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Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum for Adult Skin Over 45, 1.05 Fluid Ounce

One of the most striking signs of skin aging is the increased appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes, lips and on the forehead. This can occur naturally over time and is identified by certain biochemical, histological and physiological changes that are enhanced by environmental exposure.the process accelerates after age 45. Botoceutical gold anti-wrinkle serum is a revolutionary skin serum which relieves your skin after 15 000 facial expressions performed during one day. Botoceutical gold anti-wrinkle serum contains a carefully formulated complex of four different peptides in high concentrations. Studies have shown that a combination of peptides is about 30% more effective than a single peptide. Botoceutical gold anti-wrinkle serum contains a combination of four peptides (hexapeptide, pentapeptide, octapeptide, dipeptide)which interfere with the release of neurotransmitters, thereby reducing muscle contractions that eventually lead to wrinkles. With hyaluronic acid, lipoic acid, dmae and retinol. Laboratory testing confirmed up to 85.6% reduction in wrinkles on volunteers after just 28 days of twice daily use. May safely be used around the eyes, but keep out of eyes. Non greasy, non comedogenic, absorbs fast, suitable for all skin types. Works well with any fytofontana emulsion or any other skin care cream or lotion.

Key features

  • Up to 85.6% reduction in wrinkles in just 28 days
  • Visible results after just a few days of use
  • Dramatically reduces mimic wrinkles and smoothes fine lines
  • Safer, gentler alternative to botulotoxin injections
  • One of the most effective anti-wrinkle products on the market
  • Paraben-free

Honest reviews


Ummm, so-so and NOT for sensitive skin!

This is an interesting product. It has 24k gold in it, it’s the color of gold (there are gold flecks in it, making it resemble glitter, so if you don’t want to look like a teenager with glitter on your face, use it at night), and it smells terrific. You dispense it with the included pipet, and it is applied twice daily. Well, it does help your skin look smooth and nice, but quite honestly, it about ripped my skin off. It feels like I’ve used an exfoliator three times a day! I had to stop using it after only 3 tries – it just really, really hurts. If you have sensitive skin, this is NOT for you! Stick with Oil of Olay or Mary Kay’s day version, both of which are very, very gentle and usable for all skin types. This stuff I gave to my husband (the bottle says it’s for anyone age 45+) who has thicker, not so sensitive skin. It does help him quite a bit but again, it is a bit tough on the skin, even his thick Italian skin! For men, I would think that using this after shaving would be rather painful. If you try this, then I would suggest using every other day at the very most. Again, I would suggest something else, to be honest, something more gentle since there are many other products out there that are less expensive, easier and more sanitary to use than this pipet, that won’t make your face feel like you’ve just been frozen by the Grim Reaper!

Sheri Paris, KY

No Change

I want to qualify this review by saying that I received this item for free to test and then review as part of the Vine program. The reason I say that is that I would never be able to afford the $130 price tag otherwise. I have faithfully used this product daily for a month according to the directions and honestly don’t notice any significant difference. From what I understand, it’s supposed to work sort of like temporary Botox, relaxing your skin so that wrinkles appear less noticeable. I have concentrated on the area around my eyes which is where my wrinkles are most visible. After a month of use, that area looks pretty much the same as before. No one has noticed any difference in my skin at all. It’s a slightly sticky golden colored liquid which you dab lightly over areas of concern on your face. It dries pretty quickly and then you apply your normal moisturizer and makeup over it. It wasn’t unpleasant to use at all. In fact, it has a cooling sensation right after applying which is nice. But, I can use cheap drugstore eye creams and get a nice cooling sensation. I am not a person who normally goes in for pricey cosmetics so this was definitely a novelty for me and it just didn’t live up to expectation or even to its description claims. I really enjoyed getting the chance to give it a try but sorry I can’t recommend it.

