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Garnier Herbashine Haircolor, 415 Soft Mahogany Dark Brown

Fortifies the hair cuticle for radiant, shiny color. Natural gray coverage, no obvious root line, lasts through 28 shampoos. What is herbashine? A new generation of haircolor from garnier, with bamboo extract. It improves the condition of hair by fortifying the cuticle while wrapping it in radiant, shiny color. How does it work? This exclusive ammonia free color creme with bamboo extract reinforces the hair’s protective cuticle layer while coloring. Hair looks and feels stronger for radiant color that’s truly shiny and luminous. Will it cover my gray? Garnier herbashine offers natural gray coverage that lasts through 28 shampoos. Is it easy to apply? Application is simple and pleasant. Herbashine’s fragrance is fresh and soothing. The rich, creamy formula spreads easily and doesn’t drip. It only takes 10 minutes to get herbashine’s radiant, shiny color!this kit contains: activating creme, ammonia free color creme, shine-infused conditioner, instruction sheet and gloves. Product type: lasts through 28 shampoos, processing time: 10 minutes, gray coverage: covers hair with up to 70% grays. Why bamboo? Bamboo is well-known for its extreme strength and flexibility. Stronger than steel yet extraordinarily supple, it sways and bends but almost never breaks. Bamboo extract contains nutrients that help give bamboo its resiliency and flexibility.

Key features

  • Only 10 minutes
  • With bamboo extract
  • Ammonia free

Honest reviews



I’m a bit confused as there are reviews on here for other colors, not just the 415 Soft Mahogany Dark Brown.. ??Well, I used 415 last night to cover some premature grays (I’m 33!) and make my hair all one color (I had remnants of blonde highlights and some Colour Rays Fuschia highlights on top of that). Only the outer half of my hair was light; the inside was my natural color which is a very dark brown. lol. I am no stranger to dyeing my hair.I put this stuff near the roots, just like it says on the directions, by using the applicator tip to separate my hair and ran it from front to back basically across the scalp. This, I hoped, would cover the grays. I spread it out with the gloves (which kept slipping off the entire time!!). I left it in 5 minutes longer here, just like the directions recommended for grays.Then I proceeded to squirt this stuff all over the rest of my hair, especially focusing on the lighter hair and the ends. My hair is maybe 2 inches past my shoulders, pretty thick, and it is also curly/wavy so the texture is coarse (which supposedly holds color better and is also a reason why I chose this brand to lessen any drying damage). It took me a bit to get it all saturated (would have went faster if the gloves didn’t keep slipping off). I used the entire bottle to be sure.I waited the 10 minutes, even adding heat by running my hair dryer through everything (which is supposed to help adhere the color to the hair), and then rinsed it out, and used the provided conditioner as directed.I did my usual routine of fixing my hair, adding product, etc. and I noticed right away that it didn’t cover all the fuschia. SIGH. Then I dried and straightened my bangs like I usually do.. and I noticed my bangs were awfully dark. But there was a slight hint of fuschia still. Hmm… I let the rest of my hair air dry.Well, now it’s dry, and I HATE IT. It did not cover my grays. It is VERY DARK. It looks NOTHING like the box. I might as well have dyed it black!! Which does NOT LOOK GOOD ON ME. It’s got this reddish tint to it too. And not just in the areas where my fuschia was previously. VERY DISAPPOINTING. It’s a good thing it washes out… if I would have known that it was going to dye it black I would not have bought it.

Louella Hatfield, MA

Wow Your Hair is So Shiny!

Garnier’s New HerbaShine Color Crème with Bamboo Extract is a definite improvement from their normal “Nutrisse” color. The shine is incredible! I’ve never seen a “store-bought” product compete with a salon color. If you have fine hair you will be especially pleased with this product. It will strengthen your hair and make it feel full and thick. I also liked that it only takes 10-15 minutes to color. While I like everything about this hair color the thing I liked the best was that there was no ammonia smell. It also covers gray hair very effectively. When I went to get my hair cut my hairdresser loved this color on me. She thought it was pretty.~The Rebecca Review

Jackie Oyens, IA

Gorgeous, shiny, rich color!

