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Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme, 100 Extra-Light Natural Blonde

Experience Garnier Nutrisse, the nourishing color treatment that gives you rich, healthy-looking color. This exclusive color treatment, enriched with conditioners and fruit oil concentrate, penetrates deeps into hair fibers to deliver rich, long-lasting color that covers gray completely. Enjoy the unique avocado enriched conditioner that harnesses the restorative properties of avocado oil with Vitamin E. It protects against dryness while locking in color and moisture to keep your color radiant and your hair silky soft. With an easy application, you’ll love coloring your hair with a nourishing creme formula enhanced with fragrant grape seed oil you only get from Garnier Nutrisse. The non-drip formula spreads easily and smells great when you color.

Key features

  • Permanent, nourishing color creme with three fruit oils: avocado, olive, and shea.
  • The only color creme with a separate ampoule of grape seed oil to start nourishing as you color.
  • Long-lasting and 100% gray coverage.
  • Available in 56 nourishing shades.

Honest reviews


Don’t buy garnier products

Just don’t buy any garnier products. I had terrible experiences with all their products. The hair color too orang and ugly. Also made my hair so dry like it burnt it. I tried their eye roller also bad. And hair cream is ugly too. I wonder why this company still producing.

Kristen Alpha, OH

Love this color but had an allergic reaction to this brand recently.

I am a brunette naturally, but have natural red highlights during the summer. This color spices up my natural color and hides the gray. Yes, I am starting to get some gray hairs at the age of 38. 🙁 Anyway, this hair dye kit is easy to use, effective, reasonably priced and leaves the hair silky soft afterwards. I have purchased it several times and keep coming back. Definitely recommend. PLEASE READ UPDATE BELOW!!!!Update: 2/16/14I recently dyed my hair using this brand but a similar shade. It was the Mohogany Golden Brown color, same brand though. So my scalp was irritated right after using this. The next two days, welts started to appear all over my scalp and my ears very felt hot. After doing a search online, it turns out that I was having an allergic reaction. I ended up taking Benadryl for several days until the hives (huge red welts) went away. This has never happened to me before and I couldn’t believe it. I have been on and off dying and getting professional highlights for years. I did not perfom an allergy test as stated on the box, however, I have read that this wouldn’t really be as effective as putting the dye on your scalp. I do have sensitive skin, but this was the first time anything like this has ever happened. Not exactly sure which route I will go here soon, to keep the gray hairs covered up, but I will never use this brand or anything with PPD in it, ever again. Because PPD is apparently the reason why some women are allergic to hair dyes. Luckily, my allergic reaction wasn’t as bad as some I have read about online. This stuff is extremely dangerous. Please use caution before using these dyes.Initially gave this hair dye 5 stars but now have reduced to 1 star, due to having the allergic reaction.

Velma South Salem, OH

More breakage than I am used to.

I usually use Ultress Extra Light Natural Blonde but this was a really good deal so I figured I would try it. It smells good but is a bit more runny than the cream I am used to. Also, when I wash my hair I am having more breakage than usual. I would use this again if Ultress were discontinued but otherwise I think I will just pay the few extra bucks to get shiney stronger hair.

Edwina Middle Point, OH

Horrible! Unnatural (and Damaging too)