Alyssa Belden, MS

Liquid Gold

When collagen breaks down, peptides are released into the dermis. Peptides signal the dermal system to produce more collagen. This product, with four peptides, seems promising at first glance. After all, if we can improve collagen production, we’re protecting the structure of our skin.There are many products that contain peptides on the market. Fytofontana promises results because this product contains not only a variety of peptides, but several other ingredients, like retinol, sodium hyaluronate, and phospholipids. Beyond these considerations, there are a number of shortcomings to consider.The first problem is dispensing the product. The cap must be pumped and removed so you can dispense the product from a pipette. Two problems here: What if you knock over the bottle and spill the product? And the bottle is not opaque. Exposure to air and light diminish the efficacy of retinol.Second, this product contains a lot of fragrance in the form of perfume and essential oils. This will certainly cause problems for many users, experienced as irritation or allergic reaction.Because there are many serums available that do contain peptides and the other beneficial ingredients mentioned that have opaque, airtight packaging, I do not recommend this serum. I have used it for several weeks with no improvement in the appearance of my skin. This could have been a contender, but it isn’t.

Shawna Clay City, KY

Amazing Feel

At 1st this packaging was a little confusing. The frosted jar is attractive and I looked at the leaflet inserted but it was not clear on how to apply the lotion. So I thought it was a pump action to prime it 1st. Wrong. After a couple of minutes I realized you twist off the white top and it is a dropper applicator inside. It’s a golden color serum that you sparingly apply over your just cleaned and dry face without any other product applied in advance. You dispence from the dropper to your fingertip and dot on the areas around your face and then gently blend until it absorbs. It dries fast and blends well and I was surprised at how well it feels afterwards-smooth and not sticky. Then once it’s fully dry then you can follow with your favorite moisturizer. I’ve only had this for a few days but I’ve noticed a slight improvement in my skin. A little softening in some fine lines, but it might take a while if it is to do anything w/the deep lines. But when I use this at night and follow with my alpha hydroxy night cream I wake up in the am with no greasy feeling like I did before I started using this. I’m going to wait until the bottom of the jar to see how my skin looks then. I don’t have any sun damage so I’m curious how this would work on skin that is damaged in that manner.

Gladys Quincy, IN

Very Impressed In Just Four Days!

I’m 45 and, although I don’t have any deep wrinkles, I do have fine lines around my eyes and am beginning to get them around my mouth. My neck and decolletage, however, are another story altogether. I have ‘necklace’ wrinkles and have begun to see collagen breakdown on my upper chest that will eventually become deep wrinkles. Ew. Needless to say, I’ve spent a small fortune in search of products, both OTC and prescription, to address these areas.Since I had the chance to try this for free via Amazon’s Vine program, but really didn’t expect much. Still, I was very impressed with how silky my skin felt the first time I applied it before bedtime. The next morning, my skin looked more radiant than it has in quite some time. Two more uses (one morning, one at night), and I saw a definite improvement in plumpness. Some of the finer lines under my eyes aren’t as noticeable, and my skin just looks all-around more hydrated.I really like the way this definitely sinks into my skin a few moments after application. I follow it with SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function ( Pink Label ) SPF25 PA++ 40g (my favorite face product EVER!) and my skin looks better than it did in my 20’s!One thing to note: this has a marked fragrance which I happen to think smells amazing, but if you’re sensitive to such things you should know this is NOT unscented. Oh, and I don’t know if I like the pipette applicator or not. It seems to create to many opportunities for cross-contamination. It does administer the “small drop” you need (really, that’s all you need — this stuff glides right on) but a pump would work just as well, I think.All in all, I’m very impressed with this product.

