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Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector Kit

Introducing new garnier fructis style sleek and shine blow dry perfector 2-step smoothing kit. Finally, you can achieve the perfect, bouncy blow dry! Two easy steps give you frizz-resistant, silky-smooth hair that’s easier and faster to blow dry for up to 7 shampoos!smooth – step 1: 20-min smooth-it serum is formulated with a protein building block, found naturally in hair, to smooth and tame unmanageable hair. Perfect – step 2: heat-activated perfect-it cream, with natural rice oil, helps seal in lasting smoothness and conditioning, and helps create a weightless, humidity-resistant barrier to frizz. Style – experience smooth perfection: blow dry or flat iron as you normally would to reveal sleek, shiny, more manageable hair for up to 7 shampoos!

Key features

  • Lasts up to 7 shampoos
  • Tames frizz – stays smooth and shiny
  • Easier, faster blow dries

Honest reviews



NEGATIVE 58 STARS!!!!Please do youself and your hair a favor and DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I have no idea where these people came from that gave such great reviews, but my experience was horrible and so was my daughter’s, as well as 2 other friends who tried this product. OMG my hair is RAVAGED! The texture is awful, it is extrememly dry, it is not sleek ad smooth at all. It looks and feels like crap. Drying time is not reduced and you still have to use your normal products that you use when you straighten your hair and you still have to use a straightening iron. This product is a complete waste of money and an utter failure.I used the product as instructed. Washed, but didn’t condition my hair and then applied the “20 Minute Serum.” The serum stinks!! It smells just like a perm or relaxer, only stronger! I rinsed it out after 20 minutes without shampooing or conditioning as instructed. My hair felt totally damaged at this point. As soon as I rinsed the serum I could tell an absolute and total change in the texture of my hair and it was not good at all! It was almost impossible to comb out, so I added in some of the 2nd step cream hoping it would make a difference and make it easier to comb out. It did. At first I thought “Ah, that’s much better” because it did actually make a difference – my hair felt much better and I could comb through it now. My hair also smelled much better after applying the 2nd step cream, thank goodness! Well, as soon as I started blow drying my hair I could tell the damage was still totally present.I had so much broken hair and hair falling out it wasn’t even funny. I was really really p*ssed off. My hair is long – almost to my butt, wavy and very healthy. I have done perms in the past and even chemical/permanent straighteners and I have never ever experienced this much damage and my hair has never felt this bad!The instructions say to blow dry your hair straight and then use a straightening iron to get it totally straight. Well that right there defeats the purpose of the product! Anyway, I did this as instructed without using any of my other usual products. Ugh, it was horrible. I decided to use one of my favorite products for straightening my hair in hopes that I could get better results. I used Matrix Gold Heat spray which normally makes my hair so silky soft and smooth. Well not this time! My hair feels almost frizzy.. like each individual strand seems damaged. It is so dry. I have these little 1-2 inch pieces of broken hair that stick up everywhere now. I have fly aways like crazy. I am so mad right now just thinking about it! My Gold Heat helped a little, but not much. My hair still feels horrible. Also, as I was straightening with the iron, some sort of gunky build up was accruing on the plates of my iron. Of course my hair would stick to it and break off. I had to scrub it off of the plates. I have never had that happen with any other hair products! This Garnier has been a total nightmare. I soo wish I never tried it! My hair feels over processed, rough, dry and generally awful. I know several people who have tried this product and they all had the same results. That is too much of a coincidence. This product is totally pointless. It is supposed to cut drying time, smooth your hair, make it sleeker and straighten it. Umm, if you still have to use a straightening iron and your usual products, why bother to spend MORE on the Garnier and add yet another product?? Omgosh I am soo upset with this!I am going to follow up with a good conditioning treatment (Pureology brand) and I guess I will have to go for a trim now too to get the dry dead ends off. Have I mentioned how mad this product has me?! Ughhhhh!UPDATE 10/21/2010 – It is now OVER A MONTH since using this product and my hair is still NOT back to normal. Despite using various deep conditioning treatments which were expensive and time consuming, I am still experiencing alot of breakage daily. My hair is still dry and the curl/waves have not yet come back to the way they were before using this product. Several nights I have shampooed and then applied conditioner and left it in my hair overnight and rinsed it in the morning. I believe that until my hair fully grows out, it is going to be in horrid condition. It is so upsetting. It took me YEARS to grow my hair this long and I have always received many compliments on it. Amazing how one product can ruin all that! I mean, this is my hair, a part of me, part of my identity. So very upsetting. This product needs pulled from the shelves. Even after getting my hair trimmed, it is only a matter of days until my ends are back in horrible shape again and that is not how my hair was previously. I now have “thin” hair since it keeps breaking off and falling out every day. I am afraid one day I will end up bald. This is ridiculous. I’d love to know how they tested this product before placing it on the shelves and selling it to the public. How could they not know this would happen??Please, please do not try this product.UPDATE 1/23/2011 So it is now January and my curls are back to normal FINALLY! My hair is still dry though. I have to keep using heavy conditioners, leave in conditioners and conditioning treatments. I still experience ALOT of breakage as well. I am happy that my curls did finally return to normal for the most part, but I am disappointed that my hair is still so darn dry. I guess I will have to keep getting it cut more often in order to get ALL the hair cut off that had the product on it. My new growth seems to be ok, but all else is drier than it has ever been. Ugh, one day it will be back to normal, I suppose.PLEASE READ THROUGH THE COMMENTS POSTED ON THIS REVIEW – ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE MENTIONED GREAT ALTERNATIVES AND GREAT PRODUCTS THAT WORKED TO HELP REPAIR THEIR HAIR AFTER USING THE GARNIER BLOW DRY PERFECTOR. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR BEING HELPFUL AND MENTIONING THE PRODUCTS! <3