This is by far the best semi-permanent hair color I’ve used! First of all, you put it on dry hair (big time saver) and you only leave it on for 10 min. This color was so rich and shiny – I loved it! My hair looked and felt healthier. Although I used the Medium Nautral Brown, it did leave my hair with a slight dark auburn color. I actually liked it a lot, but a word of warning for the ladies who may not want it. This is my new favorite!

Susana Walhonding, OH

So Amazing

Love, love LOVE! Herbashine is fantastic. My hair was so damaged and ridiculous and I’ve been trying to grow it healthy, which means going back to my natural color. I tried this because of the commercials and let me tell you- not only does it make your hair HEALTHIER LOOKING AND SOFT, but the color also lasts and lasts. I colored my hair in Early August and didn’t notice it fading until late October. Even then, it was barely noticeable. I used the same color again, which matches my natural hair color PERFECTLY, and I just love it. I can’t say enough good things about it. No more split ends, no more crazy breakage, just beautiful, healthy-looking color! :)If you are skeptical, you have got to give this a try- you won’t regret it! It won’t damage your hair, so you have nothing to lose!

Cora Owatonna, MN

Garnier Herbashine Haircolor, 600 Light Natural Brown

I needed to change the brand I used because it made my hair too dry and brassy. I decided to go with this, ammonia free, product because the ingredients looked less drying. I absolutely love this product. I don’t know what it is, maybe the bamboo extract, but my hair is not dry, healthy looking, and shiny and silky. My hair feels so much different that it doesn’t feel like mine. I would highly recommend this product to others having problems with dry hair. Color is as stated too.

Maritza Carrollton, VA

Great product – the best I tried so far but beware of the colors!

I have long straight hair that had highlights until about 7 months ago. Highlights on long straight hair is a constant maintenance issue and since I travel a lot, I got tired of seeing the regrowth and spending hours not to mention the money to keep up the look. I decided to try a demi/semi permanent color and after a few tries, which left me disappointed, I researched different products and tried Garnier Herbashine. About the product itself: I asked a friend to help me given the length of my hair. One box was enough for me (my hair is almost to my waist). It is easy to apply – I used the bowl and brush method as suggested by a hairdresser. My hair was shiny and healthy looking immediately, the old highlights blended in the new color, the color washed away gradually and very pleasantly, after about 20 shampoos, the color is still good, the hair still shiny and I am still happy with it. Now about the color: I used 700, Dark Natural Blonde, since from the box it looked like it would be my perfect match. It was too dark, not an unpleasant brown, but the darkest brown I ever had my hair. I already bought a lighter shade for next time, as I love the product but I need to find the best shade for me. So my suggestion is to go at least one shade lighter than what the box shows. Better yet, buy 2 or 3, do a strand test and you will love the results.

Abbie Independence, VA

Very Pleased

I am 62 years old. My hair is baby fine and I consider it very tender. My hair WAS a mousey grey. I hated it! When my hair really started turning white around my temples and forehead, it came in platinum and it was well defined and blended well. People would comment “Your hair is lovely, where did you get your color done?” Well, that was two years ago. Then over the last two years it settled into a mousey grey with white and platinum and grey and ash brown. So I took the plunge although I was very anxious because, as I said above, my hair is very tender but I just couldn’t live with the color it had become. I decided on Light Golden Brown 630. WELL, I’m here to tell you that Herbashine covered my platinum, white, grey and the little ash brown I had left. I colored my hair maybe 15-25 years ago, and Herbashine color and procedure is very pleasant and improved and I didn’t have to air out the bathroom for two days and I didn’t have an asthma attack from the fumes. My hair is soft and there are highlights (where the white/platinum was) so it is not a solid color. I AM VERY PLEASED. Can’t wait to try other colors or stick with the Light Golden Brown. But I WILL be using Herbashine again!

