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Garnier Fructis Conditioner, Fortifying, Triple Nutrition, 13 Ounce

Transform Dry, Damaged Hair With The Power of Triple Restoring Action. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner, With Nourishing Avocado, Olive, And Almond Oils, Penetrates Deep Into The Hair to Deeply Nourish And RESTORE For Strength, Smoothness And Shine.

Key features

  • 3 Powerful Oils: Avocado, Olive, And Almond
  • Helps Prevent Splits Ends
  • Improves Strength

Honest reviews


Fructis Triple Nutrition, Can’t get enough of the great scent!

* Fructis Triple Nutrition, Can’t get enough of the great scent!* For a gel shampoo, is not drying, but I still prefer a cream shampoo for moisture and hydration* This worked fine and was happy that I still bought it!

Krystal West Chester, PA

Not bad as conditioners go

I like this bottle design that has a small raised bubble on the cap making it much easier to open when hands are wet and soapy. I use this as a co-wash – putting the conditioner on the ends and leaving it there while I wash my roots and scalp with a mild shampoo. I then condition again with another brand. I can’t say how the product leaves your hair after use as I follow it up with another brand but it has a pleasing smell, it is well priced on Amazon, and I will likely buy again.

Alyssa Greenfield, IL

For The Curly GIRL!~

I have combination hair & I’m also transitioning (meaning I got a permanent straightening treatment and now I’m growing out my hair and slowly cutting of the straightened ends.)I have 3 textures in my hair[3b,3c,4a](4 if you count the noodlely ends) I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo to cleanse my scalp and my hair was like a Brillo pad. But when I put this stuff in, it was an instant transformation This conditioner is thick. Thicker than aussie’s moist conditioner[I swear by that] and let me tell you, It was a breeze detangling. No single strand knots, no hair balls. It was bliss. After washing it out, my hair was STILLL easy to detangle and very manageable. It’s like a gift from god. It makes my hair really soft. I love it. I use it to make my deep conditioning treatment. Usually I stay away from Garnier products because of my experience with the color treated line they had, but they really did good with this. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m never gonna be without a bottle of this stuff ever. INVEST! INVEST!

Traci Adah, PA

superb cheapy conditioner

I won’t bore anyone with stuff everyone already said, but for natural ladies who like rocking mini twists and don’t want to be all day taking them down — applying this product, water, and using a denman or denman-knock off will instantly detangle hair like a dream. After I was done detangling, I kept the conditioner in for a deep conditioner treatment. My hair was moisturized and soft. The product can as well be used as prepoo, cowash, rinse out, and leave in. Has a nice apple, faint smell. I’ve bought 3 bottle definetly a staple!

Sarah Valley Head, AL

Awful !

I am a natural Black woman with 4a/4b hair and I hate this product. I bought it from Walmart a few months ago after watching positive reviews on YouTube. This conditioner made my hair feel dry and tangled it. I ended up tearing more of my hair out than was necessary. I also tried the 3 minute undo treatment and anti frizz serum and they were awful as well. Each one of their products dried out my hair. I tried them more than once in hopes that I wouln’t waste my money but they were always disappointing. I don’t think Garnier makes products with people with my hair me in mind or maybe they just work bet for people with relaxed hair.

Viola Hatley, WI

grandaughter loves it

grandaughter in college loves it. she has long blonde hair and i send this and the shampoo often to help her out

Etta Lilly, GA

My hair is so soft

I will always have this conditioner. Great mixed with oil for pre poo. Great price and last long… Try with heat cap if you have low porosity hair.

Tanisha Ridley Park, PA

Holy grail of conditioners for my crazy, curly, frizzy hair!!!

Wow. Finally, something that nourishes my hair!… I have tried… Keratase, Biolage, Triple Moisture, hot oil treatments, Sebastian, Aphogee, and every product known to man for "ethnic" hair.. I have spent SOOOO much money on hair products just so that I could find the one… that ONE conditioner or product that moisturize and tame my frizzy, dried, curly, crazy hair. Something that would turn my bi-polar, fuzzy curls into long, flowing, botticelli locks with defined curls. Well, I have found it. In the shower this stuff made my hair feel like butter. My tangles have NEVER been easier to comb through. After leaving this on for about 5 minutes in the shower I rinsed and my hair felt silky and long. I than added a bit of jojoba oil and some more of this as a leave in conditioner along with a bit of Frizz Ease (the frizz ease does not work all that great alone so I thought I mix it with some stuff). The result? My fried locks feel SO soft! My curls are defined and my hair feels silky and looks shiny and gorgeous! Those Botticelli curls are even there. I am going to buy this stuff by the gallons. Finally my search is over. Oh yes… I love the smell.

Tamera Middleton, ID

good for dry hair

I really wanted to try this out because during the summer my hair can get very, intensely dry. It feels like straw on a bad day. The thing is my hair is long and curly and if a conditioner doesn’t work with my hair, it’s a total waste! I’m glad I went with this though, because it’s thick and creamy. It doesn’t give my curls the same life and volume as a cleansing shampoo but then again, it isn’t a cleansing shampoo. I can see this weighing my hair down if it was being used too often. The only thing I really dislike is the smell, very chemically…and they try to cover it with fruity scents buuttt I can smell through it and it’s a bit nauseating.

Sally Scranton, ND

Only used once, so far so good

I bought this along with the Triple Nutrition Moisture spray and 3-Minute Deep Conditioner. This product smells great and my hair felt so smooth after using it. I have only use this product once, but so far so good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, because I want to see if I like it over time…

Lindsay Penrod, KY

i so love this conditioner!

This conditioner by far is one of my favorite conditioners, along with aphogee’s keratin reconstructor and organic root stimulator replenshing conditioner! This conditioner in particular is used on my hair daily and all i can see is my hair is left soft and detangled!! I only wash(shampoo) once a week and use this conditioner as a co~wash! Highly recommended!!

Veronica Bethel, NY

Keeps tangles out of my hair

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner is advertised for dry or damaged hair. I wouldn’t say my hair is damaged, but I do always think it’s a bit dry. The conditioner does its job detangling my long hair, the primary reason I use it. As an added benefit, it also makes my hair feel more hydrated than usual without weighing down my hair and making it greasy.When it comes to conditioners, thick is better than watered down. Garnier is very thick — thicker than any conditioner I’ve used in a long while. The scent is strongly acidic citrus, as if to match the rich texture. If you are sensitive to scents, that might be a bit overpowering. It does fade quickly, though. I don’t notice it after I get out of the shower.

Shanna Pavilion, NY


LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best conditioner I’ve ever used. Makes my hair feel great, and it’s so thick and not runny like other conditioners. Less goes further with this stuff. Love it.

Nell Stevensville, MI


I LOVE THIS STUFF! I use it everyday to keep my relaxed hair moisturized! I’ve had frizzy hair for the last 2 years and ive been trying to find something to keep my hair moisturized.I’ve went through expensive products such as phyto and redken and its not as good as the garnier fructis triple nutrition conditioner! I bought this product at walgreens as an accident, and im so happy i finally found this product to add to my hair regimen! I use this conditioner for my co wash days and wash and condition days.It works great! I love that the garnier fructis conditioners are creamy and thick. Just remember to wash it all out! If you dont wash out all of the product, your hair will be greasy. I recommend the Garnier fructis anti frizz serum, Garnier fructis 3 minute undo treatment, Garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioner and the Garnier fructis smoothing milk. These products do wonders for my hair!

Lucile Barstow, CA