Madge Grassy Butte, ND

Your hair will not fall out – don’t know what’s going on here…..

All of these negative reviews are very suspicious to me. I have a feeling either people are not following the directions at all, or someone had a bad experience and is launching an attack against this product. You’ll notice a lot of the negative reviews use similar or the exact same wording, so…..Anyway, I used the product about a week ago, and my hair is not damaged AT ALL. However, it is no miracle product and didn’t do much to make my hair any different from how it usually is. The first time straightening it after applying the product took as long as it usually does, and it wasn’t really anymore “sleek” looking or anything. And it does smell pretty bad, but as others have said – similar to a perm or hair color. After this, I didn’t wash my hair for two days because I wanted to see if that would help the product “set” more or something. It didn’t really – the next time I washed my hair, I didn’t straighten it and was hoping that my curls would be a little more relaxed than usual, but the difference was minimal.The next time I did straighten it, it did seem to be a tiny bit easier than it usually is, but it wasn’t a big enough difference. I haven’t gotten through the seven washes yet, and haven’t been straightening it – my hair seems to be less poofy than it normally is, so that’s nice.So anyway, my hair didn’t fall out or get damaged, but I don’t think this is worth the trouble.

Monika Bennington, NE

Perfector??…More like DEFECTOR! 🙁

I am currently 14 years old, and I have really healthy hair. That is because I have only switched to Suave and Nexxus products only. I have literally tried EVERY Garnier Fructis hair care product on the market today, from their Sleek and Shine line, Body Boost, Length and Strength, Daily Care, Fall Fight, Moisture Works, Triple Nutrition, Hydra Recharge, and all of their other products such as their hair serums, hairsprays, mousses etc….yep, you name it, Iv’e tried it. All of my attempts to try Garnier products have all resulted in greasy, grimy, dull, flat, and damaged messes, that, thankfully, I was able to fix without trouble. When I saw this “Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector”, on television, and in my Seventeen magazine, I decided to give the Garnier company another chance to prove itself useful. This was the most stupidest, and unnecessary decision that I have ever made in my life. Perfector??..haha! must work for the company iself, as this was FAR from perfection. Number one, the serum and cream in this set smells like a burnt rubber car tire that has skidded on the ground….oh my god, even my dog ran out of the bathroom, because, she happily wanted to observe what I was up to, but, then caught a whiff of that….stuff, and hightailed it out of there at full breakneck speed. This made my normally straight, thick hair a frizzy, matted, horrid, tangled mess. It actually looked like I got struck by a huge lightning bolt. Even worse, the next day, I had to go to school! The kids in my class threw snooty remarks and taunts at me the whole school day. Here is what my best friend said to me.”Using Garnier again, I see.””I know…I tried that Sleek Blow Dry Perfector Kit thing…””You WHAT?!””Yes, yes, I did.””What sick, twisted soul made you try that?””The crummy infomercial on TV””You are so gullable, It amazes me””Please, don’t remind me…”It took me A WEEK AND A HALF to get my hair back into its normal, healthy state again. It only took what…seven deep conditioning treatments, two oil treatments, and three visits to my hairstylist during that time to repair my hair. And, the worse part is, that, I did a little research on this product, and I am not the only person that had this problem. Here are some reviews from on 9/2/2012 6:49:00 PM More reviews by christinakingAge: 36-43 Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Cool Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium Eyes: BrownThis is def the worst product I have ever used! It is funny how some reviewers are repeating what the box states…It says to wait 2 weeks after coloring your hair, then elsewhere it says that if your hair is treated in any way, to not use it! It does no good to repeat the same bs twice, it doesn’t make sense the 2nd time either.I used this on my hair a few months ago which happened to be just before my wedding. For the first time ever, the ends of my hair were just breaking off. I would brush my hair and have all these short pieces of hair all over my