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Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist 48 Hour Finish, 6 Fluid Ounce

Introducing our strongest straightening mist, with frizz-taming argon oil, for the perfect, sleek style that lasts 24 hours. This powerful straightening mist with argon oil from Morocco protects your hair from the heat of your flat iron, while sealing in smoothness and shine for a lasting, sleek finish.

Key features

  • Protects hair from flat iron heat
  • Seals in smoothness and shine
  • With Moroccan argon oil

Honest reviews


Okay, it’s nice but it’s got alcohol denat

Maybe there is some kind of effect they are trying to get, but there are many other flat iron sprays that don’t have alcohol in it.It’s a good spray, though. It does smell good, but when I flat ironed with it, my hair was dry like straw.I found the only way this works and leaves my hair nice is by air drying. Probably because the alcohol evaporates with the water, as my hair dries.Anyway, glad to know others had success. I made the mistake of spraying a bit of this on my hair while dry, thinking it would give my hair a burst of moisture – as my hair was frizzing a bit, and my hair parched up really nastily.I’d recommend this to someone with normal/oil hair. Mines normal/curly hair, and it’s humid where I live.

Elba West Greenwich, RI

Silky,sleek, straight,and shiney hair once again!

This product is a total must have. It gives you that totally perfectly straight hair look easily. It has a good smell to. This will protect your hair from split ends to (Thank god!) This is the best heat spray for hair i have ever bought. I am very pleased with this product. The only flaw is that the spray/pump thing to get the product out doesn’t distribute it very evenly, so i would suggest to brush or comb your hair after spraying it on your hair/before straightening. This is an awesome product! Garnier lives up to expectations as usual. I would totally recommend this to everyone that needs a great heat spray.

Brenda La Pointe, WI

It smells nice…But that is about it.

This product was terrible and it was really disappointing for me because I use the leave in conditioner, shampoo, and conditioner all by Garnier Fructis (and I adore what they have done for my hair). I’m on this mission to get healthier hair and I have stopped using any sort of harsh chemicals like relaxers on my hair for a while now. One thing I do use however is the flat iron and as you know it can be very damaging. I had been using a serum but I was told a spray heat protectant would be much better so I decided to give this a try. It made my hair smell like it was burning….and my hair had never felt so dry and hay like. Usually my hair is really soft and a bit fluffy (wavy and curly). It was a complete mess after this product. I do not recommend this to anyone with Black/Puerto Rican/Mixed Hair.

Jessica Fortson, GA

The best addition to a flat iron

Using this with the new flat iron I bought, changed so much for me.I used to have to spend about an hour flat ironing my hair and go over it again daily for about 15min to get out any lumps from sleeping. Now I can go almost a full week with some dry shampoo because the straigtening mist and flat iron make it perfect to begin with.I don’t have many lumps from sleeping and its SO shiny and soft that I can’t stop touching it. I HIGHLY recommend this.

Evelyn Olivehurst, CA

I get why I went to Garnier

I bought this product because it was recommended to me by a friend. She has hair like mine, except she is dominican and I am african american. I am no longer relaxed and I am 7 months post Big Chop and I transitioned out for 9 months. My hair has grown out well and I wanted to try the straight look for awhile and I was able to do this with this product. I used theGarnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-humidity Smoothing Milk, Strong, 5.1 Oz (2 Pack)and blow dried. My hair was in heaven! No hair was in my comb and it mixed very when with myOrganic Root Leave-In Conditioner, No Boundaries 12 fl oz (354.9 ml). I was speechless because I don’t expect any product to do as it should, especially with the promises made but it did and ummmm yea! It worked. My scalp was very clean, I didn’t feel and buildup from this product and my curls came back with a vengence! Very glad i bout this, was worth my three dollars and I am including this is any straightening i do with my hair in the near or far future. TAMTAM

Edna Glenwood, NC

Use it every day

Four stars because it’s solid, but doesn’t blow me away. For the price it’s a no brainer. I use it for heat protection every day – I even use it when I curl my hair because it helps to hold with whatever shape you use. It really does protect – I can feel it when I touch up a spot and don’t spray this down first.

Earlene Plantersville, AL


I’m a beginner in this "straightening hair" bussiness. But I can say that this oil makes it last and holds. I’m happy with it. I have fine hair.

Jeannine Atascosa, TX

Keeps Frizzy Hair Straight!

