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Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves Non Aero Hairspray, 8.50-Fluid Ounce

Garnier fructis style. Your perfect wave has never been this easy! Garnier fructis style wonder waves with fruit micro-waxes gives you the power to control, define and shape your ideal wave. What is wonder waves spray? This new generation wave spray controls, enhances and shapes your natural waves, creating a soft, tousled look. Lightweight formula provides smooth definition, shine and frizz control. Can be used anytime, anywhere to revive the shape of your waves. How does it work? Garnier fructis wonder waves spray has a powerful wave defining technology with fruit micro-waxes. Texturizing polymers help shape the wave and provide hold. Lightweight moisturizing humectants and silicone provide soft conditioning without weighing hair down.

Key features

  • Soft, tousled wavesfrizz control
  • With fruit micro-waxes
  • Lightweight formula provides smooth definition, shine and frizz control

Honest reviews


I really wanted to love this…

After reading piles of reviews from people with all different hair types claiming that this product is a holy grail for those looking to tame their hair into beautiful beachy waves, I had to try it. I have fairly thick somewhat wavy hair just past my shoulders. For years all I’ve been able to do is straighten my hair with a flattening iron. I wanted to try something new and what really appealed to me about this product was that it was meant to be applied before letting your hair air-dry. Anything that keeps me from needing to use my hair dryer and ultimately lessen any heat damage on my hair is a dream product.I followed the directions on the bottle. I wrapped my hair in a towel for 15 minutes after my shower, before brushing it out and parting it. I applied the product to my damp hair and scrunched it. I didn’t notice any difference after the scrunching, so I twisted sections separately to add detail. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. As my hair slowly air dried, there was none of the definition or shine I had been hoping for. The spray didn’t enhance any natural waves and by the time my hair had fully dried it looked exactly the same as if I hadn’t used the product at all. I was heartbroken to say the least.The only difference I did notice after using Wonder Waves was that my hair had the signature Garnier Fructis smell to it afterwards and that it did feel a bit heavier and slightly sticky. I was compeled to shower again the following morning to get the remnants of this stuff out of my hair as quickly as possible.Garnier products are hit or miss for me. This one, unfortunately, is another miss. This is particularly disappointing since it seems to have worked so well for so many other people. I might try it again if I feel adventurous in case I’m doing anything wrong, but unless the results change dramatically for me, this is a flop.The two stars are for the reasonable price of the product (less than $4) and the Garnier Fructis fragrance, which is always nice.

Mavis Molt, MT

Does what it says

I like the smell and the price of Garnier products so I am always will to try them. I have medium long, thick platinum blonde hair that has been color treated for almost 9 years now. My hair tends to get dry, especially at the ends after every hair appointment. I try to scrunch my hair as much as possible since heat can just damage it more then it already is. Every time I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and spray it from root to tip with this product. I put a leave in conditioner in first to help my hair stay hydrated. I blow dry my hair for a few minutes then spray a little bit more for a wavier look. My hair does turn out to be wavy but if I spray too much, it can look a little too wet and dry. If applied right, the result is perfect. Overall, it smells great and works when used properly. Can’t beat the price either!

Jacqueline Rensselaer, NY

No “Wonder Waves” for me

my hair is medium length and naturally dries straight with a little bit of wave. i tried this spray to have more waves. i sprayed it all over and sprunched my hair.. but my hair looked the exact same as it normally dries, no change. it is a waste of a product. might as well just use hair spray and sprunch your hair.

Christian Stantonville, TN

Used this in college, still just as good

This was my ‘must’ super spray gel in college, about 4 years ago. I have tried other brands since then, such as Pantene, Dove, Suave etc. and they are all OK, but this stuff is the best of them all (followed by the Dove curl creme- that stuff is great too but my hair soaks it up and I go through it too quickly). I use just a little bit of this stuff with my hair damp, scrunch it in and let it air dry. I twist my curls as they dry to give them more definition. 🙂 I have naturally long, thin curly hair that looks thicker than it really is when dry.

Nadia Leslie, MO


Weirdly enough this works great on some days and less well on others, even if I use it in the same way. Sometimes it makes my hair crunchy and sometimes it makes great, soft waves. Don’t use it on wet hair, for sure. Seems to work best on next day hair.

Annmarie Winter Garden, FL