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Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam, Soft Black

Garnier’s first foam that nourishes while it colors. Enriched with a triple fruit oil conditioner. Rich, bright, permanent color in an easy, stress-free application. Rich, bright, permanent color, the creamy foam saturates each strand to evenly deposit rich, radiant color from root to tip. Up to 100% gray coverage. Triple fruit oils, the avocado, olive and shea oil conditioner nourishes to protect against dryness, while locking in your radiant color and moisture. Leaves hair silky, soft and healthy looking. No stress, no mess application: Enjoy coloring your hair. The easy-to-use pump dispenses a non-drip, creamy foam that smells great and lathers-in like a shampoo. Quick and comfortable to apply, even when touching up roots. Mix it. Foam it. Use it. Nourished hair better color.

Key features

  • Fresh, bright, permanent color
  • Contains three essential fruit oils, avocado, shea and olive
  • Easy to use pump for no stress, no mess application

Honest reviews


Please use another brand

Keep in mind, my review is not for this particular shade. I used shade 9, light blonde, but I still felt compelled to review this brand overall. I have been using foam hair color for a while now and decided to give Garnier’s version a shot. I bought the Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam a few days ago, and I am extremely disappointed with the results. My hair was a medium blonde before I colored (definitely darker than what was promised by the color chart on the box), and I followed the directions exactly but did not get what I expected. My hair is DARKER than what I started with–and it looks extremely washed out, almost grayish blonde. I am 26 and have no gray hair, so I know that the weird tint is from the Garnier hair color I used. I am so embarrassed with the results and plan to fix it as soon as I have the time and money to do so. John Frieda color foam is a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Spend the extra $5 and I promise you’ll be happy!

Esperanza Lockport, NY

Marilyn Manson’s “dark brown”

This product is very easy to use. Not much in the way of muss or fuss. However, the dark brown has made my hair jet black. I thought that it’d look similar to what’s on the box, as every and any other hair color I’ve ever purchased has. But, this one…nowhere near anything in the brown family. Jet. BLACK! My next Amazon review will probably be on whatever hair lightening product I use to rid my hair of this gothness. I would try this product again. If I do, I’ll definitely go a shade or two lighter than my desired result.

Jean Versailles, OH

Nice shade with good initial gray coverage

I am in my mid-40s, and I have been coloring my hair for years. My natural color is on the darker side of medium brown, and I generally stick fairly close to the shade, but I like to play around a bit–sometimes going a little lighter, sometimes going a little redder, etc. I also have a few grays (<5%–mostly at my crown and along my part) that I want to cover. I don’t have any particular brand loyalty and have used all types of hair coloring products.I purchased this product because I had tried another mousse-based dye (L’Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look, 41 Iced Dark Brown) that I really liked; unfortunately, I have no longer been able to find that product, so I was hoping that this one might be similar. I was happy to see that this product was just as easy to use: there is no mixing, just a few simple swishes of the pump dispenser. This color “foam” (which is actually a more appropriate term than mousse) was very simple to apply and rinsed out easily. The included conditioner–which provided plenty for several applications–smelled nice, and it left my hair feeling super-soft after coloring.I uploaded several photos of my results. Prior to coloring (sorry, I forgot to take a before photo!), my hair was a bit lighter than the box shade, as I had gone lighter for the summer, and so my roots were coming in dark. After coloring, the back of my head came out almost exactly like the shade on the box (see first photo), which I would describe as a medium dark brown with some reddish tones. However, you can see in that same photo that my ends processed just a bit darker. On the other hand, my roots actually processed a bit lighter. Despite this, the overall result still looks fairly even, and I am mostly pleased, especially since my grays are covered.I will update if there are any changes or problems with the permanence of this color. However, assuming that this product turns out to have good durability, I would likely purchase again.

Sondra Bland, VA

Great color – don’t like the applicator or the foam

I have 30% greying hair on my crown. The rest is around 10%. The application was tricky since I applied to the roots but not as suggested. I ‘drew’ stripes with the foam at the part as I only wanted to dye areas that didnt need it. The button is hard to push and I needed two hands for control. Total development time was 35 minutes – 30 for the roots, 5 minutes for the ends.The color is almost exactly as depicted on the box and my hair is very soft and smells nice. Covered roots about 90% which is average for store bought. I will look for this Garnier shade in the regular version. Loved how the color turned out – did not like the application.

Rae Wilkesville, OH

Ineffective Gray coverage

Bought this from my local drugstore on sale.This is an excellent product and today was the second time I’d used it, but it did not cover my gray.On a positive note, however, the product DOES “color” hair that is NOT gray, and the conditioner that comes with it is SUPER.For conditioning and color, it gets 3 stars.For gray coverage, it gets a big fat ZERO.

Latonya Ferndale, FL

OK, but not great

The color came out a little bit darker than the box, but that is to be expected when using the foam hair colors. It usually lightens up over the next couple of days. I love these new foam colors because they’re so easy to apply! Because my hair is so long I usually need two boxes of traditional hair color, but these foam colors easily cover everything with no missed spots or uneven color with only one box.The pump on this brand is a little hard to work. You definitely need two hands. I also found the color to come out a little dull, and it was a little more harsh on my hair than other brands I’ve tried.I have to say I prefer the John Freida foam color.