I don’t write a ton of negative reviews, but I had to chime in here. I found this product to be an absolute disaster.I’ve been coloring my hair in the blonde auburn/light red spectrum over the counter for twenty years or more. Seriously, since I was 16. I’m not shy about it — it looks really natural, so it never bothers me to admit to people that I color it. And I’ve rarely had a problem — my hair is thick and strong (not fine, darn it), but it really takes to red colors and it almost always looks very natural, from Loreal to Clairol (colors change or discontinue so occasionally I try out other brands).But WOW. I was incredibly disappointed with this purchase. I didn’t just dislike the result, I hated it. While some reds can end up looking a little magenta the next day, if you follow the directions and rinse well, conditioning diligently afterward, within a day or two the color calms down and looks great. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Not here. I ended up with nuclear Chernobyl-red-purple results that weren’t just utterly unnatural, they were uneven (which never happens with me — as someone with longer hair, I always use two boxes for even coverage for just this reason, and my hair is in great condition).But for the first time ever, my results were so embarrassingly bad, I wore a hat when I left the house. First time ever in my life. And the dyeing experience itself here was frustrating and messy — the Garnier Nutrisse color includes this ridiculous “fruit concentrate” first, off, that is just this oil substance that you add to the haircolor. The result has NO effect on the scent of the haircolor or on your hair’s conditioning. What it does do is instantly turn the mild inconvenience of haircoloring into a nightmare you will be rinsing away for weeks. The oil is unpleasant and turns the standard haircoloring experience into a nightmare that is suddenly a sodden oily mess that resists rinsing!Not only that but the resulting haircolor in my case went from 20 years of very even, pretty reds (seriously, I have never encountered anything like this) to an ugly and unnatural purple-ish red that kind of resembled Kool-Aid dye jobs, but not evenly — instead, it was ‘patchy’ nasty purple-red that was patchy and uneven, unnatural-looking, and unattractive. I was in tears afterward and despite weeks of attempting to wash away the horrible residue, my hair was still rinsing with purple tints two weeks later despite daily washes to try to tame the results.I will never use this color again and am once again returning to Loreal Excellence/Preference reds, where I never encountered ANYTHING like this. If you’re unsure about coloring your hair in this spectrum for the first time? Use something else or go to a stylist. This product is terrible.

Vera Farwell, MI

I like the color!

Garnier Nutrisse Hair color, 100 Extra-light Natural Blonde Chamomile is a decent product! I like the color it makes my otherwise dark blonde hair. It looks to me to have a ‘champagne” tint. I used to use Loreal hair color but was getting a bad skin rash on my scalp. It seems Garnier Nutrisse hair color is more gentle. I’m generally pleased with this hair color and will continue to use it.

Selena Fox Valley, IL

ruins your hair

i have bought red hair dye from garnier and liked how it left my hair it never ruined it but this one ruined my hair sooo bad i hate my hair now

Dayna Michigamme, MI

63 Light Golden Brown Hair Color Review

My hair is black and when I use this it turns it into a darkish brown to an orangy brown. When I had long hair, I had to use 2 bottles, and makes hair a lot lighter than using 1 bottle with short hair since I did it again after almost a year and a haircut later on. The smell is very fruity, that it’s almost sickening, but I think I would only trust this kind of brand because other brands don’t make my hair soft and keep the color in. Even after a year and another dye to black, it outshown the offbrand black and stood out. The color is a bit lighter after a few washes but easy application and removal.

Cecilia Wellpinit, WA

Too dark

I bought this hoping it would lighten my already dark brown hair. If anything, it made it darker! Some people said it turned out just like shown on the box, but mine wasn’t even close! Kind of disappointed,

Justine Fairwater, WI

Dont buy this

I thought this was the greatest hair dye ever before. But i dyed it only 3 weeks ago and my natural color is back. This fades really fast and i think revlon colo silk would work alot better. Now i have to wait til march 9th to dye my hair black again. It was good at first but it went bad really fast.hope this review helps.

Lea Grandview, TN

Good uniform color

I should probably rate this higher, as it is good on gray and uniform. Seems to keep rinsing out forever and is a bit borrrring.

Jasmine Mulberry Grove, IL


I have used SO many different red hair dyes; some were ok shades, but made my hair brittle, some were great, but the color faded after a few washes, and others were fine, but the color would come off on my light colored shirts. This is the ONLY hair color that is 1) easy on your hair, makes it feel healthier 2) doesn’t fade between colorings 3) looks so natural 4) does NOT EVER come off on my light colored clothing or stain towels 5) the ONLY red hair dye I will EVER BUY. I prefer to buy it in bulk so I have it on hand at ALL TIMES. Can’t put into words how much I LOVE this color. Not too dark, not too light, holds true to color & when it’s time to re-dye, you can’t really tell the differnce between this color & my natural color. LOVE IT!!! Pray they NEVER STOP making this color. =)

