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Furlesse Elevens Anti-Aging Patches for Frown Line Wrinkles

Furlesse is the newest no-needle solution to relaxing frown lines between the eyes. The simple-to-use, transparent patch is designed to fit any forehead to gently soften fine lines while you sleep.

Key features

  • Use nightly or daily, minimum 2 to 3 hours
  • 30 patches to reduce lines between the eyes
  • Clear and comfortable
  • Easy to apply and remove, no messy cleanups
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Made in the USA

Honest reviews




Gilda Lamont, KS

work great, but not really better than tape

These work great, I like them because they’re shaped, but for the price, I think tape works just as well.

Jewel Bentley, MI

Anti wrinkles

Helps a little with the wrinkles. I dont see to much improvement. Probably for minor imperfections. Lines of expression only.

Jeanette Forsyth, GA

Frown Lines

I was not sure if these would work, but they really do work i wear one every night and my frown line is going away, its a true product and a great price and great seller

Consuelo Church Creek, MD

Got morning EYE Wrinkes? These WORK!

First let me tell you I really am impressed with these anti-wrinkle patches. I am 39 and started getting Botox on and off about 8 yrs ago around my eyes and forehead but it wouldn’t really help my small crapey wrinkly crows feet eye area….so I took a chance on these. I knew these were for between the eyes but thought i could poss make them work for my eye area…. I noticed that my lines were far far much worse in the a.m. because I sleep on my sides when my cheeks push up causing horrifying lines/wrinkles mostly my left but on both pretty much and Botox can’t help that!!! (I even use a 100% silk pillowcase) After using these I awake without wrinkling! I never go to bed without my Ob agi eye cream and after about 20-30 mins or before shutting tv off i slap tem on upside down on the sides and under my ees.I haven’t had Botox in 6 months. Granted, when I smile, which is a lot, my lines show up but just at that moment and not permanently. The reason for 4 stars is that these arent shaped for under eyes. . I will wrote/email the company today so I am hoping they will offer that option. **there is also another type that works but they are only avail in a variety of odd shape pack with few under eye moons. Those ones I buy here on Amazon too and are: Derma gen all one word – I email ed them today to ask if they could offer full sheet options of only the moon shapes. I have just left a review for that product today as well**

Marilyn Bridgeport, AL

Works well

This is an update to a previous review. I use this product between my eyebrows and on the side of my nose, which gets a crease because I sleep on my side. I love this product because it’s so easy and it really works! I cut these in half down the middle – the full size is actually a little large for between my eyebrows and would sometimes take a hair or two when removed. Occasionally, there is adhesive residue left on my forehead – but it washes easily off. (This is why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars.) But I’m elevens- and crease-free. So simple. I have these on automatic reorder and have been using them for over a year (I’m 38). I am disappointed in the creeping cost increase of this product. When first started using these, they were about $15 but now over the last year or so, they’ve been incrementally rising the price to close to $20. That is frustrating and annoying.

Leann Beresford, SD

Good to start this early in life.

I am only 43, but have the serious "11"’s issue. After using almost all of product, I’ve noticed very little in the appearance of my wrinkles. Maybe if I had started to use this product in my 20’s, it might be worth it.

Elinor Evergreen Park, IL

Gradually, but surely working

I have deep frown lines, and did not have much luck with the Frownies that I initially tried. It did not stick at all.Furlesse sticks well to my face, despite my moisturiser, and it stays in place all night.The lines are softening gradualy. I will continue using it.I am also using other topical creams to ease the frown marks.I recommend Furlesse Elevens.

Sherrie Jeremiah, KY