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Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage, SPF 28, 2.5 oz

Constant and repeated exposure to sun causes damage to skin cells. Essential nutrients that can help to efficiently repair the appearance of sun-damaged skin are depleted. Sun spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone appear.

Key features

  • Helps prevent dark spots & brown spots.
  • Minimizes signs of sun damage
  • Evens skin tone

Honest reviews


Awesome moisturizer!

I am always on the look out for a good moisturizer that isn’t greasy, doesn’t clog pores, and doesn’t make my face all shiny. I was using this moisturizer from Garnier without the anti-sun damage, and really, really liked it. When I saw it advertised that they had the moisturizer and it helped prevent and correct sun damage, I figured that this would be an added bonus to an already great moisturizer, and it was! This moisturizer is creamy and rich, but doesn’t make the skin oily or clog pores. It really helps makeup go on smooth, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It has really helped my skin look smoother and help fade my sun spots from former sun damage, while having SPF to prevent new sun damage. The price is a little expensive, but Garnier usually has coupons once a month in our Sunday paper at least, and I always buy this moisturizer on sale. If you are looking for a really good moisturizer that will help the conditioner of your skin without being too expensive or too heavy or oily, this is it. I especially recommend this for people in their 20s who want a moisturizer but maybe not the heavy ones that are targeted for aging skin.

Luz Elberta, AL


I bought this product after reading mixed reviews hoping that it would work for me (a 19 year old who frequently goes to tanning beds). Garnier said this was an excellent base for makeup–it is NOT! It is unbelievably oily and leaves your skin so greasy, even after using just a tiny drop, you’ll still look oily hours later. I debated using it at night, but the smell is really powerful (it’s not unpleasant, just very strong) and I don’t want to constantly smell that at night. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Alba Gueydan, LA

Tatstes and smells awful, feels greasy too.

Ok, I know you aren’t supposed to EAT it. But sometimes while rubbing the lotion into your face you do get a little on your lips, and MAN does this stuff taste AWFUL. It smells awful as well…kind of like the bottle has been sitting around for 40 years kind of smell (even a brand new bottle!). I do like the skin SPF protection, and it goes on smooth although I am not sure how much actually sinks into my skin and sometimes I just feel like it’s sitting on top on my skin, not absorbing (and therefore not moisturizing!). Becuase of this i do notice it looking kind of greasy much earlier on in the day than I had hoped. I will probably finish out this bottle–maybe—but I will not buy THIS particular product from Garnier again.

Kari Firth, NE

OK product, but it’s too strongly scented

I really wanted to love this product for what it promises — sun protection, even coverage, lightening spots and so on. And it feels good on my skin. It’s not heavy or greasy and absorbs well. And the price isn’t bad either. But after two days I returned it. Day one I noticed it had a strong perfumey smell, but hoped I’d get used to it. Instead I could smell it all day and I felt like my tongue had gone all powdery (I am sensitive to some highly fragranced products). Day two I’d hoped I’d adapt, but it was the same thing — distracting smell and gulping water like crazy with no relief. So I returned it at the drug store where I’d purchased it. I’m disappointed because I really was looking forward to lightening some sun spots and evening out some discolorations but the smell is too strong. Garnier, please cut back on the fragrances! I love your products — especially your hair styling products — and those have a strong scent, too, but on the face it’s too much!

Chasity Durham, CA

Doesn’t absorb

I have really tried to like Garnier’s skin products. But honestly they keep leaving me disappointed.Me, I am a 26 year old with combination skin. I don’t need miracles but I’d like some small changes in my skin. I have some skin spots I wanted to lighten on my face. And geez, I have tried so many things I decided to give this a try when it was on sale at a local store.Well, I used it as instructed through the entire bottle and there were no results. None. I kept thinking that there’d be even a small change to warrant another purchase, but alas nothing happened. And I believe I know why it didn’t work for me. Everytime I put it on it did not absorb into my skin well. It would just sit as this filmy layer on top of my skin. It reminded me of playing withe Elmer’s glue as a kid, how you could put the glue on your fingers and then rub it off in little balls. That’s exactly what happened with this stuff if I even lightly touched my face. Forget about putting make up on with this stuff.And, yes I did have my skin clean and exfoliated. It just didn’t absorb for me which makes me think that’s why it didn’t work.I don’t know if it is just my skin type though. Maybe it could work better for someone else!

Alana Platter, OK

Pretty good

This cream seems to work quite well but as other people have mentioned, the pump quite working on mine too. That is very frustrating. I have to take the top completely off and it gets pretty messy. Otherwise, the cream isn’t greasy and it does seem to lighten up my brown spots.

Marianne Babson Park, FL

Good stuff

Been using this for years. Lightweight lotion, no over-powering smell. Good base for my Bare Minerals makeup. Absorbs well. Handy size.

Morgan Phillips, ME

Didn’t Work for Me

I don’t like the smell. My skin feels oily and looks shiny for a long time. It does protect my skin from getting burned, but I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin. The fine lines around my eyes and lips are still there. Update: 6/7/10, I tried this again, but used a lot less. My skin was less oily, not as shiny and the product was absorbed much more quickly.

Isabel Tuckahoe, NY

I love this product

I’ve used this product for over a year now. Actually bought the spf 28 by mistake. Used to by the lesser spf. But more is better! This is the only daily face moisturizer that I have found that is light and doesn’t break me out! And I’m 51 yrs old. I’m a beach bum so this is great to use daily, as well as take with you to reapply when in the sun. I’ve spent a lot more on Mary Kay anti-aging, Oil of Olay anti-aging, etc. They all broke me out like a teenager. If anti-aging means adding oil to my skin, I can’t do it. I always go back to this product which costs 1/3 or less of the others. I’m sticking to it this time!

Josefina Houston, MN

Non-greasy, non-stinging, smooth, and effective

I’ve been using this product for about a week and so far, it’s working better than anything else I’ve ever tried for a sunscreen for my face. Most of them either have a strong scent, are greasy, heavy, or sting my skin. This product goes on super smooth, dries silky, and seems to be making my face really smooth too.Normally I wear Bare Minerals powder foundation, which I can do easily with this sunscreen, but I am finding I don’t necessarily need it. Went out to breakfast this morning with just the sunscreen and looked great.I feel good knowing that this product not only feels good, but is protecting my skin. I’ve also started using it on my neck and chest and the back of my hands, where sun spots are popping up.My dermatologist would be proud. lol

Karina Norwalk, WI

One of my favorite moisturizers!

I love this for wearing under my make up. It’s very light and doesn’t make my face greasy! I highly recommend!

Odessa Parish, NY