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Garnier Fructis Style Curl Calm Down Anti-Frizz Cream, Strong Hold, 6 Fluid Ounce

De-Poof and define unruly curls curl calm down anti-frizz cream calms unruly curls and preps hair for styling by intensely moisturizing and creating 24-hour definition.

Key features

  • 24Hr definition and intense moisture
  • With nourishing shea
  • For frizz-free curls, right out of the shower

Honest reviews



Used it once, and promptly threw it in the garbage the next day. This curl cream did hold my 3b/c curls, but gave them no definition or life. In the end all I had were frizzy, dry curls…which was amazing because I run oil, and conditioner through my hair before applying any styling aide for all day moisture. This curl cream was a total failure.

Hannah Hillman, MI

So soft!

I have very difficult curly-frizzy hair and this stuff really helped to calm down the frizz while not taking away my volume. It was the only product I had to use after washing my hair to get great results and it left my hair feeling really soft all day. For best results I would pat dry my hair with a towel after washing, then scrunch my hair with the product and either blow dry with a diffuser or let air dry–my best results were with air drying. I also found that I could go easier without washing for a couple of days when I used this stuff too and very rarely on those days did I have to put more in to finish the look, I seriously would just kind of get up and go. Can’t argue with the price either…and I looked in Wal-Mart for this stuff on my last grocery shopping trip and I don’t know about your stores, but the one I went to did not have it so I will be ordering mine from amazon only I guess 🙂

Bernadine Coshocton, OH

Good for thick wavy hair too!

hair type: thick, med length, coarse, wavyI just want to say that this product is like a leave-in conditioner. It hydrates and nourishes your dry curly hair making it smooth and soft (not frizzy).Don’t expect this to be like gel or a mousse. Don’t even compare this product to those because this is a “calm down anti-frizz cream”. If you plan to use this as your sole styling product you might be disappointed. I believe the ‘strong hold” means it keeps frizzes down and not to hold your scrunched hair!!! Just read the bottle.I recommend putting this all through your hair (maybe 2 pumps). If you want to scrunch your hair…then apply a mouse or gel. I use this on my hair to calm down frizz, not make it curly.I can even use this then blow dry my hair. This is not sticky or greasy! I love it! It really does make my hair soft and hydrated!

Sheryl Monterville, WV

great deal!!

hard to find in any store for some reason. of course amazon has it. so i stocked up. i have curly hair and this is the only product i’ve found that really fights frizz and calms curls. helps to define your curls too.follow with a little fructis gel cream and your hair looks awesome!!

Esperanza Reva, SD

Best Curl Cream!

This is my favorite curl cream. It makes my natural curly hair soft and gives my hair plenty if moisture.

Lora Frederica, DE

Great for morning after hair

I purchased this some time ago at a local store. I primarily used this product when I would take a shower at night and go to bed with wet hair. The next morning my long hair would be a funky, curly mess. A tiny bit of product and a flat or large barrel curling iron and my hair would be shiny and full of body and volume. A little went a long way and I had this bottle for almost a year before I used it completely.

Ila East Hampstead, NH

Seemed heavier, did ok

This product is ‘ok’. It does tame curls but seems heavy, somewhat gooey. I tried less and its the same really. A better choice for me (fine curly hair) a product I like much better, same company is:Garnier Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm, Sleek and Shine, 5.1 Fluid OunceIt is lighter weight, as I blow dry it olds my hair much straighter. As I said this product is ok, but given the choice I choose the Garnier Blow dry perfector.

Aileen Comstock Park, MI

No Frizz!

I absolutely love this product! It leaves my hair with soft and bouncy curls. It doesn’t leave that hard, brittle gunk like most of the products I’ve tried before. And for the price you can’t go wrong!!

Rae Eagle Point, OR

I really like this product line

First, let me say that I use the entire product line – and probably 2-3 styling products every day. I have extremely frizzy hair and I live in the heart of SE Texas and the humidity here is INSANE. Like really insane. With using all of the products together, I have very pretty and curly hair that gets compliments all the time. I have not purchased this from Amazon due to the problems with getting the shampoo and conditioner shipped and having a big mess to deal with, but I do buy this at the local grocery store.

Carolina Garwood, TX

Love this for my curls

This leaves my hair frizz free and shiny, but not weighed down or crispy at all. This is on my subscriptions list now.

Althea San Dimas, CA

Lightweight and nice

This product leaves my hair nice and smooth without feeling weighed down. Most products, like this, weigh my hair down. This one doesn’t.

Eula Mount Clare, WV

Love this

I love this stuff.I was losing the life in my curls and my frizz was hard to tame. When I use this product, my hair looks sooo shiny and my curls look awesome without leaving any buildup or grease. My hair is soft to the touch also. I use it when I come out the shower and scrunch it in. I hope they never discontinue this product.

Evangelina Rodeo, NM

good for styling, not for Houston frizz control

I’m still searching for the perfect stuff to use in my hair. This isn’t it. It can’t really compete with Houston humidity to control frizz, but it works fine until I find something else.

Clarissa Bypro, KY

Great Inexpensive Product

Good stuff for curly frizzy hair, but not good for roots as it can make your roots just a touch greasy. I work through all my hair, then add mousse to roots and a bit more all over, then blow dry with diffuser. This product works all day, in fact after a few hours, I think it then begins to work even better. This is also good for some sprucing up in the afternoon or evening.

Eileen Glen Rogers, WV