Kelley Mc Connelsville, OH

Has some nice peptides in it

I should preface this by saying that I’m not yet 45 (I just turned 41 a few months ago) so I’m not quite in the target demographic for this serum, but I couldn’t resist trying this out since I’m a skin-care junkie and love trying out new products! I’d never hear of this company before, but I know the value of peptides in a skin-care regimen, so thought I’d give this a go.I’ve only been using this a few days, so I’ll be sure to update my review once I’ve used it a bit longer, but, for now, I really like this.Although the instructions recommend using this twice a day, I’ve been using it once a day, in the mornings. I apply it right after I shower and let it sink in for a few minutes before I apply my sunscreen and makeup. It plumps up my skin and seems to moisturize it really well; the gold tint to it (which, according to the included brochure are “gold particles,” whatever that means) leaves your skin with a nice glow to it. It also doesn’t cause my foundation to pill or ball up, and my sunscreen (Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging UV Defense Regenerating Lotion, SPF 50, 1.7 Ounce) plays nicely with it.Although this is a pricey product, you only need one small drop, so it should last a very long time. The dispenser is really unique; by pushing on the button on the top of it, the dropper is filled with one drop of the serum. You then dispense it on your hand, and then smooth it onto your face. I’ve been using one drop on my face and another drop on my neck and chest.I also have very sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, so I need to be careful with what I apply on my face. This hasn’t caused any burning or stinging, and I even use it below and around my eyes (in the crows’ feet area).From reading beauty magazines and books written by dermatologists for years, I know that peptides can help increase collagen production, and the fact that this serum contains four different peptides should make it effective. Additionally, it also contains DMAE, which helps “freeze” facial muscles, and hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture to the skin and plumps out wrinkles.The literature that comes with this contains some impressive before and after photos of clients using this company’s products; whether or not that will hold true for me remains to be seen, but this does do a nice job of leaving my skin soft and supple.The bottom line is that this is a nice serum, but you can probably find similar ingredients in less-expensive products. For instance, Dr. Leslie Baumann and Paula Begoun both recommended the Olay Regenerist Serum that I currently use for its valuable peptides, and I’ve noticed that my skin looks smoother from using it. If money isn’t an issue, though, then I’d suggest giving this Fytofontana serum a try. The nice glow and added ingredients give this serum an additional boost that should produce nice results.

Lucile Centuria, WI

Expensive, Pleasant but Minimal Results

I am a woman in her mid-50’s and am very, very savy about skin care products. I have run the gamut of everything from over-the-counter bargain stuff, to some of the more expensive brands available at Macy’s, Sephora, and Nordstroms. I am no stranger to Strivectin (a waste of money), Botox or Juvederm.This is a very silky, golden color, fast-absorbing serum that I have used twice a day for the past 3 weeks (the paperwork says that you should see results in a few days and definitely after 30). I give my skin a thorough cleaning and then apply the liquid all over my face – a little does go very, very far.There has been no adverse reactions (redness, blemishes, burning) whatsoever and it does feel very lovely going on, in addition to having an extremely pleasant scent that doesn’t smell like chemicals. It dries very quickly and I apply my Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Creme right over it. I don’t use liquid make-up, I prefer to use tinted moisturizer during the day, and also have applied this right over the serum with no adverse interactions.My disappointment is that I have failed to see any significant results that would warrent going out and spending $140.00 on another bottle. My skin looks healthy but it normally does, and I don’t feel that there has been any change for the better that is apparent. It hasn’t performed negatively, but as for being anti-wrinkle I just don’t see it. And, yes I do have wrinkles.I will continue to follow the routine of using this serum until it is completely empty – which will likely be for quite a while. And I will continue to closely monitor any changes. Hopefully I will be plesantly surprised in the future, and will be able to update this review with some terrific results. But not at this time.

Laverne Edwards, CA

Fytofontana Cosmeceutical Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum

It’s very easy to apply, very easy to smooth on my face. I love the scent! I looked forward to using it every day. The scent is very light and reminds me of citrus. Very fresh smelling.The applicator is nice. I dislike creams where I have to dip my hands in a jar to get the product out. I feel like I am introducing germs in the product every time I do that. And I have long nails so it’s impossible to get the product on my fingers without it getting under my nails. This item has a pump that allows me to squeeze the serum onto my fingers. Brilliant!It might be the color of my skin, but I didn’t notice any ‘gold’ color when I applied this. My skin soaked it up but I noticed later in the day my skin seemed to be a bit more shiny and oily looking. I have oily skin anyway, so the fact that this made my skin look even more oily wasn’t a mark in it’s favor.I’m at the end of the bottle now and I just don’t really see any difference to any wrinkles. I really wanted this product to work but it seems to just be a nice cream for my face. My little wrinkles are still there. Little buggers.