clothes….and this is still happening, even after a trim. My hair became dry and thin as well. Now it is almost back to normal but the people producing this stuff should spend more energy on taking it off the market and less on writing phoney reviews that just sound ridiculous….ps: it does not make it more believable to write “like” in a review to make it sound as if as 18 year old wrote it. Like, you know what I mean??DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you?YesNoagonzalez077 on 7/15/2012 2:33:00 PM More reviews by agonzalez077Age: 19-24 Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: HazelI used this product on my very healthy hair and it completely damaged it INSTANTLY. My hair completely changed after using this product. I tried so many treatments for a few weeks to try to restore my hair but nothing worked. So yesterday I had to get 7 inches cut off because of what this product did to my hair! I am completely disappointed with Garnier and I will honestly think TWICE before I buy another product of theirs.3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Did you?YesNoKittyvader on 6/22/2012 5:32:00 PM More reviews by KittyvaderAge: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: BrownThis stuff is terrible. Did this treatment a year ago and completely ruined the ends of my hair, turned the ends into a frizzy kinky mess that I couldn’t even get to straighten and look normal. My ends began to fall off.. I was forced to cut a few inches off my hair that was already shoulder length.. My hair is still not the same.. I regret using this so much.. Please be careful using this..Is this review helpful?YesNochynadholl on 3/28/2012 6:01:00 AM More reviews by chynadhollAge: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: BrownThis stuff is horrible! DO NOT USE! I used it before reading reviews and it made my beautiful, thick, long hair extremely dry and thin/stringy. I had to cut some of it off and use a lot of repair treatments in the salon and at home. It’s been a year and a half and my hair is still not the same. I can’t wait for all of it to grow out. This product really needs to be taken off the market.5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?YesNo3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Did you?YesNobecsterrob on 11/16/2011 9:39:00 PM More reviews by becsterrobAge: 30-35 Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: BrownI bought this tonight but decided to do some checking up on it before I used. With as bad as all of these are, I’m sooooooo glad I read the reviews first. I am NOT going to be using it!!Is this review helpful?YesNolyldancechickxo on 9/28/2011 6:00:00 AM More reviews by lyldancechickxoAge: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: BlueHORRIBLE PRODUCT! DO NOT BUY THIS!I started out really excited to use the product. If you read the box it sounds like it would be perfect for someone who has thick wavy frizzy hair like myself. I opened up the package and put in the 20 min smooth it serum, it smelled horrible. it made my whole bathroom and parts of my other house reek. After i opened it and smelled it, i should have stopped myself but the directions stated that it was going to smell. Then i waited the 20 minutes and put in the heat activated perfect it cream and i thought well at least it smells better and i was happy again. Then I started to blow dry it, my hair felt horrible. It wasn’t smooth or silky like they said it was going to be. It was kind of ruff and it still smelled. I ended up just finishing it and then i straightened it with a flat iron. It still smelled and I was not happy. I did this all last night, this morning I washed my hair today and it still smells. I can’t wait for these 7 washes to happen ASAP! Total waste of money and my time. I should have came on a website and read reviews. It seems everyone is hating it. They need to take it off the shelves. My hair wasn’t ruined, at least not yet =/ I hope everyone who reads this, I change there minds about buying this. Just using good shampoo and conditioner and a hair protection serum is the best. I am never trying another product like this. I just bought this because i thought it would be more manageable for my hair and i wouldn’t have to spend over an hour doing my hair. This product is crap.JUST DONT BUY IT! SAVE YOUR MONEY!Hahaha! Smoothing kit??..More like Frizzing kit!Please, I beg you, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Garnier, in my opinion, is the worst hair care company out on the market today. That’s final.

