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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray, 4.20-Fluid Ounce

The unique formula combines liquid shine with weightless nutritive oils for an extra dose of nutrition. With each spray, hair is nourished, instantly softer, shinier and easier to manage. Immediate results: reset dry to over-dried or damaged hair with a dose of nourishment and shine. Hair is silky, radiant and full of life.

Key features

  • Weightless conditioning
  • Dual action nourish + shine
  • 3 nutritive fruit oils olive, avocado and shea

Honest reviews


It may have been great, if I received it…

I originally was very excited to get this product, I have heard great things about it. So I went to this sellers website to purchase and was anything but happy about the outcome. Surely sucks, I would have loved to recieve it. I did end up getting it from another seller and it is an amazing product 🙂 love it!

Juliette Nowata, OK

This is great spray to include for your deep conditioning

I spray this on my hair anytime it feels dry and wait 20 min before shampooing my hairI also spray prior to a deep conditionA great product that is affordable.A must try!

Jasmin Wheelwright, MA

LOVE this stuff!!!

It smells *SO* good and it makes your hair look so healthy and shiny! It has been impossible to find in stores.. I’m not sure why. But, I LOVE the stuff. It doesn’t make your hair overly greasy like other nutrient sprays, but just makes it look healthy and brings out highlights! I love it!

Jeanie Paradis, LA

One of the Best!!!

I absolutely love this product. I originally bought it when i was only straightening my hair a couple months ago. I like the way it felt, but don’t think that I felt a big difference. But about a month ago, I decided to wear my hair natural (3b curly hair) and cut out the excessive use of the deadly flat iron. On my curly hair, I apply this on my 2nd and 3rd day hair. I sleep on my side, so the back portion of my hair never really needs to be refreshed, so I just use this. Once i spray this, my curls come alive, literally! It seems to activate them and leaves them so soft, fresh, bouncy and manageable. Plus the smell is amazing.Everyone should use this product, especially if you have curly hair. This has and will become a regular staple in my routine.

Kristen Lower Kalskag, AK

The perfect amount of moisture for my hair

I have relaxed hair and have been using this as my daily moisturizer for the last 2 weeks & I love it! I have used Optimum, KeraCare, Pantene Relaxed & natural, ORS, and African pride lotion type moisturizers, but it always seemed like they would coat my hair weighing it down, but it still felt dry. This is has been just the right amount of moisture for me…not too light but not greasy either. I use it after washing, in the morning before styling (with a heat spray for protection), and before wrapping my hair at night. I’ve noticed a lot less falling & breakage as well.Hopefully it will continue to work for me. Definitely worth a try if you’re a product junkie like me:)

Esmeralda Dixon Springs, TN

Smoothed my hair but made it frizzy too.

This smoothed and softened my hair, but it made it frizzy at the same time. I had the same experience when I used Tresemme’s anti frizz spray. My ends just fluffed up, as did hair along my hair strands. So it was smoothed but all these little frizzies sticking up, especially around the crown. Well, the same effect with Garnier, and just as bad too. I have long, wavy, porous, hair that tends to get dry and dull. If you’re like me, stay away from this stuff. You’ll look great but only for the first few minutes. After about twenty, the damage really starts to show up. It works okay on damp/wet hair, but again, it’s still frizz inducing.It’s so weird! Why would Garnier create a product to tame hair, yet the product induces frizz? Same with Tresemme. Product label specifically says "tame frizz," but it makes it worse instead. This is why I think companies should label who the target for their hair products are, or rather, the type of hair. Also, stop telling us how something works based on professional stylists use of your products who use professional tools to get super fab results. All this is is a dressed up lie to consumers.

Tammy Arley, AL

so nice i bought it twice

I loved this spray! it makes my hair so easy to manage and shiny. I use it to seal in the moisture i have in my hair. It’s worth it

Estella Ortley, SD

Great for hair

I love this, I have expensive, medium priced and cheap stuff…this being the cheap stuff. It smells good and really helps my hair to be shiny, healthy and less frizzes. I use it on my damp hair and then dry it, I really love this spray.

Lilia Trout Run, PA

Good Product. Does not hold the moisture all day.

Pros: inexpensive, smells great, light, works wellCons: does not hold moisture in hair longer than a couple of hoursI have AA relaxed hair and I purchased this product based on reviews. I used this before blow drying my hair and after styling my hair. It is light and makes your hair look shiny (not greasy), but it is so light that my hair looks somewhat dry within a couple of hours (unlike most pure oils). I’m not sure what all is in this, but it is a mixture that has to be shaken every time you use it because the contents settle after the bottle sits for a while.I also used this to wrap my hair a night (spraying it on the roots and the ends) and it worked great. I usually have to rinse/blow dry my hair mid-week to keep it from getting too oily BUT with this product, I’ve been able to go 4 days without needing to rinse.I think this will be in my collection for a long time. Mostly because of the price and the smell. It makes my hair look awesome as far as shine, but I’ll likely have to keep a bottle in my purse and re-spray it throughout the day to maintain the look.

Celina San Angelo, TX

Actually made my hair dull

I saw this product on the shelf and had high hopes by the look and description of the product. It looks like a liquid and oil in one bottle – you have to shake it to combine the two. However, after using it several times on my curly 3b/3c hair and my little girls’ 3a/3b hair, I noticed that it actually made our hair seem dry and dull. I ended up spraying the product onto my hand to feel the texture and noticed that the product left a powdery white residue on my skin. Not impressed.

Ruby Montgomery Village, MD

Best thing since Wella liquid hair restructurizer

As you can tell from my title I used to use Wella Liquid Hair restructurizing treatment spray. That stuff was amazing but sadly got discontinued years ago. I have been on the hunt for something that could compare and for years found nothing even close. I’m happy to say that Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray is now in the running to be my replacement! I have fine straight hair that is pretty flat for the most part. Conditioners and styling products most of the time just weigh my hair down so I don’t even bother using them. What I loved about liquid hair was that it somehow penetrated the hair shaft and made if feel more substantial – it gave it body, bounce and incredible shine without feeling like there was anything on it. I hate “feeling” my hair products, I just want my hair to feel natural, only better. The cult followers of Wella Liquid hair- those of you out there buying the remaining bottles on Ebay for $50 a pop – will appreciate the arrival of this product. Fructis triple nutrition spray makes your hair shiny, full and healthy feeling. It amazingly does not weigh fine hair down like all too many leave in conditioners do. The first time I used it, a complete stranger came up to me to tell me how beautiful my hair looked. His exact words were “mother nature has clearly been good to you”. I am not making this up. While Fructis is not exactly quite as amazing as liquid hair, it is the best replacement I’ve found that even comes close. For the price this is a really great product.

Young Bella Vista, AR