Adrienne Jena, LA

Lovely, silky, shimmery product

I’ve never spent $139..00 on any skin care product, so I jumped at the offer as I am a Vine reviewer, to see if this was really worth the bang for it’s buck. I am 50, I have youthful skin, so I tried it on my face, decolletage, & hands. It absorbed quickly, has a lovely scent, so if you are fragrance sensitive you may not like this. It is shimmery, but I don’t notice any crazy glow on my skin and as far as reducing wrinkle, like I said my 50 yr old skin looks pretty fabulous, as most folks think I am 40 & gasp when I share my age. I prefer to drink lots of water, take my vitamins, eat well and use caution around sun exposure & my dermatologist told me at 13, the benefit of having oily skin was that I would stay looking younger longer than most. So I can’t say if this product really reduces wrinkles or not. But it is lovely!

Lavonne Montezuma, IA

Nice but no permanent results…

I’ve been using this product daily for over a month, and overall I really like the way it makes my skin look. It’s a great moisturizer, and the shimmery gold glitter component really does give my skin a nice, youthful glow. Not only is the product nice, but I love the bottle it comes in; the eyedropper-style dispenser lets me get just how much I want with no waste, which is important when every drop is this expensive.Though I do really like the way I look when I use this serum, I’m disappointed that it doesn’t seem to have made any kind of permanent improvements to my skin… my wrinkles are still here, in all their glory. For the price, I’d like to have seen some better results. Bottom line: a pretty cosmetic, but way too pricey for something that can’t deliver even a few tiny miracles.

Barbara Hutchinson, KS

Definitely an indulgence–but liking the results so far.

First of all, I’ve never tried any anti-wrinkle product before, but when given the opportunity to give the Fytofontana Cosmeceutical Botoceutical (good luck spell-checking that) Gold Anti Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum for Adult Skin Over 43, a whirl, me and my over 45 skin gladly dove in.With its normal $139 price tag, it’s not something I’d normally consider, but I’ve been looking notably craggier around the eyes and forehead lately, so I figured what the heck.The product, attractively packaged in a 1.05 fluid once glass bottle is applied with a glass pipette which dispenses the recommended single drop of shimmering, golden liquid which you spread around your fingers, then apply to the areas on your face you feel need the most attention.It’s goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave any telltale residue. It’s got a very light fragrance and, most important for my sensitive skin, I haven’t developed any reactions or felt any irritation thus far.The Swiss manufacturer claims an 85.6% reduction in wrinkles in volunteer tests after just 28 days of twice-daily use.I’ve only been using it a week, and, while it could be the psychological boost of spreading something gold on your face that comes out of an expensive-looking bottle, I do seem to notice–and feel–more of a smoothness around my eyes and, especially the area of my forehead above the bridge of my nose, so time will tell (and, ideally, not tell, where my skin’s true age is concerned!).

Rochelle Spelter, WV

Works Okay But Not My Favorite

Fytofontana Cosmeceutical Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum is a gold colored serum that leaves behind a rather sticky feeling. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now at night. I use the dropper to extract the serum and then I apply it to my entire face. Make sure you apply it a good while before going to bed because it dries slowly and produces a sticky feeling. The next morning you’ll find glittery gold color all over your face. The serum absorbs but the color doesn’t so be sure to wash your face before you have human contact.The serum does seem to reduce fine lines and make my skin a bit softer but it did nothing for my deeper lines. I don’t care for the sticky feeling the serum creates so I won’t be buying a serum product again but if you prefer that texture then you’ll like this product.

Lillian Plumtree, NC

Didn’t Work For Me

Fytofontana Cosmeceutical Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum for Adult Skin Over 45, 1.05 Fluid OunceI actually took the ENTIRE 28 days the product recommends to show you if there is an improvement in my skin or not —please see my accompanying photos.I have hit the magic number on the calendar; I am now 55 years old and time seems to be marching across my face. So when I had the opportunity to try something like this, something that I wouldn’t usually dream of trying, I jumped at the opportunity.Why there is actual gold in the formula is beyond me, I could find no true scientific evidence that it can be absorbed and helped by the skin. It does make your skin APPEAR to look better though since the light reflects off of the tiny pieces of gold, much like make-up or powders with tiny sparkles in it.Overall, with no BS–I could see no difference in my skin. It was a pleasant experience to rub and massage this in and the gold does give my skin luminosity, but as far as hardcore getting rid of character lines—I saw nothing different.