Lucy Marble Hill, GA

I was pleased by the outcome!

First off my hair is pretty long waist length in fact also its very coarse and frizzy when i get out the shower and dry so i tend to wear it in braids due to the time it takes to dry and style if i want it straight. I was very scared to use this after all these horrible reviews but I have to say i must be one of the fortunate ones cause i just used it and my hair is very shiney and really smooth. I didnt use it the way the instructions said though either so that could be why.I put it on my “unwashed” hair for 20 mins like the box instructedRinsed and then turned around and deep conditioned in the sink with my silkience conditionerThen put in my leave in “its a ten plus keratin” conditoner with my chi silk infusion and some organix penerating morracian aragon oil for extra extra dry hair along with my keratin complex infusion replenisher for my endsThen i applied the blow dry prefector cream like instructedThen i blow dryed on the low warm setting and ran my fingers through it to dry it instead of a round brush or combThen i straightened it with the 450 degrees settingon my herstylerI found i didnt get great results with the 450 setting….. my hair wasnt as straight and it looked dry on my front layers not smooth and straight like the box said it would … i pulled out my straightner that reaches 500 degrees and wow what a difference! My hairs smooth shiny and my ends are looking good! I know using all the products in between just makes it more of a process but im not letting heat touch my hair unprotected and thats obviously what happens when you use these two products alone. It does smell horrible im not gonna lie but even for my waist length hair i didnt use half of either bottle i tried to stay away from my scalp and root area and focused mainly from shoulders down….ill probably use it again depending on how long it takes for dry time in the future 7 washes will be my guide i guess.

Diann Strandquist, MN

It is a chemical treatment, be clear about that.

