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Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Creme, B3 Golden Brown

Experience Garnier Nutrisse, the nourishing color treatment that gives you rich, healthy-looking color. This exclusive color treatment, enriched with conditioners and fruit oil concentrate, penetrates deeps into hair fibers to deliver rich, long-lasting color that covers gray completely. Enjoy the unique avocado enriched conditioner that harnesses the restorative properties of avocado oil with Vitamin E. It protects against dryness while locking in color and moisture to keep your color radiant and your hair silky soft. With an easy application, you’ll love coloring your hair with a nourishing creme formula enhanced with fragrant grape seed oil you only get from Garnier Nutrisse. The non-drip formula spreads easily and smells great when you color.

Key features

  • Permanent, nourishing color creme with three fruit oils: avocado, olive, and shea.
  • Ultra-reflective tones specifically designed for darker hair.
  • Color boost technology nourishes with it lifts – without bleach.
  • Available in 17 dramatic shades.

Honest reviews


Wow…That is Really Red

If you have dark hair and want to be a real Red Head, Then this is for you. Now I am not talking copper or ginger…no…this is a real deep red, I think that the word garnet would describe it nicely.My hair is dark in color(I have been dying it for around 20 years now and I couldn’t say for certain what that real color is anymore) I also have a lot of gray. This product still works wonders even with both of those things working against me, plus the conditioner that comes with it keeps my hair soft and silky. A real plus for those wiry grays.I love that my hair gets full color coverage and I get loads of wonderful compliments.I have tried several other brands, using the Burgundy color offered, trying to get a nice deep color. However while the color I get from those brands is nice, it is never very vibrant,and I still ended up looking mainly brownish. So I am thrilled with this Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor and the deep garnet red my hair has become. I also like the fact that the color settles in and looks so sparkly, shiny and beautiful right until I need to touch up my gray roots.Just remember to rinse really well when washing out the dye, or you will get red rinse water the next time you wash your hair. That red run-off might just freak you out like it did to me the first time I used this color.

Isabelle La Fayette, IL

Not so great

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair color Blue black was a waste of money and time. Every time i attempt to color my hair blue black, the color washes out within a week. In two weeks, my hair is now medium brown with light brown highlights. I used 2-bottles and allowed it to stay in my hair for 40 min. I highly recommend this product for light brown and lighter shades it works great on light shades. Also, it made my hair dry and hard to manage. The black dye makes the hair more porous. It was impossible to get a freakin wide tooth comb through my hair after Iwashed it out.Thanks to this product, I’m now stuck with 2-toned brown hair. A far cry from Blue black.

Ofelia Conehatta, MS

Great At-Home color kit

I have used this product (this color, Pomegranate) 3 times – the first time without success. I only color my hair about 2 to 3 times a year – I’m bad, I know. Anyway, I like the red tone this color gives my naturally dark brown hair. The color is so rich and vibrant. I am African-American with natural hair (no relaxer) and get AWESOME results everytime. HOWEVER, I do have to leave the product on for about 2 hours to achieve my desired result; I am aware the instructions indicate to leave on for an hour tops, but when I did that the first time, the color did not take AT ALL. So the second time I used it, I left it on longer and… SUCCESS!! The conditioning treatment that comes with this product is PHENOMENAL! It leaves my hair so soft, manageable and – most of all – detangled! I wish I could get the conditioner alone as it seems different than the Color Shield conditioner. My hair does not get dry with this product. As my hair is getting longer and oh so much thicker, I find I need a bottle and a half to process all of my hair. My hair is VERY THICK and past my shoulder blades when straightened. I like how soft my hair feels after using this. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to color their hair at home.

Pat Hamlet, IN

Dark hair to RED!

I get so many compliments on my hair color. I dyed directly over dark brown hair and it’s a beautify auburn red in low light and gorgeous bright red in daylight. Full coverage.Your shower will look like a murder scene after using it though..and it rinses red for quite awhile. Be careful wearing light colored shirts for a couple weeks.

Judi Rosholt, SD

Does Not Work on Dark Hair!