Michell Hanover Park, IL

Lovely glow but wrinkles did not go

I really liked the way the fluid felt on my skin. It spread easily and absorbed quickly. The gold flecks were very subtle and produced a nice “glow” effect for a few hours each day. My 47 year old skin can be a little sensitive but this serum did not irritate it in any way. Although I’ve really enjoyed the product for its moisturizing and its skin feel, it did not reduce my wrinkles or fine lines at all. Given the high price, I will not repurchase.

Vickie Wimberley, TX

No noticable improvement at all

I jumped at the chance to try this serum for the crows feet on my 48yo eye area. I stopped using liquid foundation a few years ago when I found that it seemed to accentuate my lines, even trying those anti-aging varieties. One of my main concerns was that I might have an unfavorable reaction to this serum, since I have sensitive skin and have had reactions to plenty of OTC creams. No irritations with this. It feels nice going on, kind of silky, but quickly dried and had a slight tacky feeling. In the beginning, I ignored it, but towards the end of my test, I felt the need to put on a little dab of eye cream (Loreal Regenerist or Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye) to get rid of that feeling. It became bothersome. I wanted to believe their claim of “Up to 85% reduction in wrinkles in just 28 days”. After a month of using this product twice a day, I noticed no improvements, sadly.

Mai Elko, SC

Gold-plated cure

This serum – a medium I have not tried before – is especially formulated, apparently, for skin over 45 years old. My skin certainly falls into that bracket, and is beginning to plague me with the ravages of time, so I decided to give it a try. It specifically says “for the face” but my arms also are depressing, so I use it primarily on them, and I have to say, with diligent use there is a difference. Nothing short of a regeneration machine would completely solve the problem, but if you want to be at least temporarily mollified about the appearance of your skin, this stuff does help. (It should, for its price.) One must maintain a daily regimen, however, to get any even semi-lasting results, and this is my failing – I am not always as faithful in application as I should be. The gold apparent in the content makes you feel a lttle more decadent, also.

Deirdre Chester, MD

A Valid new Product for Aging Skin

Botoceutical Gold is a new product from Switzerland that is being directed to people over age 45 to help minimize the fine wrinkles that appear with skin changes associated with age. It contains hexapeptide, pentapeptide, octapeptide and dipeptide, hyaluronic acid, lipoic acid, retinol, anti-oxidants, and other inert ingredients. Allied to the thin skin at the lateral areas to the eyes – those areas where laugh lines are particularly noticeable – twice a day, this substance is lightly applied and then patted in to the skin for complete absorption. It is rather amazing how rapidly the solution evens out the skin, reducing the depth of the fine wrinkles: in only a few days of use the change is noticeable.Probably this topical solution with never match the results gained by injectable botulinum toxin in those areas, but it is an alternative to attempt before seeking Botox injections. There do not seem to be side effects when used properly so the only deterrent to trying it is the rather high cost of the solution – not as high as Botox injections, but still on the higher end of the scale of cosmeceuticals. Grady Harp, October 12

Lorrie Mulhall, OK

Allergic, but clever bottle design

I was not able to use this long enough to judge if it would have any anti-aging impact. I have somewhat sensitive skin and once in a while, I react to certain lotions or topicals, and unfortunately, I reacted to something here. Because of my occasional sensitivity, I do a patch test with any new topical. I was using this on half of my neck for about 3 days, and then I started getting a little bumpy and a little itchy. Obviously, I can’t judge the efficacy of this product, but I can let potential buyers know that this has a typical serum texture, although perhaps a little thicker than most. However, what I found unpleasant is that as one rubbed the serum in, as per instructions, it did get a bit sticky and a bit tacky. Therefore, I don’t believe this would be appropriate to use in the morning if one is going to follow with makeup. The tacky skin surface would not be amenable to make-up application. I can offer up some positive observations. The serum had a very subtle but pleasant smell that dissipated quickly. Additionally, the bottle top (the serum applicator) was cleverly designed. The top of the glass bottle is essentially an eye dropper type applicator, but with a button on top to dispense the serum, so no drip, no mess. Very nice design. Athough this product comes with a booklet insert, it was not informative about the active peptide ingredients here, but was mainly just a listing of the Fyofontana Cosmeceuticals, which appear to be an assortment of products using the same ‘active’ ingredient, but marketed for different areas; e.g., the eyes, the neck, etc. Perhaps the products are different, or perhaps only the type of vehicle is different. Bottom line, I cannot attest to the effectiveness of this product, or not, as I was reactive to one of the ingredients, so my rating is neutral, with a bump up for the delivery system and subtle smell.