I have a lot of fine straightish hair. I get weird bumps and waves. I use a heat protexx by nexxus and CHI shampoo, conditioner and Serum occasionally. My hair is in decent condition, not too dry, but it is deposit colored with a semi permanent color every 4-6 weeks. (at home) My hair is usually very easy to blow out, but gets some frizz if I Don’t blow it completely dry.I bought this about a month ago, and since I was coloring my hair, I couldn’t do both at the same time. I like what the color does to my hair’s texture, so I figured I could use this between colors to extend that feeling.I followed the instructions completely. SPECIFICALLY, the first step solution is not to go all the way to the roots. (and to be fair, my hair may have been wetter than towel dried) It only goes from somewhere in the middle to the ends. I combed it through and it smelled AWFUL! I mean, awful… (I use this natural spray on my plants made from putrescent eggs and garlic to keep the rabbits away, and this smelled that bad)Then waiting, I pulled up the reviews and kind of freaked, (and the smell was awful) but I was still gonna give it a try… I rinsed it out VERY WELL. My hair’s texture seemed a bit stiff, but this also happens when I use my semipermanent hair color, and resolves itself with the conditioner so I wasn’t panicked.I put the second step on my hair, on every strand. I am not an expert, but I think it may have to work with the first step, so I made sure to get it from roots to tip as explained in the instructions. The second step did not get the entire awful smell out of my hair, but it was a huge improvement.I started blowdrying right away, which is a hard judgement, since I typically wait until my hair is nearly dry before I blow it out. My hair was STRAIGHT, I mean STRAIGHT, and the comb went straight through it… It felt a little dried out, but as I applied the heat, it seemed to smooth out. I loved the effect once I ‘thought’ it was dry. I flat ironed it and it got smoother. When I realized that it wasn’t COMPLETELY DRY, I dried it some more. the more I dried and flat ironed, the smoother and shinier it became. This stuff is truly heat activated. My hair is now looking like a million bucks, and I am not great at blowouts at all!!I noticed a very slight lift to my hair color. I typically dye it a shade darker than it is, with a semi-permanent color, so it lightens as I shampoo anyway, so this wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I use brass free hair color, so it didn’t lighten brassy at all, but I suppose it could, if the color I use didn’t have that much toning shade in it. I did seem to have a few more grays peeking out, but I hope the additional shine will hide it.Admittedly, my color does give me an ‘artifical’ shine and sleekness that I like. If you want a natural smooth conditioning treatment, THIS is not for you. It is a chemical. It smells like perm solution and frankly, if I recall, works the same way (the solution then the other stuff that neutralizes the solution)I doubt that I will get a huge time savings in drying my hair, but I do like how it looks now. I have seen this compared to a straightener and I would agree that it seems to have the same effect.I lost more hair with my color than I did with this stuff. I am giving it 3 stars because I think the instructions are not clear enough to ensure that the solution is appropriately applied, the second solution must be applied well, and HEAT will make it work better. And the smell was awful.I am not sure if I’d use it again, but that is just the smell and the potential damage it may be causing long term.12/31/2010: I am following up to my intial review after two weeks and a color treatment (Semi permanent)My hair is much sleeker than it was the last time I colored. It still has maintained some of the nice shiny straight effect from the past two weeks.My color seemed to grab my gray hairs better, which was a nice bonus. I have just a few split ends, but I am overdue for a trim, (It’s been over two months) so this could be expected.I did notice a significant reduction in the time it takes my hair to dry. Usually I can go an hour until I have to blowdry, and now my hair is almost dry at 45 minutes. My hair does dry quickly and it dries straighter and shinier and way softer than it used to. I only have to touch it up lightly with the iron in the morning and I am good to go. I have recieved a fair amount of compliments on my hair in the past two weeks, so I am pleased with the product.The smell did remain in my hair when it was wet for a few shampoos, but it goes away when my hair dried.My advice is to remember to rinse out step one VERY WELL, and make sure step two coats the entire hair shaft completely, from root to tip. When drying/ironing your hair the first time, make sure to keep going until it is bone dry, and do it again.

Delores Green River, UT

If you’ve never worked with chemicals on your hair… here’s a tip

I think the problem is Garnier has advertised this as being safe, non relaxer, non formaldehyde, etc.; however, there are real chemicals in this stuff.The problem with using chemicals is if a person doesn’t take care of their hair during/after chemical treatment, it will feel like straw, and that person will lose their hair. By take care of it, I mean step up the conditioners: maybe a deep conditioner, maybe a leave in conditioner, maybe a bit of keratin protein, etc. It’s best to continue the extra conditioning for a while after the chemical treatment, and not just on the day of.The Garnier works, and it lasts, but the only thing is, in all my years of hair straightening, and even relaxers experiments, I have never come across anything that smelled as bad as this stuff.When I read the instructions, I knew they would dry my hair out; I knew it was bogus, so here’s how I did it without drying my hair out.1. Put on dry unwashed hair for 20 minutes2. rinse out3. deep conditioner in the shower4. rinse out5. leave in conditioner6. put on the perfect it serum and let it air dry7. flat ironI have a combination of dry and fine hair, and it easily breaks off. That’s why I use the conditioners, but if someone has oily hair, they may want to skip the leave in conditioner. Also, if someone’s hair is pretty responsive to hair dryers, then they may just do that, too. My hair takes a little work, being that I’m of sicilian descent, and my curls are stubborn, so I just go straight for the flat iron.When I was done, I looked like a hair model. The effect lasted nearly two weeks (with a regimen of dry wash one day, wet wash the next). The size of these are enough to last, maybe, 6 more treatments. My hair middle of my shoulder blades, so you don’t need to use a lot of this stuff. Well, I guess how much a person needs to use depends on the texture, but mine didn’t need that much.Also, when I woke up the next morning, my curls were in a lovely light curl or wave. It was impressive. The stuff works, it’s just Garnier didn’t market it properly, and they have to do something about the smell. It doesn’t go away easy; it smells just the stink bombs I got for Halloween, which is like someone leaked an SBD, a sulfuric singe your nose hairs fart on your head.