Janelle Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Review: Soft Black 200 is Beautiful

Ok so first off this was my first attempt at dying my hair at home and in all honesty it was pretty simple. I normally go to the salon but lately my stylist has been bugging me.. I tell her to do one thing and she does the complete opposite… So I figured I needed to save money anyway and learn how to dye my hair myself.. I thought it would be really easy since I’m dying it a darker color… Anyway, my hair is short and I used the whole bottle so I if you have long/thick hair I recommend getting two just in case : ) My hair is dark brown but it was looking pretty drag.. Just dull and lifeless so I figured a nice black dye would be nice… And this dye exceeded my expectations..The color Soft Black reflects light beautifully, has a gorgeous shine.. It isn’t over the top but it definitely stands out… It just makes my hair POP.. My hair looks incredibly healthy.. This is a nice upgrade for your tresses.. I cannot say enough about how professional it looks… I feel like I just came back from the salon. Garnier promises this dye only takes 10 to 15 minutes and you rinse… They do not offer any shampoo or anything which I found a little strange so I ended up using a very mild shampoo of my own just to make sure it was completely out, that seemed to do the job… Afterwards I used their conditioner and it smelled good and made my hair soft but I added a small amount of olive oil with it just to ensure a nice glossy shine. I am highly impressed with this color. It looks natural and sexy.

Evelyn Mc Cracken, KS

beautiful color!

I like that this has a coppery red in it rather than a wine red. It says to only leave it in for 10 minutes or the color will be darker. I actually wanted darker, so I leave it in for 30 minutes and I get a dark brown with coppery tint that looks gorgeous when light shines on it. It the exact color I wanted and can’t find that color in any other brand.It does smell chemically like all hair color but it also has a fruity scent mixed in so it smells kinda nice. The conditioner is also amazing! Smells delicious and makes my hair so soft, smooth, and frizz free for about a week. I wish they sold it separately!

Victoria Port Edwards, WI


The box was a little messed up but everything was in the box. Used as directed and hair came out just as it should.

Octavia Hemlock, NY

Great Product, Wish Color Stayed a Little Longer Though

I really want to give this product a 4.5 rating. It really is a great coloring system. I am African American and faithfully use the Soft Black color. I found this to be the best coloring system to keep my hair healthy since it doesn’t have harsh Amonia that damages hair so badly. The only drawback is that the color does fade after a few weeks. I wash my hair once a week and co-wash once a week and my colr is faded a good bit after about 3 weeks (with only the two washings/conditioning a week)! It’s a little bit annoying BUT I would much rather use this every four weeks than use a permanent color and have my hair have permanent damage from all the harsh chemicals. The conditioner that comes with this coloring system is the BEST by the way!

Wendi Lambrook, AR

Left my hair feeling dry.

I was hoping this temporary color would not only boost my black hair color and cover the roots, but also leave my hair with that just out of the salon smoothness. I found that it made my hair feel dry and difficult to style. I found myself wanting to wash it out of my hair immediately. I actually took a second shower and soaked my hair in conditioner for several minutes again to try to smooth it out. Sadly, I think the color took up all the space my hair had to hold any conditioner in it, so the conditioner basically washed off entirely. After an entire month I believe my hair is back to normal and I’m happier without it.The color is very strong for temporary. I had no roots showing and the overall coverage was really great. My hair is considered long and I only needed the one application to get everything. Two stars for someone who was looking for something different. I’d rather have soft shiny hair than perfect color any day.

Beulah Scooba, MS

Great hair color for my very gray roots

I order this every month. Great hair color for my very gray roots. Leaves my hair in great condition.

Ruth Wharton, TX

love it

had a keratin treatment in July….and decided i would try this product, worked like a charm my hair came out sot and shiney and no damage to my hair..will def buy again. Was delivered exactly when i was told it woild be.

Rosalie Dry Creek, LA

Great color!

This is my alternate color, in between usages of one that’s more red. This is a great color, and very gentle on the hair. That’s immportant!

