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Garnier Fructis Style Extreme Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray, Extreme Hold, 8.25 Ounce

With natural bamboo extract. Provides bounce-back hold. 24-hour hold in 90% humidity. Garnier fructis style hairspray collection is our first ever hairspray with bamboo extract and anti-humidity protection for 24-hour, bounce-back hold and natural, healthy-looking movement, even in 90% humidity. Selected for its strength, suppleness and resilience, bamboo bends but never breaks. This formula keeps you in control of your style with frizz control and bounce-back hold that lasts all day. This versatile hairspray gives you the firmest hold over any style, even with moisture in the air for all day, every day. Control your style. Extreme control hairspray styles use any Garnier fructis style product with extreme control hairspray to create and control any style. Spray on dry hair to finish any style. Layer where it’s needed most for added hold. Made in Canada.

Key features

  • The fructis style extreme control anti-humidity hairspray gives firmest hold over any style-even with moisture in the air-all day
  • This formula keeps you in control of your style with frizz control and bounce-back hold that lasts all day
  • It is recommended for normal hair
  • All day humidity resistance
  • Provides 24 hours extreme hold, even in 90% humidity
  • With natural bamboo extract

Honest reviews


Love this hair spray

this is not a heavy spray, it keeps the hair in place, very happy with it.will buy this hair spray again.

Sally Dupont, OH

Pretty good.

It’s not the strongest hair spray. I have this in extreme and it holds more like a med strength in other brands. Mine does make my hair just a little hard to the touch but not sticky. For humidity I combine this with a frizzy leave in conditioner because if I don’t it barely helps. Combining the two products works well and is the only thing that can tame my humidity caused frizzy hair.

Kathi Assonet, MA

Great hold with unpleasant side effects

I really wanted to like this hair spray, because Garnier Fructis is a reliable manufacturer, but was very disappointed. Garnier Fructis Ant-Humidty hair spray keeps its hold – but it’s also sticky, and my hair looked stiff, as if I’d used styling mousse or gel on it. It washed out after vigorous shampooing, and seems to have dried my hair out somewhat. Its staying power is fabulous, but I’m not happy with the side effects. I won’t buy this hair spray again.

Judy Cripple Creek, CO

Stays in place without looking crusty

I love this era in which we can use hairspray without letting everyone KNOW that we are doing it. This is the most effective I’ve ever used.

Ladonna Rocklake, ND


I have short cropped wavy-straight hair, which turns into an afro in humidity. I usually straighten it just a bit to even it out, and this totally shields my hair from humidity. I would give this five stars if it didn’t make my hair feel so brittle.

Maxine Wellsburg, IA

Great item! Love it!

I love this stuff & used it in the past. Now i am knocking out A LOT of Christmas shopping early & i am buying this for my tween daughter. Time for her to enjoy it too! This stuff smells SO GOOD & works great! Thank you!

Sabrina Westmoreland City, PA


My daughters absolutely love this hairspray for their long hair in the winter. It gives it enough weight to keep the static from taking over, but doesn’t leave hair stiff.

Melissa Cresco, IA

Heavy for an aerosol spray

This product smells GREAT but it sprays heavy and leaves the hair sticky and wet. If you’re looking for a good finishing aerosol spray that won’t ruin the hard work you just put into styling your hair, this is not it. Heavy spray weighs down the hair. Looked like I stepped out in the rain. No bueno.

Phyllis North Richland Hills, TX

Great Hairspray.

I use this for styling, because it is a strong hold, but I can still style after spraying. I have such thick, heavy hair that regular sprays are too weak for my hair, for styling purposes.

Jenifer Panola, OK


I have not noticed this with the other GF anti-humidity hairsprays but even just a little bit of this hairspray gives me very visible flakes once it dries. I do have dandruff, however, I can tell the difference because it appears all the way to the ends of my hair and doesn’t show up until it has finished drying, even after I have freshly washed my hair. It holds very well, I just can’t seem to figure out why I am getting these flakes. I have dark, curly, thick hair so perhaps the darkness makes it show up more.

Gwendolyn Morenci, MI