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Garnier Fructis Daily Care 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, 13 Fluid Ounce

Fortifies and conditions hair. Gently for everyday use, nourishes normal hair to maintain health, strength and shine. 1. Nourishes hair from root to tip. 2. Works inside the hair strand to strengthen it. 3. Smoothes hair for lots of shine.

Key features

  • Fortifying
  • Grapefruit antioxidant
  • Normal hair

Honest reviews


Smells great

I haven’t really noticed any difference in my hair, but I really love the smell and the texture of the shampoo/conditioner. That might not be important to others, but I don’t like too slimy and too potent products. This is perfect. I just wish my hair felt smoother or shiny or something.

Loraine Houghton, SD

Love the smell

I enjoy this shampoo and enjoy the smell. I’m picky with the smells as I do not like the typical "flowery" smells. This worked great. The only issue I have is it was just removed from subscribe and save.

Karin Edwardsville, VA

Excellent product

This is a nice shampoo and conditioner combo. I use it daily and it leaves me hair feeling clean and slick and feels great throughout the day.

Lakeisha North Lima, OH

Not for thick long hair

Ok, so I was lazy and wanted a quick fix in the mornings to my nightly tangles without spending 5 minutes letting conditioner soak in. This dried out my hair something awful. Made my ends super brittle and still left me extremely tangled. I had a paddle brush stuck in my hair!So kiddos, if you have short oily hair, this is for you. For my long haired friends, just walk away.

Jesse Maple Springs, NY

It’s best during the summer and spring

I’ve bought the bigger bottle but someone in my family keeps giving me free shampoo. Not what I’d choose. THIS is what I choose. It’s best during the summer and spring, though.

Octavia Towanda, PA


This shampoo is extremely drying, I would only recommend it for fine oily hair. It doesn’t seem to have any conditioner.

Hillary Mayodan, NC

Best shampoo ever!

This is simply the best shampoo ever! Great clean without a dulling build up, always leaves my hair manageable & looking great!

Heather Prairie Du Rocher, IL