Cathryn Smithville, MO

I love color 645

I have been using this for 2 years now and get so many compliments on the color and dimension of my hair. People cannot believe it is not my natural color because it has so many highlights and I can’t believe I am saving so much money coloring it myself!I have very thick shoulder length hair and am about 25% gray. When I first started using this color I found it was not covering my gray so I talked to my hairdresser about it. He told me to leave it in 25 minutes (which is longer than the box said). Once I did that I got full gray coverage and was much happier. Leaving it on longer did not damage my hair in any way.Now here’s another tip that made this color work exceptionally well for me. I used to have strawberry blonde hair but as I got older it got less strawberry and more dull honey blonde. I found when I used the this, the color took more strongly the further away from my roots it got, which did not look natural. So I got a special mixing cup and started using only half the ingredients. I apply the color only to my roots and use my fingers to pull the color down the shaft. This gets more color where I need it and less where I don’t. Plus, I am able to use the rest of the ingredients for a second coloring 4-6 weeks later.The only bad thing about this product is that is now discontinued and I can’t find another semi-permanent color to replace it. I bought 6 boxes here on Amazon, which should easily last me over a year, in hopes that I can come up with an alternative. It seems everywhere I go, semi-permanent color of any brand is missing from the shelves.

Candice Ellwood City, PA

My new favorite color

My hair is super processed, damaged, dry, and curly. This product was very simple and quick to use. I was pleased with the results except the color seemed darker to me than was expected. I also noticed a marked increase in hair fallout and broken ends, although I don’t know why because this gives great shine and health. I’ll still continue to use this!

Summer Cartersville, GA

The product smelled funky

I believe this product was not good anymore. It smelled very bad as I applied it to my hair. I usually die my hair quite often and I knew instantly that something was wrong with this product. It also made my hair rough and the conditioner looked like cottage cheese. I don’t think it was any good, probably too old, don’t recommend.

Rocio Seminary, MS

Disappointed, broken bottle applicator

Well, the color I got from this dye was definitely darker than on the box but I didn’t mind so much. What I did mind was that not even halfway through application I squeezed the bottle to get more dye out and it cracked right in half! Most of the dye went all over my bathroom sink and some even on the walls and floor. Of course this made it impossible to squeeze what was left out and I just had to scoop it out and apply it like that. Because so much of it was wasted I didn’t have an abundance and ended up not getting full coverage. Besides that mishap the dye wasn’t very hard to apply but I definitely prefer the foam hair color. At least it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry and brittle though the conditioner did make my hair feel kind of greasy and I don’t normally have that issue. In any case, it’s definitely not the worst boxed hair dye I’ve used but I won’t be using it again due to my unfortunate experience.

Ruthie Thomson, GA

Works well

I am trying to grow out some permanent dye, and using this to mitigate the two-tone effect has worked well.The color is as expected, and the conditioners are good.There is some frequent clogging of the applicator, due to the gelatinous texture of the product.

Adela Ridgeville, SC

Good product

I’ve been using permanent dyes for years. i recently bleached my hair and was going back dark step by step (first red, then light brown) when a friend of mine said i should use semi-permanent instead since my hair was already so damaged from the bleach & other permanent dyes. I do like that it was quick to process and didn’t smell too horrible. But it is very runny and color starts fading big time after 10 shampoos (I could already see reddish hues in my hair). If it did go up to 28 shampoos I would be happier, but sadly it didn’t.

Christine Harlingen, TX

for my friend

I bought this product for my friend in Africa who didn’t want her gray hair to show. She loves it. I can bring it over to Tz, and she can make it for 2 months easily on one color. Beats anything I ever did, and her hair looks lovely after she does it. Shiny but not crazy shine, not blue. perfect

Enid Mount Holly Springs, PA


I love this shade, have been using it for a while already. The colour is really beautiful and it looks very natural! Herbashine also leaves my hair always nice and smooth after applying this 🙂

Deana Pierce City, MO

Garnier Haircolor

I really like the color of this product, and it is indeed gentle and has left my hair softer & shinier. My only complaint is that the color is not long-lasting and seemed to "fall out" quickly, even when using color-safe shampoos, and shampooing only twice a week. I would buy it again, but not count on it for long-lasting color.

Elma Lyons, IL