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Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Anti Humidity Hairspray, 8.25 Ounce

Garnier fructis style hairspray collection: introducing our first ever hairspray with bamboo extract and anti-humidity protection for long-lasting hold and natural, healthy-looking movement. Why bamboo?: selected for its strength, suppleness and resilience, bamboo bends but never breaks. This formula keeps you in control of your style with frizz control and bounce-back hold that lasts all day. What is volumizing hairspray?: this volumizing hairspray lifts from root to tip to boost flat, tired hair with body, fullness and an extra strong hold – even with moisture in the air – all day, everyday. Volumize your style: volumizing hairspray styles: use any garnier fructis style product with volumizing hairspray to boost any style. For more volume, lift hair or tilt head upside down and spray toward the roots. Blow dry while brushing away from the scalp. Spray all over to finish any style.

Key features

  • With natural bamboo extract
  • Provides bounce-back hold
  • All-day humidity resistance

Honest reviews


Doesn’t hold at all

I heard someone give a great review for this product, so I bought the level 4 hold to keep my curls alive during this hot and humid summer. No such luck. This spray doesn’t do anything, even after applying quite a bit. To make matters worse, I got a lot of white specks from it. It smells all right, but is barely noticeable. I didn’t want a spritzed, dried, crunch holding spray, so that is why I tried this anti-humidity spray. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold my thick hair at all. Furthermore, curling your hair (for the odd stray straight piece) after applying this product makes your hair stink of burnt smoke.

Nona Ewing, KY

Gotta love Garnier!

I love this hairspray so much. It smells amazing and holds my hair perfectly. I can’t say whether or not its that volumizing… My hair is pretty think and voluminous already, so…

Holly Locustdale, PA

Favorite hair company

I have lots of Garnier Fructis hair products so i knew i would just love it! it has an amazing scent! makes my hair shiny but not greasy holds great all day!

Michele Brownstown, WA


this is perfect for when its hot out or humid out side. it unfrize your hair quickly or keep it tamed

Blanca Argenta, IL

If you need your “up-do” to stay up…

This hairspray is great for holding hair styles. It is SLIGHTLY sticky, but it definitely holds well. The smell is fantastic.Best if used on actual hair do’s like curls or up-dos.I typically use hair spray to hold long wavy styles or to tease/ back comb my hair, so this one wasn’t my favorite for that purpose. For those of you wanting to hold hair in place with a great smelling hair spray, this is the product for you. For those of you who need a lighter spray with a less sticky affect, try something else.4 stars since it is a great product for hold (like it says it does), great smell, and great price.

Francine Beeson, WV


this smells really good and i received it on time i was assuming it would hold my hair a lot longer but doesn’t it does not make your hair crunchy hard so i guess that and the smell is the good thing about it

Millicent Minnesota Lake, MN