Rachael Stowell, TX

Zero Stars!!!!

Do Not buy!!!! I like Garnier, but this is wrong in every way. Just to be clear, I have long curly hair and I like to straighten every time I wash, and I did follow direction, this is not my first time buying a product, ok? So if you want your hair ruined and burned to death, if you want to damage it to no way out, use it! Bad, bad stuff….It took me so long to get my hair back to normal, it takes lots of deep conditioning, I used Deeeep by Bumble and Bumble and its getting there slowly, I wish they would stop selling it….It smells like very strong perm chemicals and it tangles your hair….I cant go on, it makes me mad…. Do yourself a favor…Dont buy!

Kelly Aspermont, TX

Awful, don’t buy this!

I read in InStyle magazine and in Women’s Day that this product is “the best and greatest” product available to treat coarse, dry and finer hair. Supposedly it was going to make your hair sleek and pretty. Not so much. Not so much it all. I WISH I had Googled it before and read the posts below. :(I have very curly hair that’s on the dry side. This product completely fried my hair, damaged it, burned my scalp and I reek of the smell of the 20-min Smooth it serum. It was the most horrible experience in my life and I have done salon relaxers, straighteners, at-home-kits, used many companies and I am very disappointed. At least it was only $10! This product is a two-step system, where after you shampoo and towel-dry your hair, you put the 20-min serum all over your hair (with gloves!) and then wait for 20 mins for it to soak in. Then rinse and put in the cream. After which, you blow dry. When I was rinsing off the serum, my hair felt heavy, thick and all in one glob, so I thought maybe something worked. After I towel-dried my hair, it was lifeless, sticky and even noticed one strand was slightly a different color (lighter). I don’t have highlights or colored hair, either (and have never done either). I thought the “perfect it” cream (step 2) would work. It smelled MUCH better than the serum, but it did absolutely nothing. When I blow dried my hair it wouldn’t dry at all. It’s been 10 hours and it’s still wet! My hair has more frizz in it now than I ever have had.The worst part of the whole thing was that my scalp was completely burnt. I reeked of the pungent serum smell and itched all over my scalp and my shoulders. I had to take another shower and re-wash my hair and super conditioned it with my normal conditioner. My hair is not any better but at least I don’t stink and my head doesn’t itch as much.I would wish this product on my worst enemy. Don’t recommend it at all. 🙁

Joann Hartland Four Corners, VT


this product ruined my hair. the box is very missleading, it says it only lasts 7 washes and is NOT a perm or relaxor. yet it smells exactly like perm and is VERY strong. you would never know from what the box says! it claims to make your hair shiny and silky but it does the opposite! DO NOT USE THIS! it literly fryed my hair off! my hair is currently in terrible condition after using this, id compair it too the texture of an afro ( i am white by the way)! it is dry, frizzy and falls out in clumps when i pull the ends, i cant even brush it anymore! this ruined my hair! i cannot belive this product is allowed on shelves! my hair is currently frizzy-ier and dryer then its ever been in my life! i need to keep it in a ponytail or else it looks werid! ive been crying for a whole day after using this! this is by far the worst product ive ever tryed and i highly recomnd to NOT use it. I WOULD COMPARE THIS TO PUTTING A JAR OF ‘VEET’ OR ‘NAIR’ ON YOUR HEAD!UPDATE!: its been serveral months sense ive used this and i cut all of that damaged hair from this product off slowly so i wouldnt be bald sense i had short hair to begin with. i just cut off inch by inch as my hair grew. my hair is now back to its normal texture and just a ‘bob’ thats above my sholders. i still have breakage at the ends i think it might be still the hair that was damaged by this. i might still have to cut off a few inches after my hair grows some. i now take better care of my hair. i dont use random products like this, i condition about 5 times a week, i dont dye my hair as much. ive descovered some good proucts over this journey. i really like john frieda full repair shampoo and conditionar. i also like the full repair serum. the aussie 3 minute miracle, and the aussie hair insurance leave in conditionar. nexxus is also pretty good. i defently learned my lesson to not use harsh at home products like this! i only shampoo and condition now! and i only dye my roots insteed of my intire head.BOTTOM LINE DONT USE THIS! NOT WORTH THE RISK! HARSH CHEMICAL! TAKE THE REVIEWS SERIOUSLY!