Nadia Bloxom, VA

Used it for 1 month as recommended. Good moisturizing properties but no miracles as promised.

I religiously used it twice a day for several months after reading all the promises of amazing results after 28 days of use. I so wanted to believe the hype. The list of ingredients and science behind it was impressive. But alas, this serum did not produce any results. No wrinkle reduction. No texture change. No change in skin pigmentation / eveness or tone. . Maybe I just wanted to believe. My skin does feel a little softer, though.

Muriel Sweeny, TX

By Tracey

Being somewhat optimistic, and in my forties, I found that after one month of use I didn’t notice a clearer difference than a lesser priced cream. I know that after only a month’s use i shouldn’t expect dramatic changes so as far as a longer use cycle goes I can’t say. Olay’s regenerist is what I’m happy with right now and I don’t see that changing.

Jacquelyn Chaplin, CT

Hopefully optimistic – Disappointed in the end

Let me begin by simply stating that this product did NOTHING to reduce the look of wrinkles on my face. I’ve used other products that have cost significantly less and produced much better results.I think the first thing that struck me as strange with this product was the lack of instructions for use. Basically, the instructions were to use a drop of the product on clean skin – that’s it. No mention as to how often. I’m still not certain if this product should be used in the morning, at night, or both to achieve the wrinkle reduction benefits. I might even add that I checked online and there were no additional “instructions for use” to be found through any of my internet searches. Due to the lack of instructions – I used this product only in the morning.The booklet of literature that came with the product outlines the entire beauty line and the benefits of each product. The cover of the literature proudly proclaims “fytofontana cosmeceuticals – replacement of plastic surgery operations.” This literature really tries to achieve a “scientific” look with a lot of pictures of test tubes, scientist who are gloved up testing products, lots of language that contains reduction percentages to support their clams, and some before and after photos. It is clear that this literature is really striving to present a “scientific image” to back their claims of “significant results” after only 28-days. The results outlined in the literature sound too good to be true and I couldn’t help but wonder if the FDA might take exception to all the language of “proven effectiveness by laboratory in vitro measurements” bla, bla, bla. Was it too good to be true????? For me and my skin type – Yes.I also didn’t care for the packaging of this product. The glass bottle and glass eye dropper pipette simply unnerved me every time I opened the product. I was so afraid that I was going to drop the bottle (or the dropper) in the porcelain sink or on the tile floor and then have broken glass (and an expensive skin product) everywhere. In addition, I found that pulling the pipette in and out of the bottle often resulted in some spillage as droplets of the product ran down the neck of the bottle. You REALLY have to have steady hands to use this product with no spillage. I probably wouldn’t have even noted this concern however you only apply a drop of this product for use therefore every drip running down the side of the bottle is basically one less use in the future (and this stuff is expensive).The gold color was not overly noticeable on my skin type (I have a medium complexion) and I actually liked how it initially “brightened” my skin tone however this didn’t last once the product absorbed into the skin. I didn’t notice a glitter effect that another reviewer referenced. This product is definitely NOT a moisturizer so if you experience dry skin and want to try this product you will need to use a moisturizing product after applying the Botoceutical Gold. The recommendation of using only a drop of the product is surprisingly true. This product really did go a long way and absorbed quickly into my skin – it just sadly didn’t produce any results. Although I do not have overly sensitive skin and not prone to breakouts, I did experience some acne breakouts that made me suspect that this product could be to blame since it was the only thing different in my beauty routine of cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing, etc.In fairness, every skin type (just like hair type) is different so perhaps other users will have a different experience with this product. Overall however I felt the claims in the literature were over inflated and too good to be true. I was hopefully optimistic that I’d notice results as represented in the pamphlet however no such luck!

