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Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum Putty, 5.0 Oz

Create N Control the Style You Want Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum Putty allows you to work and rework your style with a strong hold that lasts longer. It’s basically soft, non-sticky fiber putty with fruit micro waxes. This cream gel doesn’t build up and can help you create and hold amazing styles without stickiness. Contains fruit micro-waxes Holds without stickiness or buildup Gives a long lasting strong hold Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum Putty is developed to let you define style and hold it longer strongly without adding any weight. It gives pliable molding and won’t create messiness. Just For You: All types of hair A Closer Look: Use Fiber Gum Putty to define and control your style. This cream gel is a soft, non-sticky fiber putty with fruit micro waxes. It works without stickiness. Get Started: Scoop a small amount of Fiber Gum Putty onto your palm. Rub it between palms to activate fibers and work through wet or dry hair.

Key features

  • With fruit micro-waxes.Pliable molding.
  • This soft, non-sticky fiber gel allows you to work and rework your style with long-lasting hold.
  • It provides ultra long-lasting hold without stickiness or buildup.
  • Garnier Fructis Style, with fruit micro-waxes, gives you the power to create and control any style y

Honest reviews


Great for fly-aways

I always have a few shorties on the top of my head and around my face that don’t want to behave. I barely dip my finger into the product and smear a thin layer between my thumb and finger and slide it over the bad hair, and I’m good to go all day. I also use this on my ends sometimes, if I want less fluffy and more piecey texture – but very small sections at a time.Most often, I run a tiny bit of this through my bangs after they go through the flat iron. That gives my hair a smooth, shiny finish that says put. I really like this stuff.

Francesca Leesburg, FL

Allergic to hairspray? Vasomotor rhinitis sufferer?

I love this stuff. I’m allergic to most haircare products, so my hair usually looks like I just got out of the gym. I resigned myself to ponytails for the rest of my life. After an unfortunate attempt to cut my own hair, I went to Great Clips for a shag cut. Garnier Frictis Style Fiber Gum putty gives me some height at the crown so my hair looks styled. Rub it into your hair after a shower, then clip it up while it dries or blow it out. It stays put better than any mousse than I have ever used.Garnier sure hair texture paste matte effect STRONG is easier to blow out and is pretty good about giving height.

Roxie Cameron, WI

works great

This stuff is terrific for styling a woman’s pixie cut or men’s short hair. Especially good for coarse, thick hair as even a dime-sized amount would probably weigh down thin or fine hair. I have used this product for years but am very disappointed the company (Garnier) changed to Fiber Spikes, it’s the same product but a much smaller quantity and more expensive.

Angel Cayce, SC

good stuff

This is good stuff, especially for paying something like $3 in a grocery/drug store for it. It’s got a nice bit of hold, and is helpful as a last-minute fix, like when you’re on the way out the door and need a quick dollop of hold. I’ve had my jar forever, as I rotate this with a few other garnier hair products according to mood, humidity, hair style, etc. I’ve got wavy longish hair and this is a nice fix, and I only need a dime-size amount.

Staci Shepherd, MT

good glue

great stuff for a pulled back styleno fly don’t need much….scrunch it throughfor curly long hair it gives a great soft hold and nice sexy bouncewithout looking gluey..good piecy look..3.50 folks!try me

Miranda Columbus, NM