I have very dry, wavy hair that is frizzy unless I curl it with a large barrel curling iron or straighten it with a flat iron. I’ve been using the Garnier Flat Iron Spray for over a year now because it keeps my hair pin straight and frizz free. I became ill and had to go into the hospital several months ago so couldn’t wash my hair for almost a week which was gross but at least it stayed straight and frizz free the whole time (: Awesome product! I will continue using this product as long as Garnier continues to sell it.

Jillian Merrillville, IN

Protects my fine hair really well. Helps helmet hair too.

I do everything wrong to my hair one can do. Blow dry, color, flat iron and my hair is fine. I HAVE to use something to protect my hair from the heat. This works great! I hate a lot of products but I do have to use something to tame the curls (also Fructis)and I use this to protect it. My hair stays in good condition. I do use an after shampoo conditioner.I also get ‘helmet hair’ riding a motorcycle and I keep a small bottle with this in it to freshen my hair and look less scary. Works great.

Esmeralda North Grosvenordale, CT

Not what I expected

Its not what I expected I thought it was gonna make my hair shiny and soft but it didn’t! My hair stayed dry and brittle. It smells good but thats abt all it did for my hair

Dianna Orla, TX

Ok but

This product do what it promise , it is just not what I was looking for exactly , if your hair are little oily it will be best to use also on course Asian or Latino hair, if your hair are dry skip it will dry even more so you have to wash your hair at last every 48h – 2 days or 3 times per week , I do just 1 time per week since it take me 2 hours to fix my hair each time .. and i don;t have time lolit straight the hair well on the lowest setting of my Instyler , the hair looks pretty and shine in the beginning and even curls up but then after couple of hours the hair become bone straight and have to just brush them often to not looks stick together and even little fizzy on the back, the hair also feel dry , I use it only on the lower part of my 22inch long hair and not on top, the top is still soft and silky but the ends feel dry what was not the case before using this product I guess the alcohol that need to vaporize before you use your hot iron did this as it will dry the hair out , if you go for bone straight and without bounce go for it , i like to straighten my wavy hair and add some big curls at the end for more bouncing volume and it was just not good enough , but i will use it sometime for the only straight look but only sometimes as I am afraid it will dry to much my hair when I use to often , my hair are very dry from nature so it cost me a lot to keep them silky and hydrated , I am afraid I will have a strew on my head when i woke up tomorrow in this case I will make update but i hop not .. I spend a lot of money finding the right thing for me , Garnier Fructis products was creating allergic reactions to my skin so I never use anything for the body, but I was hoping it will be better for the hair as the other reviews said but nope , i expected failure , i think siliconmix diluted with water is still my best option for perfect hair ( my own idea )

Audrey Elderon, WI

Not the best, not the worst.

This stuff works. It doesn’t give me the sleek, Hollywood hair that more expensive products do, but it does its best. I don’t notice much of a difference when using pre-blowdry (my hair ends up still wavy and like straw), but when I use pre-straightener, my hair stays sleek and straight all day (unless it’s exceptionally humid or it rains). The smell is also pretty pleasant.Overall, I really only tried this when I was in a pinch and just wanted to grab something at Walmart. It does its job, but doesn’t blow me away. I won’t intentionally go seeking this out again.

Cornelia Luray, MO

Staightening lotion

This is the 1st time to use this lotion and I found it light and straighten my frizzy hair in seconds.

Gayla Wilton, AR

Sticky residue

I have used this product multiple times when straightening my hair and have not really noticed a difference in the finished result. I have noticed a sticky residue from using it on my hair it makes it feel dried out and sticky which i dont like. Maybe i am using it wrong – i did follow instructions though…

Cynthia Chrisney, IN


It smells sooo good and it makes your hair look shiny and nice!!(: i love this product. Will definitely buy again.

Lilly Mitchell, GA

Great Smell…

This product- like everyone else says- smells great. That’s definitely a big win for me, because I really HATE the smell of straightened (ie, BURNT) hair.Other than the smell though, I’m not so sure about how effective this product is. It definitely keeps my hair straight, and styled, but with regards to protecting my hair from the heat, I’m not so sure. It seems like maybe if I used a whole load if it, the heat protection would come into play more. BUT if I use too much of this spray my clean hair will immediately look greasy. Not so cute.Trying to avoid your roots with this product definitely helps. I’m on the fence to be honest, I don’t think I’ll buy this product a second time.