Janice Montgomery, WV

It helped, but the peptides are probably hype

I guess I’d start off by saying I’m pleased that the look of the fine lines and wrinkles on my face was reduced, that is where they got 2 stars. That is the good news but it gets followed by a lot of bad news.First, they threw everything but the kitchen sink into this formulation. Yes, it has the peptides but is also has DMAE, HYALURONIC ACID, RETINOL and ALA. So it is difficult to isolate what is actually working and whether adding the very expensive peptides is worthwhile. On the peptides the research I saw (particularly on Hexapeptide-8) was indeterminate. For it to actually work it has to absorb through the skin and reach the underlying muscles. If you know anything about transport flux of drugs across the skin barrier you know this isn’t impossible but it is unlikely to happen in OTC formulations. Frankly if they were actually successful at delivering peptides to the musculature of the face my guess is they might then have to register this product as a drug with the FDA. But that is speculation. I only mention it because it is hard to get chemicals through the skin to the muscles beneath the skin. But that doesn’t stop companies from obliquely claiming they can do just that.They also added some pretty heavy handed fragrance to the formulation as well as what I think is MICA flake glitter. That glitter is an odd choice because who, over the age of 15, wants to walk around with sparkle glitter on their face? No, it isn’t actual gold flakes, by the way. It’s just sparkle glitter and just you can notice it even at some distance so it is an odd choice to put in a product for adults. Lastly, the applicator is extremely awkward to use. Sometimes it works and sometimes i have to pump it 4 or 5 times just to get it to suck up a few drops.Overall, I’d say try one of the brands that use just the DMAE, HYALURONIC ACID, RETINOL and ALA complex (without the peptides and the glitter sparkle). If you can find one that is, so far I can’t.

Maryann New Freedom, PA

Have Noticed a Difference Already

Although I have only been using this product for a few weeks, I have noticed a difference in my skin. The serum seems to have softened the appearance of some of my lines and wrinkles, especially on my cheeks. I am impressed with the generous size of the bottle, and, as a little goes a long way, I expect that it will last for quite a while. Prior to applying the serum, I wash my face thoroughly, let my skin dry, and then apply a small amount of the product to my face, especially on my cheeks and around my mouth. After it dries, I apply my usual moisturizer. If I use it during the day, I use it with a face cream with at least a 15 spf. One reviewer said it was not for skin that broke out or became red from products — I have found it to be totally non-irritating, and I sometimes react badly to skin products that are “too strong.” The only thing I can add in that regard is that if you have had issues in the past you may want to use less of the product to start, and contact your doctor if you have an adverse reaction. But I have experienced nothing but good results. The only thing that might keep me from using the serum again (after I run out of this bottle) would be the price.UPDATE: I have been using this product 2-3 times a week since I wrote my review so that it will last longer. There has been an improvement in my skin as noted in the original review, but there has also not been a total transformation. The only thing that can result in a total transformation is expensive surgery or an expensive, temporary injectable. Due to genetics and long exposure to the sun as a child and a teen, my skin weathered prematurely, and the best I can hope for in the long run is to soften the appearance of the damage. This product, combined with a sunblocking face cream, is a good choice. And it is still non-irratating on my skin after several months.

Hester Sutton, NE

Nothing Special

I hate to be negative, but when it comes to wrinkle reduction, topicalover-the-counter serums/creams can only do so much. This product mademy skin feel smooth, but barely made a dent in even the finest lines.It does make a good makeup base and even worn alone it gives the skina nice light sheen. If you want to reduce wrinkles, retin-a or glycolicacid are still the best topical options.