Monica Ellerslie, MD

Take A Break From The Frizz

Pros:Works as promised, leaves hair shiny, resists humidity.Cons:Only lasted 2 days for me and smelled quite strong of sulphur.I have very damaged hair. My hair is also color treated so dry, dull, frizziness is real problem for me. Desperate for some shine I have tried many, many products usually ending in disappointment but it was quite different when I purchased Garneir Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector for about $11.99 from a local pharmacy.It came in a package with two tubes, gloves for application and easy to follow instructions. Basically how it works is first, wash your hair but don’t apply any conditioner. Use the gloves provided and apply tube #1 which is a "20 minute Smooth-It Serum", and keep hair as straight as you can while it’s processing. The product in this tube smells like sulphur to a pretty profound degree, enough to be bothersome for some people I am sure, however, you need not worry, you won’t smell it in your hair after completion.Next you are going to rinse the 20 minute Smooth-It Serum with warm water and apply tube #2 "Heat Activated Perfect-It Cream" which acts as a sort of sealer. This application doesn’t get rinsed out, it stays in, you then blow dry and flat iron and you’re done! This tube has a pleasant scent to it.After you follow these steps to completion be prepared to love your hair! Your hair will feel so soft and wonderful and even my extremely damaged and frizzy hair was super shiny and pretty after using this product, an effect I haven’t achieved with anything else I’ve tried so far. I would like to advise that the directions do state not to use this product if your hair is damaged, but I went out on a limb and tried it anyway. You may want to use caution and your own judgement at whether or not you want to take that chance. It didn’t cause me any problems.The product states that your hair will resist humidity and stay shiny for up to 7 days but in my experience I had super shiny, soft hair that resisted humidity for only 2 days making it a bit expensive for me for such a short term effect. The way I see it is, it’s perfect if you have a very special occasion coming up or as a special treat but I don’t personally use it on a regular basis. I’d like to add that I live in Florida where the humidity is always high and frizz is a problem and Garnier Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector blocked out even the Florida humidity.Give it a try and enjoy a couple days away from frizz!!

Candace Burgin, KY


I already posted a review but had to come back to share more bad news about it. I tried to wash this product off and my hair was still in horrible shape. I bought an expensive conditioner and still no help, after crying and not going to work I made the drastic decision of cutting it all off so I can restart with a healthy head of hair. I feel like suing the manufacturer of this company. This product needs to be taken off the shelves.

Brandie Bennett, IA

it worked, my hair is straight..but has a horrible feel!!

I have the kind of hair that is in between…not straight, not curly, a mass of waves!! I usually either blow dry and use a straightener; or leave wet and get a mass of waves that tend to frizz!My local salon was advertising a Brazilian blow dry for super straight hair but the $350 price tag and the fact that my almost daily swims would lessen the longevity of the effects, put me off. So when I saw this, boy, was I excited!Lets begin with the smell, its far worse than hair dye – my kids ran away holding their noses (and no this was real not their usual drama – it stinks) and it reminded me of the harsh perm type smell of hair salons in the late 80s, early 90s – and folks, this smell lasts a day or so – not as harsh as during the application, but it it still there a day or so later!After using, blow drying and straightening…yes…my hair was poker straight and shiny. Even better, I woke the next morning and did not have to run the straighteners through – still straight and no frizz – I thought I was hooked! And for a fraction of the cost of the salon treatmentA week later – less so! My hair feels odd. Not sure how best to describe it, but I guess the best description is as though I have taken gallons of some kind of styling aid and left it on my hair. It feels thick and coated, I have to wear it straight as anything else looks limp and odd! My hair does not have much frizz which is amazing, as its 103 outside as I write, and in this weather my hair tends to be a fuzzy mess – but on the other hand it just hangs there as this straight, limp mess! It does kink and does need additional straightening which rally defeats the object – I can achieve the same results without this product and get a lot more shine! I cannot wait for this stuff to be out of my hair!If this was a one application thing – great, it does what is intends to do – but after a wash or so, your hair is in limbo – limp not shiny, and heavily coated!Bases on my use, I will neither use this again nor try the salon treatment which sounds as though it works in much the same way