Magdalena Dexter, MN

Great product-It made my hair shinny and straight

I recommend this product. For you all in the humid south, try it. It’s not expensive.It worked better than the expensive products.

Lesley O Brien, TX

My hair is still stick straight three days later

Wow. I felt this really helped me flatten my hair quickly, but that’s not even the best part. When I flat iron my own hair (as opposed to going to the salon), it usually kinks up at least a little the next day. But I’m on day three now and my hair is still perfectly straight. I’m not sure how much protection it provides, but the straightening/lasting aspect is great!

Sondra Schoolcraft, MI

My curls stay!!!!

I bought this to curl my human hair lace wigs so that I can give my hair a break and voila, it works wonders. Before using this I couldn’t get curls to stay in longer than a couple of hours now they stay in for at least 3 days. The only thing is this product has alcohol in it and is very drying to the hair. But in my opinion it is a great product.

Esperanza Buffalo Junction, VA

Best heat protective spray ever!

I am a licensed cosmetologist and i recommend this product to anyone who uses heat on their hair! it will help keep your hair undamaged and protect it from heat. it smells great it gives your hair a nice shine not greasy.

Stacy Saint Joseph, MN

Good price, works well, prefer more of a mist

I put this on my subscribe and save because it is a good product, it is rather inexpensive compared to other flat iron perfectors, and I want to protect my hair. The one thing I don’t like is that many of the professional products use an aerosol spray so it goes on evenly, whereas this is a pump. Since it’s a pump, it can tend to go on a little heavy in spots. At least it’s better for the environment. Overall, though, a good product.

Rosemarie Jewett, TX

Really holds style

This spray really holds your style all day if you use it before straightening. I have fairly straight hair, but it tends to frizz and look unkempt if it’s humid, rains or snows. I used this the other day before I shoveled the driveway and when I came inside my hair still looked perfect. Highly recommend this!

Edythe Piedmont, WV

Leaves hair slightly dry

I bought this mostly because it was on sale. I find that it is a good detangler when my hair is wet, and if I spray it enough on damp hair, I can let my hair air-dry without any frizzies. However, I would not recommend this product for straightening. I do not feel like my hair is being protected, and it does not make my hair any more shinier/straighter than the next hair product. In fact, it left my pretty dry after I straightened it. My hair is relatively thin and wavy.

Ada Termo, CA

Not for me…

Ive started straightening my hair more often so i figured i should use something on it to help reduce damage. I have quite a few hair products by Garnier and they’re fine. This one is not for me. The smell is nice but too strong for me. Makes my hair look oily and feel heavy. It also seems to make it frizz WAY more than if i were to just straighten my hair without product.

Lula Center, NE

Works great!

I haven’t been able to find a product that gets my hair as straight as this does at ANY price. This product is especially perfect if you have 15 minutes to get your hair straight (be realistic please, if your hair is suuuper long or thick 15 min is not enough) – it does a great job of taming everything. If you have more than 15 minutes it’ll do a phenomenal job. I don’t know about ’48 hour’ finish – I’ve never found anything that works for 48 hours other than re-straightening – but it DOES keep your hair straight all day (even if the weather doesn’t feel like cooperating). It works well with a blow drier as well – for those days you want to give your hair a rest from the flat iron. Plus it’s not sticky at all and your hair feels and looks smooth after using it. I kinda always felt like I was all thumbs straightening my hair until I found this stuff and at $3 it’s really worth a try I think.

Juliana Fort Gaines, GA

Fantastic spray!!!!!

So happy with this spray, it leaves my hair feeling amazing and not so frizzy. I’d buy this any day over $50 argan oil.

Penny Maple Hill, KS

Great for extensions too!

I don’t use this but my daughter swears by it. She uses this on her own hair as well as her human hair extensions and she just loves it! I bought her the Chi brand and she still prefers this one. It’s affordable and makes her hair and the extensions silky smooth with out adding too much shine.

Jade Fairmont, WV

Works well!

Works very well on with my flat iron and has a nice smell. I would buy this again! 3 3

Dale Kantner, PA

its alright, i’ve used better

dried my ends out a little, but if you have moisturizing conditioner it works. it takes away all frizz, if dry hair isnt a problem for you then this is your jam

Susanne Beaver Creek, MN

I’m not a fan

This makes my hair sticky. When used as the bottle recommends it ends up acting like hairspray on my hair. I didn’t want that so I wouldn’t buy this again.

Louisa Sandusky, MI