Rita Black River Falls, WI

Hair dye

I cant give an accurate review only cause i used this dye as well as a manic panic purple dye to transform my medium brown hair into a darkish hair color with purple tones which could be seen in the light. Sometimes im seeing red, sometimes im seeing purple. Its a very interesting and vibrate color though and i like how my hair looks black when its not in the light. saturated into my hair pretty well, i just suggest to cover your mouth with a mask or something when dying cause most garnier dyes have a very strong, burning bleach kind of smell after mixing and applying so becareful 🙂

Della Arlington, CO

A good hair dry

This is a good gray cover up and it is not too expensive to buy on this site .. It work well with the color I had and I would used it again

Gilda Tarrytown, GA

Beautiful Color… That doesn’t last

I purchased this product in order to “go red” after a year of being a blonde. My hair was a light/medium blonde when I applied this product and at first the color was super vibrant and AMAZING. After just one shampoo, however, (and using their color shield shampoo) it faded enourmously! I was mortified! My hair looked dull (everywhere except my roots). A few days later I purchased a red color enhancing shampoo and used that but it still faded even more. My hair looked like an orange creamsicle. I ended buying a temporary hair rinse to balance it out until I can dye my hair again (I don’t want to further damage it by coloring to quickly). If the color lasted more than just 1-2 shampoos this product would receive 5 stars as I did get a lot of compliments on the color before it faded.

Virginia Bay City, MI

shop and save!

this product is on my shop and save listit is exactly what someone in my household (allegedly) would use, and a very good price.if, of course, anyone actually admitted to using hair color…which they allegedly do not use!

Sybil Frostburg, MD

Garnier Haircolor

This was an experiment with a different color other than black. I LOVE IT!! It covered my gray which was one of my concerns. YES YES YES!!! I will definitely purchase this brand of haircolor again. Yes I recommend it. Five stars all of the way. Peace.

Saundra Riviera, TX

Medium Golden Mahogany Brown Chocolate

I bought this to change my hair color from a fading red color to a natural looking chocolate brown (closer to my natural color which is light golden brown). It came out VERY red, with barely any brown. I am not sure if this is because of the color I started with though, as it was very faded. I have to say, I really liked it! If only I were trying for that much red…It faded rather quickly though, and I was able to find a different nutrisse product #50 Brown Truffle.

Deena Kidder, MO

Outstanding product

Very impressed with this product. Have been using John Frieda Precision Foam and liked it a lot but it was making my hair too dark with continual use and the shade one step lighter had a strange red to it that didn’t work so I needed to find another shade. Saved some money and went with Garnier Nutrisse Color Creme 40 and was surprised how silky my hair is after the treatment. The color is gorgeous – it is still a bit dark but I think it is because of the recent Frieda foam dye, just two weeks back, that is under this new treatment – the color is warm and subtle. What surprised me was how the product felt more like a keratin treatment, it left my hair so much silkier and glossy than it’s ever been. I would like to keep that going without having to use the color since it isn’t required too often, and found a product on Garnier’s site that has the avocado as well as olive and shea oil..called Triple Nutrition, intend to try and hope it works like the Nutrisse Color Creme in terms of its conditioning effects. Smell/chemically thing did bother my eyes while it was on like ammonia but not awful, smell was not a big deal, and stopped bothering me soon after it was off. Definitely staying with this brand, color, may try a few colors around this shade but probably sticking with it. Great!!!

Valarie Van Orin, IL

Comparable to Salon Color

I have been coloring my hair at a high-end salon for years, but in an attempt to cut back on my overall expenses I decided to give home color a try. One week out from coloring my hair with Garnier Nutrisse (Dark Brown # 40), I’d say my hair is healthy and shiny just like the salon. I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5, because the color is a full shade darker than what was portrayed on the box. I strongly suggest going a shade lighter than your desired result. I will definitely do that next time.I also recommend using YouTube how-to videos to learn how to color your hair properly. The big reason why people pay so much at the salon is so that each and every hair on your head is covered. The videos I watched on YouTube taught me how to tie up my hair into sections to get the most thorough covering of all of my hair. I have 70% white roots (and I’m only 39!), so getting every strand is important to me.So in summary, I am not thrilled with how dark my hair is but I feel satisfied with Garnier Nutrisse.