Willie Grapevine, TX

My entire scalp peeled off like a sunburn

I tried this about a month ago. I hadn’t read any reviews, but it was recommended in a popular ladies mag as a alternative to the formaldehyde laced brazillian hair treatments. Here’s my experience:My hair has a medium curl to it so frizz starts when my hair is only an inch long. I don’t dye my hair, wash it only 2-3 three times a week, and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner is a staple in my hair washing routine. My hair is complicated by the fact that it has many different hair types to it- there are coarse tightly curled hairs like black people hair, blond baby fine if-you-look-at-it-wrong-it-will-break hair and everything in between. For my hair to be completely straight I have to use a flat iron, period. I have a shorter cut so for the past few months I have had to flat iron it every time I wash it.I used it after my morning shower following the instructions for application to the letter. I rinsed a minute or two earlier than the instructions said because the smell is absolutely nauseating (the unmistakable smell of sulfur, rotten eggs). I had to actually put a shower cap over my hair while waiting or I would have thrown up. Even if it had worked out perfectly I wouldn’t have used it again for this very reason. After rinsing I could still smell it on my hair and, while the conditioner/neutralizer provided helps, nothing gets that smell out but a lot of shampooing. After rinsing out the conditioner/neutralizer I started my normal styling process. Normally, since I have to use the flat iron regardless, I just blow dry my hair willynilly and let it be as big as it wants to be. With this I went all out and did the slow process of using a brush to blow it somewhat straight in small patches at a time. While I was flat ironing the vaopors that rose (there’s normally some vapor rise when I flat iron so that wasn’t worrisome) smelled like rotten eggs which made me worry since that’s part of the issues with the brazzilian treatment (aside from formaldehyde being a carcinogen). This is when I really noticed the change in the condition of my hair.It felt more coarse than usual, appeared very brittle, and certainlly wasn’t any more shiny (it was actually less shiny after this process). I started to panic at that point thinking that my hair would spend the next few weeks breaking off completely so I decided NOT to wash my hair for as long as I could possible stand. I don’t actually know anything about chemical hair processing, but I have heard that if you wash your hair too soon after some processes your hair will break off. I ended up waiting about 4 days to wash my hair again. I probably could have waited a little longer since my hair hadn’t built up much oil (which is saying a lot because my hair gets greasy quickly this time of year), but I couldn’t stand the rotten egg smell any longer. Thankfully, my hair didn’t break of after that wash or any of the washes since then. Today is the first time since I did it that a semblance of the pre-process shine has been back. The normal texture of my hair returned after the first wash and never has there been a time after using it that I didn’t have to flat iron my hair. My ends did get pretty brutalized, but because of the regular straightening I get monthly hair cuts anyway and I can’t say the flat iron didn’t contribute to the damage. One of the most distressing after effects was that about 24-36 hours after I used it, although there was never any burning, discomfort, or itching before or after the treatment, my entire scalp peeled off. It wasn’t dandruff. I have an ongoing battle with dandruff and these flakes were slightly smaller than a #2 pencil eraser, much too large for dandruff flakes, more like a peeling sunburn.<note: sulfur is used in processes like this to break the bonds in the building blocks of protein, this includes the ones found in your DNA>Bottom line if you feel like you have a professional hand at this type of thing you could give it a shot, but the smell alone is the biggest deterent. Unless you like your head to smell like rotten eggs for a week or two and a peeling scalp.

Jasmine Cazenovia, WI


I soooooooo hate this product. I bought it almost 8 month ago. It so fried my hair and after all care and nurturing it never came back in its beauty.I was so mad. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought this in a grocery store.It stunk ( foul eggs), yes, you get over that little issue. Second product made it a little better feeling ( so I thought). Nothing was sleek and shine. Mu hair was one wool ball, mushy, and thin. I touched it and had a bushel hair in my hand.I had so long hair. Needed to get rid of some waves. Was just tired to blow dry and flat iron it.Could have never damaged my hair with life long daily flat ironing like this product did.No star if I could!

Tanya Waycross, GA