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Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin B Complex, 120 Capsules

The B group of vitamins is an eight-member family of water soluble vitamins which means they are not easily stored in the body and need to be replenished frequently. Their functions are so interrelated that it is suggested they be taken together so they can work harmoniously and perform at their peak levels. Cellular energy production is the most important function of the B complex vitamins and they are known as the catalytic spark plugs of our body. Providing mental and physical energy, supporting healthy blood, a healthy heart, immune system function and a healthy response to stress, the B complex vitamins are essential nutrients for the body.

Key features

  • Providing mental and physical energy, supporting healthy blood, a healthy heart, immune system function and a healthy response to stress, the B complex vitamins are essential nutrients for the body.
  • Nature-Intended Benefits: Healthy Heart and Blood, Immune System, Metabolism, Mental and Physical Energy, Stress Response, RAW
  • Provides a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend along with a RAW organic fruit and vegetable blend for additional nutritional support.
  • RAW, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no binders or fillers
  • made with RAW Food-Created Nutrients

Honest reviews


In all fairness: Who can really know. It’s a for those with a positive attitude toward nutritional supplements

I use only Vitamin Code brand and Garden of Eden "raw" vitamins from whole foods.Regular vitamins tend to make me nauseous and sometimes I can’t even keep them down.I don’t understand the chemistry but when I take vitamins extracted from raw foods, I can take them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it’s as if I simply just ate a little meal. That seems right to me.My B levels have gone up to normal.I take Garden of Life D3 due to very low D levels and now my D is up to normal. Do some research into pricing between Vitamin Code brand and Garden of Eden. I think they are virtually the same thing and there is a price difference. Good luckNote: Apparently Garden of Eden is religiously based, founded by a Messianic Jewish born again Christian. Vitamin Code is just a regular Vermont Product I’m familiar with for many years. I don’t think there is any agenda behind the company. You might want to do your homework.

Heather Meadview, AZ

Seems to work good

Have not been using them long, but I guess they are doing ok. I havent really noticed to much difference ,but do have a little more energy

Marva New Castle, AL


I take GOL B-complex for good measure. Sometimes I wonder about just having very expensive urine…but do believe this brand to be of good quality and show a noticeable improvement in how I feel (energy, regular BMs,)I only take Vitamins: B, C, and D and then a Prolamine Iodine daily. This little regimen seems to have helped me enough that I keep it up!

Virginia Unionville, CT


Only been taking a few days and i’ve noticed sustained energy and good sleep. I already take supplements and the Garden of Life Perfect Food for many years but this b complex is the best. I can’t wait to see the long term results!Update: Had to quit using this after less than two weeks because it caused a yeast infection in my skin. This product contains brewers yeast so if you’ve had candida infection in the past, I would not recommend it. I still think it’s a great product but just not for me.

Mamie Wood River, IL

Comfortable in the tummy

I buy this for my mom who likes to take her vitamin B but her tummy cannot handle some of the other brands. These sit nicely in her tummy. Yep, a quality product good enough for a fussy mom.

Ada Bloomsburg, PA

Garden of Life Vitamin Code

I take these vitamins every day. They are everything Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex say they are. This is my second order. I will order again.

Aimee Chase, KS


I love this vitamin complex. These have been awesome for me…I love them and I love this company. They make great products. B vitamins help me to keep my mood stabilized throughout the day…I don’t know how they would work for everyone since all people are different but this complex is perfect for me.

Dolly Okay, OK