Opal Coloma, WI

Eh, not my favorite

I dyed over straight, bleached blonde hair. The color is a lot darker than I had anticipated and it has some brassy orange undertones that I’m not in love with.This is definitely not a natural red tone, at least by my standards, and I was hoping for a more strawberry blonde/red than a darker brown red. But you live you learn, I suppose.As for the dye itself…I was pleased that the forumla was very creamy and not drippy at all, however the conditioner that came with it is TERRIBLE. It was very runny and left my hair feeling so coarse and stringy that I ended up using a different conditioner afterward. It also came in one of those packets like you get in hotel rooms, which makes resealing it for later use impossible.I’m afraid Garnier may not be the dye for me. I’ll probably go back to Feria, since it’s the best dye I’ve used.EDIT: Two washes later and it’s a little better. It’s faded to a lighter brownish/orangeish/red. My coworker described it as; “autumn leaf red” whatever that means, ha. Still, I’m overall disappointed with this dye.

James Jetmore, KS

Love, love, love!

I’ve recently made the switch from coloring my hair with semi-permanent dye to permanent hair dye. I usually use Garnier Herbashine and I have always loved how shiny my hair looked and felt. So now that I need permanent hair color I switched to this one. I LOVE it! My hair still looks shiny and feels very healthy. The color is gorgeous! It’s a rich chocolate brown color with subtle red tones. I’ve received many compliments on my color and I highly recommend this!

Leeann South Colton, NY

Really Lightens and Brightens

Wow are my roots getting dark. I don’t remember them being so dark. But I have to say, this brand and this color really does a great job of lightening your roots and brightening your hair. It’s been a few weeks and several washings and it is still shimmering and bright. It also gives you highlights so you have a very natural look. I would highly recommend this color and this brand. If it can lighten my dark roots it could work for anyone.

Corinne Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Very Dark Shade!

This dye turned my hair black, not brown. It was much darker than the color on the box. After it faded it was a pretty dark brown shade but that took some time.

Alissa Bayfield, CO

redder than hoped for, but good gray covererage

I like warm browns, but not burgundy tones and this is too close to that like for me to be completely happy. I know it advertises like it is healthy for your hair, but it still feels like the fumes could kill you. The gray coverage is good, though. I will try and do an update later how it fades or lasts, etc.Two months later and I am just now thinking of touching up the color. It stuck to the gray that long. I should also mention that after the harsh redness faded (took a solid week) I actually really like the color and might do it again!

Christy Clarkson, KY

Did not produce the color advertised.

It lightened the hair VERY slightly, I’m not sure how noticeable it was. I would not recommend it unless you want a very slight change.

Maribel Orleans, VT

Covers Gray

Covers Gray, comes with great conditioner which gives me enough to use 3 times after shampooing, can’t ask for more than that. Thank you seller!

Tanya Corbin, KY

Didnt work.

I bought this wanting to lighten my hair from my dark dirty blonde hair to the gorgeous color on the box. I followed all of the instructions perfectly and after i dried my hair it looked exactly the same. I am very disappointed because i love Garnier products but this did not work at all.

Tameka Placitas, NM

worked well

Ive died my hair before, however my roots were begining to show. THis dye worked great, didnt hurt my scalp and made my head more red than most dyes. Deffinitly worth the price!

Coleen Arendtsville, PA

My favorite hair color. leaves my hair in excellent condition and is affordable for me

This is the color I am staying with now. I highly recommend it to those who color their hair at home.

Dionne Faxon, OK

Easy and beautiful results.

I have brown gold hair anyway, but this kind of product often enhances my hair, its healthy and shiny, and I also allow it to develop a bit before applying, why?Because at this point, I dont need to lighten my hair to get this color to work, so I apply it after shaking and waiting fifiteen minutes, but if you want to change your hair color more, applying it immediately is the way to go. Im happy, it does just what I wanted, and looks great, giving my own hair a bit more shine, and highlights of golden brown with that mahogany which is just deeper and more attractive I just love it, looks wonderful.

Carol Searsmont, ME