpetual opening for new favorites!A tip with using the brown shades of Olia. This color is far more effective if you are darkening your hair.I originally chose 3.0 Darkest Brown. I loved the results. The next time I found the dye, number 4.0 Dark Brown was available. Several months had passed. I had used a straggler box of previous brand/color in between. My roots were at least two inches grown out at this point. The previous brand never fully saturated over the Olia 3.0 shade. So, I started with the grown out Olia 3.0, directly above that was an inch or so of growth where the old color saturated only that new growth. Then, above that was, my natural hair color…which fell closer to the Olia 3.0. When I used the 4.0, it saturated the new growth and the growth colored by my previous brand. It never lightened the 3.0 treated hair. Since then I’ve only purchased the 3.0 shade and have used it exclusively. I love that shade. It almost matches my natural color exactly.Tip #2: Go slowly during the application process and don’t slop the color all over the place. The bottle has a funky shape. If you get dye in the glove you are holding the bottle with, it is highly likely the bottle will eventually go flying across the room and something will get stained in the process. Take your time and apply the color carefully.The scent of this hair color is pleasant. It isn’t overpowering. The oil based color fully saturates the hair shaft. The result is rich color that DOES NOT FADE!! Really, this did not fade at all. It is awesome if using the color to cover greys. Post colored hair is soft and conditioned. My hair never felt fried. It was always smooth and healthy looking.The conditioner that comes with the kit can be used on a weekly basis for many weeks. I don’t care for the smell but it leaves my hair soft.I buy a box of the Darkest Brown anytime I see it on sale.My tip: use this to go darker- when using the brown shades. I do not know if the blonds or reds have similar tendencies. For browns, however, start light if you are going to experiment with shades.5-stars and I hope Garnier keeps this on the market for years to come.

Lola Idaville, IN

It’s okay, but not something I’d use again.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Garnier and this product proves why.-While I like the shape of the applicator, it’s difficult to hold and control if you have small hands.-It’s not very accurate and I didn’t feel as though my hair was being thoroughly covered. For someone with lots of thick, dry hair that can be an issue.-The smell was awful! I get that it’s an ammonia free product, but it smelled as though Garnier was trying to compensate by adding fruity smells which were overpowering. Yes, it’s got fruit oils and that’s Garnier’s claim to fame…but it could have been less noticeable.-Though the product is ammonia free, I really don’t see much difference in damage between it and the product that I normally use, Feria.-The good point is that there wasn’t a lot of discharge from my hair to the towel post shower.-Another good point is that it completely covered my roots.My final take: If you’re looking for an easy to use product and aren’t worried about whether it’s ammonia free or not, skip this. Even if you are looking for something that’s ammonia free, you can do better than this. It’s an okay product, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Angeline Vienna, IL

Great for sensitive scalps

In the past I have had my share of intense itching, swollen lymph nodes, and all the other horrific side effects that hair color can cause. I really like this brand because I didn’t feel like I had to go to the emergency room after using it.It did a great job on coloring my grey hair (which is primarily at the roots) and although it left the grey somewhat lighter than the rest of my dark brown hair, I’ll gladly take the results.All in all, my results were far more positive than negative so I can say that I would use this brand again.

Judi Hickory Plains, AR

So far so good.

Compared to the many other brands I have tried, Olia has the least odor and left my hair the softest. Will definitely be buying it again. I like Vidal Sassoon and John Frieda a lot but unless the formulations they’ve just come out with are as mild smelling as this, Olia will be my permanent brand. For the record, I used black and the shade was quite nice but unremarkable compared to other brands.Stay away from Loreal Preference. The ammonia smell is horrific and takes about 3 days to dissipate.

Agnes Bible School Park, NY


This product is very good for very dry hair. I have curly dry hair , this hair color full of oil mak my hair super soft and super shiny! Give I try, I use 7.12 and I am in love with this brand!

Alana Aurora, KS

Horrible!! Will never buy again!!

I purchased this from Walmart. I got the lightest cool blonde, because it pretty much matched the color that I usually buy in a different brand. I just wanted to try something different, so I decided on this. BIG MISTAKE. First it was awkward trying to get all the developer out of the tube. Usually the developer is already in the application bottle, and you just have to add the colorant. Strike one! Second the application bottle is an odd shape and it was kind of cumbersome to use. Strike two! Once I got all the color on my hair, as per the instructions, I was already noticing weird things happening. Parts of my hair looked as thought they had a grey tint to them, but I gave he product the benefit of the doubt, since I hadn’t used it before. And also couldn’t tell if it was just the lighting I was in. When it was time to rinse I was already displeased, the color, while being the lightest blonde they had available, did not lift my roots very well at all, the color looked blotchy and strange. Even after I rinsed, the results were a huge disapointment! There were still parts of my hair that had a greyish tint to them. HORRIBLE, and my hair did not feel good after either. A few days later, I bought my regular box of color, Revlon’s Colorsilk in Lightest Ash Blonde, a less expensive brand, but FAR superior!! I used it, and it lifted my roots perfectly and evened out all my color, vanishing any trace of this horrible hair dye! And my hair felt much nicer again. I will stick with the Colorsilk from now on! This Garnier product was by far the worst hair color I ever tried!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Blanca Hungerford, TX

Best and safest color out there for me

I am pregnant so i was very excited to have found this hair color which I’ll use to safely color my hair without the yucky amonia whene I have to. I’ve used from the darkest to the lightest shades of this brand and I am very happy with the results. I have about 20% grey on my crown, though I am young, and this hair color always covers them well and lasts.

Loraine Saint James City, FL

A New You in 30 Minutes – Color with a Wow Factor

I’ve been using Garnier hair products for quite a few years now and I must say this Olia oil powered haircolor is the best I’ve ever used. There is no dripping and the creamy coloring mixture applies like a dream. All you do is mix the developer and colorant together and then apply it with a cute little teardrop bottle. I found it easy to use. The only thing I had a problem with was the gloves. I had to use my own gloves as the gloves in this kit are a bit small.One of the fun aspects of this coloring process is the lovely floral scent of the coloring mixture and conditioner. If you are used to products with ammonia in them you may be very surprised at how pleasant this coloring experience is.The results are stunning really. This permanent color will make your hair gorgeous and has a wow factor. Once dry your hair will feel great and be super shiny. My hair now seems to have more volume and a playful bounce. This gave me full gray coverage and the color was a deep rich shade of brown without any red in it. This seems to be more of a golden brown and is very natural looking.The only warning I have to issue is that this product may produce a slight irritation on the scalp. For me it was a very mild reaction and I’m not too worried about it.Also, the directions for using this coloring product are the best I’ve seen from Garnier. They really thought this through and give directions for a touch-up application which takes 30 minutes and an all-over application which takes 30 minutes.If you are wondering about how much hair this coloring cream will work on I’d say there is enough for shoulder length hair or hair that is two inches beyond the shoulder. I have fairly long hair at the moment and there was plenty of coloring mixture.I will definitely use this again as I loved the results.~The Rebecca Review

Tina Glenwood, MN