Hazel Knoxville, TN

Saran. Wrap. EVERYTHING.

I have one and only one huge gripe about this product, and that’s that this product does its job a little TOO well. What I mean by that is that if you so much as touch something with even a dollop of the foam, get the cleaning wipes and clean it off IMMEDIATELY. Don’t just wipe it off with a paper towel, break out those Clorox Wipes or other bathroom cleaners and clean it thoroughly. What I unfortunately discovered is that when I’d thought I’d cleaned up the foam thoroughly when it hit my bathroom counter, a few minutes later the dyes showed up and stained my bathroom counter. Now I’ve used other dyes and been able to wipe up stray flecks/drops/dollops/etc of hair dye of varying amounts and not had it smear all over the counter like this did. I swear it looked like I’d gotten it all up, but this hair dye seems to stain easily with even just the most minute of amounts.While this means great things for your hair (yay for no resistant greys!), it also means that you have to go that extra-extra-extra mile when it comes to countertops, floors, and skin. This dye will go everywhere, even without you realizing it. I’m still trying to figure out how I managed to get this on my stomach when I didn’t feel any drop on it and I didn’t touch my stomach while applying the dye, so buyer beware. This is not a hair dye for clumsy people unless you’re well prepared. (I’ll be aware for next time.)Other than that, this is actually a pretty decent hair dye. The chemical scent is pretty strong, but nothing that would knock even the hardest person on their back. People with weak stomachs or who are very susceptible to chemical odors might want to exercise caution. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad but you will want a lot of ventilation while you’re applying this dye.Now for the best part: The after feeling feels amazing for freshly dyed hair. Even on the first day of dying, my hair felt incredibly soft. This I chalk up to the incredibly good conditioner packaged with the product. I’ve been a fan of Garnier Nutrisse, so this is actually enticing me back to the shampoo and conditioner products they put out. (I’d stopped using for a while since I fell for the Clear shampoo & conditioner, but this is some pretty good stuff.)This isn’t a perfect hair dye and it’s a bit of a pain to apply for the reasons stated above, but the end result seems to really be worth it. (And isn’t it the end result that we’re *really* interested in?)

Tricia Beaverdam, OH

I love it.

After trying box highlights years ago, I gave up on them for lasting, natural looking color. I recently decided to try them again to go back to my natural color. This is so close to my natural color that with two months growth you cannot see roots at all. The color was easy to use and I had no brassiness. I never get brassy with any color, I have no red undertones. My hair was a very light, bleached blonde before hand. I love this product and would definitely recommend it.

Sonja Ohatchee, AL

love this hair dye!

Fantastic hair dye! I have been using it for years. I have tried the others but they all fade and professional coloring is so expensive. This hair dye is bright, beautiful it doesn’t fade and it lasts long the foam makes it so easy to do it yourself.. I totally recommend this hair dye.I bought the medium amber brown (my husband ordered it from his account because he has prime) on the screen it looks like a great color but in reality it made my grey/white roots orangish red. This color is much lighter than it looks and it us less brown and more amber. It is not a bad color it just doesn’t match the rest of my hair so I need to get something a little darker.I still love Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color though. It is the only brand I can use on my sensitive- psoriasis scalp that doesn’t hurt it. It doesn’t burn like the other brands do.

Josephine Lockhart, SC

Easy application, don’t use for box dyed black hair.

It’s a lovely red, I’m not going to lie but if you’re using it on box black dyed hair then don’t waste your time on this either. The applications was magical though, I did not have to go through the stress of every other box dye. Just sprayed it and spread it and the rest was history.

Julia Harbor View, OH

Doesn’t lift very well

I used this color today. I bought it at Wal-Mart. I have level 2 dark brown hair as my roots. The rest of my hair is a 6 light brown with some maybe like 8-10 level highlights. It deposited well on the 6 and the highlights, but it did not lift the natural dark brown roots very much. So that means its good for grey, but if you want to lighten brown hair, you have to prebleach it. They could fix this by upping the peroxide volume.

Alta Covington, KY

“Gariner Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam, Iced Mahogany Dark Brown”

I love "Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam"I colored my hair 2 days ago. I can see vibrancyof the "Iced Mahogany Dark Brown" on my hair.I’ve felt nourishing effect!T. M.

Amalia New Braunfels, TX

Very intense!

I am a natural dark brunette and have dyed my hair for years and years, normally simple auburn or mocha colors. Well, I decided to go red RED for my 30th bday and was not disappointed with my results. Easy and quick, the foam was nice and easy to apply. The box doesn’t lie, my dark brown hair looked vibrant and amazing after 25 minutes and now I think I’ve found my new color! And at a great low price!

Mable Totz, KY

Great color!

I love this product, it is very easy to apply and the color is very pretty. I have used this product several times and will continue using it.

Maureen El Monte, CA