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Garnier Nutrisse Level 3 Permanent Hair Creme, Extra, Light Ash Blonde 111

INDICATIONS:Features of Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme, 111 Extra-Light Ash Blonde: Level 3. White Chocolate. Rich, long-lasting color. Nourishing, protective conditioners. Extra lightening formula.Rich, Healthy-Looking Color: Experience Garnier Nutrisse, a Nourishing Color Cream that gives you rich, healthy-looking color that really lasts. The exclusive color cream, enriched with conditioners and fruit-oil concentrate, penetrates into the hair fibers to nourish deep

Key features

  • Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color, Extra Light Ash Blonde gives you rich, healthy looking color that really lasts.
  • It nourishes hair and protects against dryness, locking in color and moisture to keep your color rich and healthy-looking and your hair silky soft.
  • It spreads easily, won’t drip, and the grape seed oil smells great while you color.

Honest reviews


High lift color

I have medium brown hair and color my hair blond. When a was very young, my hair was ash blonde. Despite this fact, my hair always wants to be brassy/gold whenever I color it blond. I have tried almost every single over the counter hair color available – many claim to be “high lift” color but I just don’t see it. This product is great – gives super high lift and removes almost all of the brassy gold color in my hair – this is an extra light ash blonde color, very flattering for cool skin tones (if you look better in blue/purple colors rather than orange/yellow colors, you are a cool skin tone). They stopped carrying this in stores, not sure why, so I just loaded up on this from Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon!

Milagros Feeding Hills, MA


This is the best hair dye I have ever used. It brings my hair to a very LIGHT ash blond WITH NO RED. I have used Paul Mitchell and found it to be terrible, so I came back to this and will use it from now on. It goes on nice and doesn’t cause burning. It it a very quick process.

Terrie Royal, AR

Best box color I’ve found

I have dirty ash blonde hair. I hate how dull it looks so I lighten it. I’ve used lots of box dyes and none were perfect, I always had to use toner or purple shampoo to make it a nice cool/ash color.I was so happy to find that this shade is a one stop shop! It comes out perfect the first time. a perfect natural looking cool blonde. It smells better than most too which is a plus. I do leave it on for a little bit longer than called for. It usually says 25 mins and I might do it for 35 or so.A couple of notes though: I highlight my hair too, so sometimes my highlights turn out a little blue but a couple washes later with some clarifying shampoo and my hair looks PERFECT!Also: if your hair is longer than about shoulder length, you should probably buy two boxes. Yeah, its more expensive but its waaay cheaper than the salon.Happy dying!!! 🙂

Maritza Emigrant, MT

FINALLY, not brassy!

I used this about a month and a half after I had used another L’Oreal hair color product that had gotten great reviews and mentions about it not resulting in brassiness. Didn’t work for me however, even with the addition of some "red out" or red gold corrector additive drops (my roots were particularly orange afterwards). My hair is naturally a very ashy, dark blonde, and whenever I use boxed colors they tend to make my hair too yellowy and brassy. This, however, was a pleasant surprise. I still used the additive drops, but the result was much cooler, and much closer to what I have always tried to achieve in the past.

Blanche Holbrook, MA

What can you expect?

I have naturally dark auburn hair and I knew my hair color was not going to come out like it is on the box. I did not want it to come out the same color, I just wanted my hair lightened. That’s exactly what happened, although it did not lighten to any shade of blond for me, but a lighter shade of my already auburn hair: reddish. I suppose I should have kept it on for longer than what the instructions told me to, as my hair cuticles might be a little harder to penetrate with color the average. But decent price. Decent shipping time.

Deann Perth, ND

Awesome for blondes!

Best blonde box color/toner! So happy I bought this to touch up my roots. Usually touch ups done with a box or just with bleach end up super gold-y and I have to buy a toner from Sally’s to make it match the rest of my light blonde hair but this matched perfectly! I left it on about 25 minutes (just roots!) and it left me with perfect, light ash blond hair. Make sure not to put it over already bleached hair though, it will turn blue/gray…not a huge problem though if it does it will wash out after a few shampoos. Highly recommend this for those who are already blonde and want to eliminate gold/brassy tones.

Bertha Mcintosh, MN

The best blonde for brunettes hair color there is ever (better than the best salons)

White Chocolate by Garnier is like no other color, my hair has NEVER looked so blonde, so healthy and it’s so easy. I have brown hair and I have used bleach, Clairol, L’oreal, and been to the best salons in Los Angeles and San Fransisco AND NEVER have I liked my hair this much. Thank you Garnier. I remember one time at Fred Segal my Stylist was doing my hair and he had a representation deal with Garnier, that day he used some of the products on me, and I should have known what a company Ganier is, they are amazing.I put the color onto my brown roots for 30 minutes, then the rest of my blonde colored hair another 30 minutes. Took a shower (If you tend to go brassy take Garnier Herbashine haiir color in 900, light natural blonde as a toner in the shower after washing your White Chocolate off for 10 minutes) What I was left with is the most healthy and conditioned color and I am so happy.

Eula Jeffersonville, VT