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Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Gel, 5.1-Fluid Ounce

Sculpted Curls Without The Crunch? Garnier Fructis Style Introduces New Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel, The First Curl Styling Product That Gives Curls Everything They Crave: Control And Conditioning.

Key features

  • With Fruit Micro-Waxes
  • Bouncy Curls Frizz Control
  • Balances the controlled definition of a gel with the soft, subtle conditioning of a cream

Honest reviews


Best curl gel ever!

I have tried everything on the market to make my hair stay in curls without being frizzy or having the curls fall out after a while. This gel is fantastic, smells good, in your hands it’s a little sticky, but I just wash my hands after applying to my long dark thick hair.It makes my hair very curly, the curls stay all day and the next day as well, without being sticky, hard or crunchy, just perfect soft curls that stay in perfect curls.I wish this product would have come out a long time ago, because It would have saved me a lot of money on hair product. I will not use anything else, can’t live without. I also use this with the leave in shine serum by Garnier as well, and I have no frizzyness at all, just shiny perfect curly hair. I get tons of compliments all the time.

Ina Hanford, CA

Not for fine hair

I have medium length blonde fine thinning hair that has a natural wave, can get curly with the right products, and tends toward frizzy. I have liked some Garnier Fructis products, and I really like their scents, so thought I would try this. It doesn’t work for me at all. I’ve used it several times and my conclusion is that it’s just not made for fine hair. It’s very greasy. Even when using a “quarter-sized amount” or less, as the instructions say. Judging by the other reviews, looks like it works best with very thick, naturally curly, frizzy hair. Mine does not need control, it needs bounce and volume. This does the complete opposite.I also gave it to my husband to use on his fairly coarse, medium length, straight-ish hair. He likes using certain creams and hair lotions that smooth and provide some control, but don’t make it feel weighed down or sticky or crunchy. He said it made his hair feel greasy too.

Patty Salem, NE

Not what I expected

I originally purchased this as a cream gel for scrunching, but instead it made my curls flat, hard, and sticky. I managed to salvage it by using it as a regular gel and braiding my hair with it, but I will not purchase it again. It didn’t smell bad, but it had a very strange texture.

Nancy Annandale, MN

Not for me…

I picked up a tube on sale with a coupon. It sounded like the perfect product with both conditioning and gel which wavy and curly hair needs. Despite having had my hair for several decades, I feel like only in recent years with the help of such books as Curly Girl, am I starting to get a handle on how to take care if it. My hair is something on the 2a/2b spectrum; I’ve got spiral curls, wavy hair and some areas that are generally straight. The crown has gray (which lucky for me masquerades as blonde) and is very dry, even though I use no heat appliances and wear hats to protect it. My hair easily takes a curl but can just as easily get flat from shampooing, wind, hat-wearing, etcetera. There is a constant struggle between having enough gel/conditioner to encourage curl & keep it healthy-looking and having it get flat and greasy-looking from too much "stuff" in it (which tends to accumulate). I tell you all this to give you a basis of comparison for your own hair. So I tried this product and hated it. It somehow made my hair greasy-looking, crunchy AND flyaway! How it managed all that… To be fair in my cruel assessment, I used it a couple times and got the same result. Ick. I’d be better off using nothing than this gel cream. I gave it 2 stars and not just one because, as some reviews suggest, it might be fine for a different hair type.

Holly Ewell, MD

Love, Love, Love IT!!!

I almost never leave my hair out or leave it natural. I have to worry about some much frizz. This tames my hair!

Corina Pence Springs, WV

Love it!

I have curly hair, and my main problem is frizz and fly aways. This product isn’t too heavy and it gives my curls a very nice definition without taking away the bounce. Love it!

Yvette Cale, AR

Very heavy, smells terrible

I’ve got thin, fine, wavy/curly hair and this product is just way too heavy for me. For years I have mixed gel with a leave in conditioner and thought this would be a similar concept but it seems to never really dry and leaves my hair looking crunchy and over-gelled, no matter how little I use. It also smells disgusting. I know a lot of people love the smell of these products and I actually got compliments on the smell the few times I tried to use this, but to me it smells like plastic and rotting fruit. It makes me nauseous. I was aware of the Garnier fragrance when buying this and knew I didn’t like it, but I didn’t expect to be walking around in a cloud of it all day long because most hair products aren’t as strongly fragranced as this one. If you are at all sensitive to scents I would avoid this like the plague.

Kari Granger, TX

Ok for my hair

I have SUPER FRIZZY hair, that is so annoying and disgusting if i leave it to just dry with no product. This product does well for my curl, (if i twist my hair, it actually leaves my hair as if i just curled it with a curling iron) Anyways, if does sculpt my curls, but one problem. Hair is still frizzy. No Really Frizzie. But it still is, i mean its enough to bother me.But its a good product. I just gotta find an anti frizz tog o with it 🙂

Anita Gillett Grove, IA

EXCELLENT for curl or to use with salt for the beachy hair look. Cant go without this! I LOVE IT!

Love this stuff! I use it by itself or i put some in a spray bottle with sea salt and leave in conditioner for the salty beachy look! Cant beat this stuff and it makes my natural curl REALLY come out! Love All the smells of Garnier! Great! WILL buy again!!!

Faith Salters, SC

eh…its ok

It helps with the frizz but makes my hair feel weird. I have only used it twice since I bought it & I am not sure I want to use it again.

Sonia Gallion, AL

Great for second day hair

This stuff is very greasy and works great for second day hair touch ups. Does not control the frizz at all. If you like greasy hair, this is your gel.

Allie Millrift, PA