Do not waste your money on this hair color. The Box says it’s for dark hair, but it didn’t work for me.I am African-American my hair is dark brown, almost black, I left the dye in for at least an hour, the box says 35mins….after an hour, I wash it out…it did not work, my hair is still it’s original color. with tiny strands of a brown red never again! if you want red hair get it done professionally.

Lena Playa Del Rey, CA

Liked it!

I just dyed my hair last night with this product/color. The result was very satisfactory. I always like Garnier permanant colors. Immediately after the process and blow dry the hair won’t look dull and processed. The oil that comes in the box gives it a good shine.The mixture is a bright orange color, no hint of black or brown at all. After you slather it on, it stays brick red. Since most of my hair except the root was still covered in black/black, the result of this color is a very, very subtle hint of red under the sunlight but not noticeable at all indoor.I let it stay on for over an hour knowing that it has to cover a very dark color.The rinsing part is loooooooong. The water just won’t come clear for a very long time. Thankfully I only wash/rinse my hair in the kitchen sink (hate to see hair in the shower), no need to worry about staining the tub. To get the dye off, I ended up using a bit of shampoo/conditioner to wash my hair after 20 minutes of rinsing. After that the water was finally rid of the noticeable red tint.Really like the result and will buy more later.

Earnestine Ashby, NE

Disappointing for Dark Hair

I had high hopes for this! The box color is gorgeous, and I’m always a huge proponent of the ‘for dark hair only’ dyes and bleaches because they’re generally very effective. I’d never heard about the Garnier Nutrisse ones, so I thought I’d give it a try after using the Feria Hi-Lifts all through college (which have since become very hard to find).Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the dark intense auburn for people with naturally black, thick hair. I haven’t colored my hair for 4 years, so I was working with truly natural, non-dyed hair and only used this box on the lower half. The first time I used it, only the very ends took any color. Even then, you can only see it in full sunlight. Under any artificial light and on overcast days, and it just looks black. I gave it another try the very next day (new box, obviously) and left it in for about 40 mins (10 mins more than what the directions recommend for stubborn hair), and it lightened a little near the roots in streaks. So now I’m left with redish/purplish tints (that are so subtle that any amount of fading will render them nonexistent) which you can only really see if I’m upside down or have my hair up.After spending about $15, I really have nothing to show for it except a few towels now tie-dyed red. I wouldn’t write off the entire Garnier Nutrisse line of dyes for dark hair, but I can’t recommend this one for Asian women with thick hair.

Erin Fontanelle, IA

Best color ever!

I’m a licensed, retired cosmetologist. Historically, most boxed hair color formulas were not that great, and to get any type of professional look,you had to go to the pros. Not now!First of all the smell is nice, not the typical strong smell. Secondly, the B1 color left my brown hair with a beautiful multiple dimensional look to it. This color is hard to find in the stores in my area, unfortunately.For those saying it didn’t work for them or cover their grays, you may need to leave it on a bit longer, say 5-10 minutes more. Also, always start along your hairline if this is a retouch. There’s also a product called gray magic that helps. It can be added to any permanent color.

Ana Lakeville, NY

It makes your hair a dark orange.

Makes your hair dark orange, had to purchase a toner and doesn’t really lighten it, it just adds coppery tones…

Christi Lindseyville, KY

L O V E I T !!!