Francine Isabela, PR

Not Recommended

Boy howdy, this didn’t come with much in the way of instructions. It just says to apply and let dry before using any cosmetics. That made me think that it was only supposed to be used once a day even though many products of this type are to be used twice a day. I decided to see what I could find on the internet, so I checked out the company’s website. Indeed, this product is supposed to be used twice a day. It would have been nice if they mentioned it in the information brochure that’s included with the product.I’ve used this twice a day for a month, and, honestly, I can’t see any difference in my skin. I only used it on one side of my face, and I have a 15 times magnifying mirror, so I can get a good look, and I don’t see any change at all. Even if it did work, I wouldn’t be inclined to buy it. Yes, there are products that are even more expensive than this, but in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty expensive. I also have an issue with the bottle. The neck of the bottle isn’t much bigger than the pipette. If I’m not very careful about putting the pipette back in the bottle, it scrapes the side of the neck and the product runs down the outside of the bottle. Messy. This product is very perfumed. It wouldn’t be such an issue, but it’s right there by my nose, and although the odor fades as time goes by, it’s there all day and night. Even if this product did improve my skin, just for that reason alone I wouldn’t buy it. Combined with the difficult dispenser, and the price, I can’t recommend this product.

Teri Bettendorf, IA

Not convinced…

I have been using Fytofontana Cosmeceutical Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 2 months so to give this product enough time to prove its effectiveness. Needless to say, I am not convinced that this product is effective as there are no visible changes on my face. That said, it does give my face a certain glow, which my husband noticed immediately. The bottom line is… for $140 you would expect this product to deliver its promises but it does not, which is very disappointing. I was especially optimistic. Nonetheless, I will stick to my $25 anti-wrinkle product, which proved more effective.

Bobby Grapeland, TX

Gold face

My first thought on seeing the extreme cost of this product was that if it really worked as advertised, some of the celebrities and politicians and their wives would certainly be using it and the results showing. The next was, after looking at the ingredient list the first and main ingredient is aqua? Water?It did have an instruction sheet saying to apply a drop to your finger tips and apply to clean skin prior to using any cosmetics, and then wait a few minutes. It can be used around the eyes, but keep out of the eyes, so one must be careful about touching your face and then rubbing your eyes. When using this, my skin felt sticky even hours afterwards. I did use it for the full time needed. It says to use for 28 days, twice daily. Those directions were on the advertising page, but not in the package – an extremely strange and critical omission. The dropper is a bit awkward to use and the fact that the bottle is thick glass is a bit unnerving to use in a bathroom setting for potential dropping and breakage.It is manufactured in Switzerland and an address for that country and the distribution center in the US and a web site and e mail were given. Good to know that you can get ahold of them. The booklet included shows pictures of the results. The problem with this is that the before were all much darker, so that skews the results of the photos.The bottom line is that personally I saw no difference and I guess because I was studying my wrinkles, it actually looked like there were more of them and they seemed more noticeable to me.

Loraine Lewiston, ME

Peptides = good, parabens = not so good (maybe!)

I have dry, somewhat sensitive skin, even more dry as the weather gets colder. I’ve been using this 3 weeks on my face, neck, and around my eyes in the crows feet area, along with my normal moisturizer and SPF as this alone isn’t enough moisture for me. At first this serum caused me to itch, but I kept up and eventually my skin got accustomed to it.The serum has good ingredients, but it also has 5 parabens (parabens don’t bother me personally, but you may choose to not want any in your skincare regimen – they are used as a preservative – see below). The tin oxides impart a glow to your face, like tiny specks of glitter, which I don’t care for, especially if you’re over 45 which is the targeted age range of this product (I’m barely in the range, and I don’t need glitter on my face! If you put something over this such as tinted moisturizer or foundation, it will knock the glow down to being acceptable.The serum comes in an eye-dropper style bottle, and you press the button on top of the cap to dispense more serum into the dropper. It takes only a drop or 2 for your entire face, soaks in quickly, and is not greasy or sticky. It has a pleasant light, fruity/floral scent that quickly dissipates.Of course, it takes awhile to assess whether this has any wrinkle-reducing ability – as far as dramatic wrinkle reduction, I will update my review after the 28 days is up; I don’t foresee much difference as I’ve used skincare with peptides for several years.So far, I’m not blown away by this serum. I can get peptides in other much less expensive serums; however, I’m not sure of the concentration (what percentage) the Fytofontana has in it.NOTE: Some studies have shown that parabens MAY cause some types of cancer. I’m not sure if I believe this, but it’s out there for you to Google and read.This line is made by: Herb-pharma AG Schweiz located in Zurich, Switzerland

Annie Sand Creek, WI