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FusionBeauty LiftFusion Face Lift

LiftFusion’s technologically advanced cosmetic formula, delivers visible results without the discomfort, side effects of many syringe-administered anti-wrinkle products. A blend of anti-wrinkle ingredients, absorbs and activates on contact to transform skin’s appearance. Fine lines and deep wrinkles are visibly reduced, vertical and horizontal forehead furrows, frown lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial lines appear softened, and skin tone and texture is dramatically transformed, as skin looks smoother and more firm.

Key features

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkels, crows feet
  • Visible results without discomfort
  • Skin tone and texture is dramatically transformed, as skin looks smoother and more firm

Honest reviews



This appears to be a high grade product. It is a boxed item. The container is a nice size and aesthetically appealing. It is 6 1/2″ tall and 1 1/2″ wide and is 1.7 oz. I have used it only once, so far. The one I received is fresh and not old smelling like the one another viewer received. It does have a ‘different’ scent to it, but not offensive or old smelling. I ordered this because it has proven ingredients and such a tiny price on Amazon. The retail price on this is $140.00 and I purchased it here, on Amazon, for less than 20.00. I would never pay 140.00 for it or even close to that. If it actually helps some, it will be worth it. I am watching closely to see if it works, even have “before” photos, and will update my review after using this for a longer period of time. So many products make the claims their products work, but not all have the ingredients to back it up. I am giving this 5 stars based upon initial opinion and the impressive ingredients.By the way, on the Amazon product page, it calls this FUSION BEAUTY LIFT FUSION. On the box it says it is M-TOX FACELIFT. I thought these were two different products and I ordered the first mentioned one, so I am a little confused on this. I will research it. They could be one in the same.I only wish this was shipped Amazon Prime. When shipped that way it is delivered by UPS to my door. I buy as many as 30-80 items a month from Amazon using Prime 2 or 1 day shipping UPS. I try to only buy products with the Amazon prime shipping but sometimes it is not possible to get some items that way. This was shipped USPS. The problem for me with this shipping is that the Carrier does not bring it to my door but delivers it to my box 1/2 mile down the road. We are in the mountains but easily accessible, but that’s how it is. The thing I am concerned about on all my Amazon USPS shipments is that I am not able to drive down to the box (health problems) sometimes, for 3 weeks. The extreme temperatures could affect his product, in a metal container, sitting in a outside PO box when it gets in the 20’s at night now. Part of one day outside could affect the quality and integrity of the product. Even when UPS delivers I try and make sure to get the items from the porch asap , as the deliver person does not ring the bell anymore, just leaves the packages, which is ok. 95% of the time the UPS person comes before 10:30 in the morning so it helps to know the approximate items get here. I wonder if those who get funny smelling products, if it has to do with the products sitting outside in extreme temperatures for a period of time? If there is anyone out there who is educated in this realm, I would appreciate your take on this issue, if the extreme temperatures really do affect the cosmetic, food, dog food and other products in a negative way. Thanks!

Zelma Corinne, WV

The smell is wretched, I think it is stale or expired.

I really do not see that this made any difference. The smell is so bad I cannot stand it. I used this product years ago and back them it did work. I think I got an old and expired batch.

Addie Ericson, NE

preventative maintenance

The reviews and the price sold this product. I was looking for something to keep the small wrinkles under my eyes from getting bigger…we I am one to try many different products and I have found a face product that I like and I am using this on my HANDS… looking at some women’s hands, they look very aged, and I’m trying this on my hands, and LOVE the results!! Smooth and less stressful looking hands. I will be buying this again…for either my hands or face. Great product!

Clara Anton, CO

It’s ok

It doesn’t do as advertised, but for the low price I was willing to try it. It is a pretty good moisturizer for the neck area but other than that, it doesn’t do anything. On a positive note, it didn’t break out my sensitive skin so I gave it an extra star for that.

Callie Niobe, NY

Funky smell

I only received this product today. I just now applied it to my face. It smells like a musty basement. I will disregard the smell to see if the product has any benefits…for now.

Lana Caruthersville, MO