iI have never been so happy with a hair color! its VIBRANT! Red! I had already used clairol (not permanent dye ). so it in it..but was such a yukky looking brown red…. but i wanted something that would POP.. well this did it (nutrisse R3)It was a little messy…but it didn’t stain anything…what it did get on..i just sprayed a little of mr clean on let it sit for a few mins and washed off…it came right off leaving no stains at all.. A reviewer helped me out a bunch with her suggestion of her using a garbaage bag cutting a hole and put over her head..I didn’t get any of the dye on my shoulders arms etc! Great idea!I washed my hair with John Frieda Radiant Red daily Shampoo (I also have the matching condtioner..but didnt need yet because i used the one that came in the box) hair is like satin! also suggestion from another reviewer … i put John Frieda radiant red color envy..color sealer…(you can use everyday ) on my wet hair (You leave in) which also made my hair silky and i believe made the color be more vibrant!..People said it got on their clothes pillows etc the days afterwards but..I haven’t had that problem at all…..I don’t know about the fading yet..I will UPDATE in a month or so…I def recommend this color…Im really happy & so excited about this color!! I’ had been a Blonde for 23 yrs…then went back to my real hair (golden Brown… not dyed.. i let the blonde grow out)for like 12 yrs…but then i lost my daughter and husband :O*( and after spending most of my life in bed day woke and just wanted to see something diff so i went back to blonde..but while watching “How I Met Your Mother” Lily on there had this awesome red/dark brown hair…it was stunning…so i took the plundge..easily at first using the non permanent hair dye of Clairol Natural Instincts #745 dark auburn…and I liked the red on me..that faded in less than a I picked this up (R3) and never been happier! I keep hearing how hard it is to keep red hair…dreading that a bit…but i feel its worth it! ( ps I first dyed it with Nutrisse Dark Brown… Then a week later I did the Clairol auburn/brown)Wish i knew how to upload pics to amazon..I would do so you could see how it came out :O/Hope all reading this are as pleased as I with this product :O)

Aurora Wausaukee, WI

I am soo happy I found this color!

I love this hair color! I have really dark brown hair and it has always been difficult to get my hair to lift or lighten so when I found out this product was specifically for darker hair I was soo happy. The initial application of this hair color did not turn out as vibrant as I wanted it to so I waited for about 3 weeks and tried again and it took very well the second time. I still don’t think I got the results as shown on the box but I am very happy nonetheless. For some reason it came out brownish burgundy and plum more than anything. I get compliments with this hair color all the time. Another thing, if it doesn’t lift as much as you want it. Wait a few days and go out in the sun a lot. Sun lightens hair a lot and brings forth even more color.

Marsha Malverne, NY

Make SURE you REALLY want RED!

It really does work and dyed my normally dark ash blonde hair true to the color on the box. It does run red for quite some time after in the shower, although the color remains a pretty intense red on your hair despite how the water looks. Ok, only giving this product 2 stars becuase YOU CAN’T GET RID OF IT. It’s been a month since dying my hair and with all of the washes I had hoped it would lighten some. But no! So I went to a salon and she ended up BLEACHING my entire head, using a toner, then trying to dye my hair it’s natural color while adding in some highlights. The red is STILL THERE. I am now a much lighter shade of red but it is HARD to get rid of. Only use this dye if you REALLY want to STAY RED until your hair grows out!!

Young Hubbard, IA

My Fave

I love this haircolor and it is always sold out at CVS. I’m so happy I found this color here, since my grays are starting to show. This color looks dark brown, almost black in regular to dark light. It is brighter in the sunlight or very bright lights. A friend of mine even asked if I dyed my hair red when we were out one very bright day. The red isn’t very noticeable, normally. Funny people are mentioning purple because the first time I ever died my hair this color a friend remarked on how purple my hair looked. I didn’t notice it at all but I wasn’t viewing my hair in direct sunlight. It was probably giving off a purplish tint due to the fact that I was covering up highlighted hair. It no longer gives off this effect. I have been using it for a year, now. It is easy to use, fairly quick and very moisturizing. It will continue to give off dye for about 2 weeks in the shower. I use a special towel during this time because it stains. That is the only con. If it rinsed out easier it’d be perfect.

Elma Heath, MA

Ordering it again

I’m ordering it again, so that should be informative enough. It dried out my hair, but so do all hair colors and I was applying it to previously colored hair. I used some good protein and moisture treatments afterward and my African American/Asian hair is shiny and curly again. I think for anybody with dark hair though, you should understand that it’ll take two or three applications for your hair to get light the way it is on the box, which means your roots will always be darker than the rest of your head. Don’t expect to look like the box on the first try or you’ll just be disappointed. Also, I don’t wash my hair every time I shower, maybe only once or twice a week. So my hair was bleeding red for a month.I got complimented by a guy at Sally Beauty supply today. “Hey, nice red.” He thought I’d bought the color there and I was like, nope, Garnier Nutrisse! Haha.I’ve also used the Colorsilk Luminista for dark hair (Deep Red 148). It’s half the price. I was happy with that too and I actually think it did a better job of lightening my hair on the first application. I’d be buying it again but I like this red more (R2). On my hair it does come out a little orange, but a pretty reddish orange. It’s definitely not auburn like the box, but like I said I applied this on top of previously Luminista colored hair.Hope that helps somebody…

