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FX Silk Drops Hair Serum 4 Ounce

Silk drops serum smoothens and conditions any unruly hair. This high potency polishing formula instantly makes hair silky and super smooth. Moisturizes and detangles dry, damaged hair while transforming fizziness into a glossy shine and helps prevent breakage. The result? Full bodied, healthy looking hair with brilliant shine.

Key features

  • Smoothes frizzy hair
  • Leaves hair glossy and soft
  • Locks moisture for long lasting effect
  • Prevents breakage and split ends
  • Adds shine

Honest reviews


New to me

I just bought a 4-ounce bottle today and haven’t tried it yet. The stars are for the price. My grocery store’s regular price for this size is $4.24. Why is yours so expensive?

Callie Desha, AR


I’ve been using FX silk drops for about a year now. I absolutely love it. Super cheap and the bottle will last you a long time. I hardly notice any split ends anymore. Way better than any expensive split end mending product. I have super fine thin hair that gets greasy easily but if you only use a little bit on wet hair concentrating on the ends it shouldn’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy. Defiantly going to buy this again.

Amelia Niantic, IL

Nice and nice

The product arrived on time and as described. Very happy with the service; I bougth it for a friend and she would recommend it over and over.

Dawn Springville, AL

Amazing stuff

I tried the FX Silk Drops Serum based on the positive reviews and I have to agree it does what everyone says it will do. I have color treated hair and it often has lots of tangles. I smoothed this stuff on before drying and I have no tangles even a day later. It also made my hair very soft and shiny. My hair doesn’t feel dry on the ends like it usually does and it also smoothed all the split ends and kept it frizz-free. The key is to just use a very small amount. A little goes a long way. If you use too much it may make your hair too greasy. I concentrated most of it on the ends and then just lightly ran my hands over the rest of my hair. It works great and is very reasonably priced. I will continue to buy this product.

Gladys Sebago Lake, ME

Good smoothing serum

I use smoothing serums a lot. I bought this and a few curling gels/creams of the same brand. I was very disappointed with the other products from this brand, but this one I was pleasantly surprised. Smells good and does the trick, smooths down hair and you do not need that much of it to get the job done 🙂

Neva Fort Atkinson, IA

Smoothes and shines indeed

I tried this on the ends of my hair, which are prone to dryness. This immediately smoothed out my hair and made it look shiny and glossy. But use very little, otherwise it could make your hair look greasy. I’d recommend starting at the ends & then using what’s left-over in your hands to go over the other parts of your hair. Be careful not to apply too much near your forehead area, because it will look very greasy! This did not exactly “tame” fly-aways, but then again, it doesn’t exactly claim to do that. It smooths the hair and makes it look shiny. Also, it smells pretty nice, in my opinion.Also, I love the fact that this product contains minimal ingredients (in comparison to other “hair smoothers”); its ingredients mainly appear healthy for your hair (Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin A). I did a search to check for its safety level on, and I typically like to buy mostly organic and natural products, yet I’m quite pleased with this product, even though it isn’t stated as being organic or all-natural.

Neva Poplarville, MS