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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging BB Cream, Light/Medium, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

Garnier Introduces Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Anti-Aging* Bb Cream, Which Immediately Firms, Evens And Brightens Skin For A Younger, Healthier Look. Over Time Wrinkles And Lines Are Reduced, Skin Is Noticeably Smoother And More Plump, Pores Look Less Visible, And Facial Contours Appear More Defined. This Multi-Benefit Formula Combines Pro-Xylane™ And Mineral Pigments For Anti-Aging Benefits With An Immediate Transformation. With Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen, Anti-Aging* Bb Cream Protects Against Harmful Effects of The Sun When Used With Other Sun Protection Measures. (*Use With Sun Protection Measures. See Directions.)

Key features

  • Instant Perfection, All-In-One Anti-Aging
  • Reduces Wrinkles, Firms Skin And Evens Tone
  • Hydrates For 24 Hours
  • Packing may vary

Honest reviews


Not worth the money

I purchased this item for $11.00 on a whim while grocery shopping at Walmart. Before I begin my review, let me say that I am new to BB creams. Prior to buying this product, I have not used any other BB cream and have no knowledge or experience to compare with. I am a 30 year old Asian with tanned, brown skin. I never had issues with my skin though have been concerned about aging and getting fine lines recently. Hearing good things about BB creams and their anti-aging benefits I decided to try them and this is what I picked up.My first impressions with this product is that it is thick, cakey and very oily. The coverage with this item is also poor. I expected something that would stand in place of a foundation but it does not even do a good job at that. I used it for about a week and then decided I’d be best served by a better product. Other than the price, there are no other positives I can think of about this product. First thing you’d notice when applying it is the smell. It is an overpowering scented smell that gives you a hint of the harsh ingredients they put in. In the 1 week I used it, I developed a rash on my nose that got red and irritated. Small breakouts also developed on my forehead and I’ve never had a breakout since high school! This product is truly terrible. Not worth the money you spend for it. If you are interested in trying BB creams, do your research and don’t pick up an drug store quality product like the Garnier Skin Renew BB cream–it is not the “MIRACLE SKIN PERFECTOR ANTI-AGING” product it claims to be.

Hope Ogden, IL


This is a great moisturizer! (and it adds a little color :-)) Okay so if I am inside all day I do not have to apply but once a day but if I am outside quite a bit during the day then usually halfway through the day I have to reapply no biggy. I really like it and doesn’t take much to cover your entire face! I will buy this again I think it is worth it.

Shari Livingston, NJ

Great stuff for an older skin.

I love this stuff…the color is perfect, consistency smooth, and best of all the pigments are all mineral. I usually wear dry mineral pigments but in the wintertime, it is just to dry for my old, dry skin! LOL..true story. What I like best is the combination of nutrients and color..I know I am doing good things for my skin while looking better too.Get it and try it..You will love it. I have gotten lots of compliments….My skin , which is scarred and discolored and pitted, and everything bad you can think of…has a healthful glow to it and the coverage is great. I do not wear any extra cover-up at all…and normally I have to use a cover-up under my dry mineral makeup..but not with this.

Deidre Lothian, MD

A Great Daily BB Cream for Dry Skin

I had to review this product when I saw it had one star by someone else & in my opinion that is not at all deserved. I use several different BB creams & have tried many. I should add that I am nearly 50 years old and have lolive skin that is normal. No lines or wrinkles but uneven skin tone. I use light to medium in other products but need med-dark with this one. I use Garnier BB cream for casual daytime wear. For me it evens out my skin tone and is easy to spread. It does leave my face glowy and not matte. However like all BB creams if you want it to look polished use a small amount of sheer powder. Sometimes instead of powder I use Garnier BB Cream med-dark for OILY skin OVER this in just a few areas. I tried the one for oily skin alone and for me it just didn’t have the glow this one does. But if I put on this BB cream and then just tap some of the oily skin product on areas that need a little more matte, it works well. But most will prefer a bit of sheer powder. As I said, I use this when I need to rush out the door and I think it’s easy to blend too. If so I won’t bother with powder or anything. But I may dot on the Garnier BB cream for oily skin over it if I have time. For contrast, when I want to look polished I use a higher end Korean BB Cream called Missha. That one requires a little more focus to blend properly. I use no. 27 which I would have though was too dark but I tried 23 and it seemed like it wasn’t right for olive toned skin. So I strongly recommend Missha BB cream for the most polished look and more skin flaws. This Garnier works well if your skin mostly needs evening out and you want a casual daytime look. If your skin is truly oily try the oily skin version alone.

Georgia Chemung, NY

Second time purchasing

I like to try new skin care products, but this is a repeat performer for me. Goes on like a cream, covers like a light makeup, I use it every single day

Jodie Geronimo, OK

Not So Much…

I really wanted to like this, but, I find that I get breakouts when I use it. I have light-medium skin, and I didn’t find that the light-medium shade made any difference in my skin’s appearance after applying, so just putting on for light coverage days instead of foundation didn’t have the effect I wanted. I’m 53, and have pretty good skin, and I really didn’t see any difference in tone or texture after using the cream for several weeks. Instead of feeling silky when applying, I feel like I’m putting a petroleum-based product on my skin, an oily undertone. I also don’t care for the scent, it kind of smells like cheap mascara to me.

Ana Wyola, MT