Gussie Elon College, NC

Please Note – Won’t Work Over Dark Color

I love Garnier, and when I was sick of my black hair yet again and wanted to go back to red yet again, I thought maybe I could skip the hair-bleaching step with this color and take a shortcut to red. It probably would’ve worked – except my black hair was colored black, not natural.This hair color is a fierce fire-engine red, and delivers so much concentrated pigment to your hair that it won’t all wash out the day you color, no matter how long you rinse. It probably works well for those with naturally dark hair, and it’s about time – you shouldn’t have to actually bleach your hair to go from dark to red!But I did want to let people know not to make the same mistake I did – if you’ve colored your hair a dark color, and want to go red, you’re going to have to bleach or use Color Oops! or something to get the dark color out of your hair. I don’t know what I was thinking; this seems very obvious now … Maybe all this dye is starting to get to me!

Nellie Tennent, NJ

Pleasantly surprised

I have dark almost black hair. I mean dark. It’s very hard to lighten my hair in any way without bleaching. Tried this since it says its for dark hair but didn’t have high expectations. I’m very pleased with this color. My hair was previously color treated a brown black and this still shows red. I would like it to be a more obvious red in low light but outside or in bright indoor lighting its obvious auburn. I will probably do a second dye to maybe intensify the color. My main problem was this made my scalp a reddish orange color. I had to do a hard scrub to remove it and the dye itself is a bright reddish orange when it goes on your hair. But fear not. It won’t turn your hair that color. I really recommend this if you’re like me and have trouble changing your very dark hair. It worked better than any other dye I’ve used. And I’ve used them all.

Lana Tofte, MN

good stuff

I love this color, it looks black in the dark and redish brown in the sun, I have a hard time matching my hair color and this is the best one so far

Corina Philadelphia, NY

Nice highlights!

I have always used Nutrisse hair color because it is the only one that does not stain my skin. I am over 60 with dark black hair, a little longer than shoulder length. Of course my hair grows in grey at the roots if I leave it, so I don’t want to leave it go too long. I have always used the darkest black color, but decided to see if I could get those bronze "reflections" as stated on the package, with this Reflective Bronze Black. I got terrific bronze shimmery highlights on most of my hair, but the inch or so of grey at the roots was noticeably more brown and bronze-like. I have learned from this application and others in the past, that the grey picks up the highlight color more than the black hair does. Soooo, I will color again when there is only a 1/4" of grey, and not wait. I am told that I "should" go to a lighter color as I get older, but no, I like the black with my olive Italian skin, and this black color, with the bronze highlights looks really nice, I think. Of course this would also be a good "goth" look if you’re wanting that. I don’t know how they put those shimmery bronze colors in there, but I definitely like this better than the pure black, and I will order again!

Marta Norton, VT

Best non professional red hair color yet!

After having my hair dyed bright red in a salon several months ago and being irked by the costs and length of the process, I turned to at home hair color, which I had been doing before getting dyed at the salon. I had tried several red hair dyes by Loreal’s Feria, but they always faded much to quickly and weren’t as vibrant as they looked. Then I picked up this box, thinking, “Hey, its cheaper, and its the same shade. Will probably give me the same results.” I was wrong. It gave me better ones. I dyed my hair in the last hour and the best thing I can say so far is, my hair doesnt feel damaged at all! Granted that I mixed the conditioner with a masque, but my hair feels like silk. After loreal it always felt like straw and took a while to get back into shape. But geez, this stuff is great! It gave me a more red color (although still a bit darker than I’d like). Waiting to see if it will fade as quickly as the other dyes. I have really dry curls, so I dont shampoo everyday; usually even conditioner leeches color out of my hair; I have high hopes for this color.

