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Gabriella Eyelash Adhesive

Instructions: Note: Put on your eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner before your false lashes. 1. Apply a thin line along base of false lash. (Never apply directly to your eyelid.) 2. Let Set for 30 seconds or until sticky. During this time, holding the lash by both ends of the base strip, flex it back and forth forming the shape of a horseshoe. This contours the base strip to fit your lid easily and comfortably. 3. Center the lash close to the base of your natural lashes and press ends into place. To secure the lash firmly, gently press down the lash strip from one end to the other until adhesive is dry. Once it dries, it will blend with lashes, and it will keep ashes securely in place until you remove them. To remove lashes: Gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corner of the lid. are for your lashes by peeling off adhesive when you remove lashes and cleaning them regularly. To ensure proper flow of adhesive, remove any hardened adhesive from tip of tube. Can be used with Ardell Eyelashes, Gabriella Eyelashes, Glamour Eyez, SHANY Cosmetic Eyelashes, SODIAL Eyelashes and many more brands.

Key features

  • Gabriella Eyelash Adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Black Color
  • 2 tubes of 1 gram each

Honest reviews


Worthless and Messy

This product leaves a BLACK smug when applied. It is not a ‘clean’ application. I am dark skinned and thought this product would work-total opposite. I went back to the invisible eyelash adhesives instead of the ones made for dark tones. Maybe if they made it in Brown..

Karin Little York, NJ

dime drop

This products works however the amount one obtains is not much(you get about a dime size of adhesive inside). Also, the top tends to get caked up with the adhesive (design of the product- poor). You will be better off paying the $1 extra and getting one that has more product inside and (designed better to hold product inside bottle verses outside the bottle) one that does not get caked up around the opening.

Mandy Fairmount City, PA

It works

It works just fine for keeping up the falsies. This holds better than several other kinds of adhesive that I have tried.

Esperanza Brandon, TX

Love black glue

Black glue is so so awesome! I’m in love with it. Plus it has an easy applicator wand. Will rebuy when I run out. RECOMMEND.

Christy Jennie, AR

Great glue

Great, stays on for days without adding more to the lash . No clumps ,no stings, no burn . Love it just need big bottle now 😉

Helen Edwall, WA

Still felt awkward

I’m new to wearing false eyelashes and this was my first adhesive I’ve ever used. Thus I have no experience to compare it with. It would be nice if there was a better applicator for it.

Maryanne Ward Cove, AK

This product is okay.

The glue is hard to apply and does not hold very well. I do like how it is black, but it isn’t very sticky.

Melissa Fordoche, LA

Decent stuff, small tubes though.

Nice adhesive, and handy applicator, only complaint is the bottles are tiny… But than again it’s not like you need a Ton of this stuff anyway, a little goes a long way. Hold well…even while swimming in a pool and the ocean.

Celina Canton, GA

Convenient for purse or travel case

As pictures can be deceiving, this is no exception. The description is accurate that it is 1 gram each. The item you are viewing/will be ordering is about the width of a half dollar or likened to the rectangular size of a small piece of gum (like Trident or Chicle). As a product review this item performs as it should–it is indeed waterproof, black, dries quickly, and is a firm adhesive when used correctly.Because of its size it is very convenient to carry in your purse or makeup kit when travelling. It is a molded plastic tube with a screw top wand. The screw top wand is a nice touch as it allows for more accurate application of glue to the false lash or touch up on the corners of your eyelids should the false lash come loose. When empty, you can put a drop of (Ardell, etc) black, waterproof glue to refill or merely reorder. The container can be re-purposed for a variety of cosmetic perishables (e.g. cuticle oil) after being cleaned with an alcohol saturated Qtip.When travelling with this item, make sure the screw top is completely closed and placed in a purse/luggage pocket that will ensure it will not be crushed as it could leak. Or place in a small ziploc bag for safe keeping/peace of mind.Do not expose to heat or sunlight, as this will affect performance of glue.I received this product a few days after ordering and in a full-size, bubble manila envelope. All intact.

Earlene Mayport, PA