Sybil Benavides, TX

I didn’t like this

Don’t get me wrong, it worked, but it dyed my hair RED and bled for weeks. Bled like, looked like I was bleeding from my head, not the normal bits that run out when you dye your hair red. I had previously dyed black hair and on the black bits it was reflective red like the box says and it did look like the picture and I liked that, but on my virgin hair it was a lot redder than I thought it would be and looked really strange.

Reyna Desdemona, TX

Not bad on African American Hair..

I wanted to dye my hair red but having dark brown, practically black hair, I was a little skeptical that the color would take to my hair. Having never dyed my hair before this color came out great and it was more then noticeable on my natural kinky AA hair. Especially in the sun. I dyed it in late February and it’s still in my hair.

Yvonne Kaysville, UT

Black dye

I wasn’t sure about this when I got it because it looked a little more brown than I wanted but I used it anyway and I’m glad I did. It does look black with a reflectiveness when the light hits it. When I washed it out, I was able to rinse until the water ran clear which usually does’t happen with the cheaper dye that I usually but. I will say that my hair still smells like the dye though and its been maybe 3 days.

Stefanie Boyd, WI

Good gray cover for a blue black

This is the best really blue black with gray coverage.I like more blue hue than most, this is great for me. Gray coverage is 4-star, but I love the hue.

Queen Humansville, MO

Best Red Ever…

Such a beautiful color and it makes your hair in better condition than it started!!! I follow the directions, do it myself and Amazing color happens!!! Very fade resistant and an excellent Amazon Value!!! I subscribed and saved even more as an Amazon Mom! Now I will get one a month without having to reorder it!

Fanny Beechmont, KY

Very INTENSE color

This was the first time I used this brand auburn. The first couple of weeks it was very bright. I did get many compliments. I prefer a more natural looking color. This was a bit bright for me, but it is lasting a long time. After about 2-3 weeks the color toned down to a color I liked better.

Denise Columbiaville, MI

the color bleeds like crazy

I like the color, and it came out great. Just a note: if you have black hair, you have to leave it on longer than it says. I left it on for about 50min because my roots are black.I’ve used other Garnier hair color products, but they never bleeds like this one. After coloring, It’s impossible to rinse it completely because the color never stops coming out. The color continued to bleed after coloring for like one month – basically until I bleached the color to dye it with a different color. I don’t think I’ll be using this again.

Eliza Loganville, WI

Brighter red than photo, GREAT results with combinations

I never went red before but im happy with the results. I was going for a deep reddish brown look so i bought this and then dyed over a medium brown and my hair came out beautifully. If you COMBINE this dye with another, it comes out real nice, but by itself, its kind of a very bright noticeable red and my hair was medium brown to begin with. so its powerful stuff.

Glenna Wallace, MI

Works Fantastic on Black Hair

My hair is naturally black (almost blue black) and this color gives me the most beautiful shade of red. Think Debra Messing red. It’s a deep, rich cherry that complements my olive skin. I was surprised to read another person with black hair did not get good results. Maybe my hair is just more porous??? Whatever the reason, I get complimented by total strangers and even several hair stylists. Keep in mind the shade of red you get will depend on your starting color. Mine does not come out like the box and I didn’t expect it too. It’s a shade deeper. If you have lighter hair it will probably be a more vibrant, true red. I should also say that I have about 10% gray. This colors the gray to a light, coppery red. It looks like I have highlights. I was worried it would make it pink but it doesn’t.The smell is not bad, in fact, I almost don’t notice it and I have allergies, so that is saying something. The product itself is easy to mix and goes on thin. It’s not a thick texture so be careful of drips. After I wash it out and dry it, my hair is very soft and shiny. This is quite a feat considering I tend to have dull hair.I highly recommend this. Garnier, please don’t ever stop making this amazing color for us dark haired people.

Gena Peetz, CO

Not the color expected at all.

This is not black with an auburn color to it. It is red. My roots are now a dark but very obvious red.

Bessie Conception Junction, MO

Love it!

I love Garnier hair color & this color was exactly what I was looking for! It doesn’t seem to fade as fast as other reds I’ve used either so that makes it even better!

Teresa Guild, NH