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Fuller Brush Foot & Body Spa Brush

The Fuller Brush Foot & Spa Body Brush gives you a refreshing, healthy glow by exfoliating your skin as it cleans. This spa brush combines stiff upper bristles with soft lower bristles for a truly invigorating experience. Rediscover soft, glowing skin every time you shower, with the Fuller Brush Foot & Spa Body Brush.

Key features

  • Spa-style brush exfoliates skin for a healthy, refreshing glow
  • Brush combines stiff upper bristles with soft lower bristles
  • Extra-long handle lets you easily reach your back and feet without bending
  • Rust-resistant wire construction provides strength and durability
  • Sturdy plastic handle features hang-up hole for easy bathroom storage

Honest reviews


My SPA Brush – I love it!

If this wonderfully designed bath and body brush lasts, well then the price will have been worth it. I have put a couple of those stick-on hooks inside the tub to hang it on, as well as a recently acquired lotion applicator. I love the size of the brush and have used it for dry brushing first and then in the shower. WOW! I was surprised that the handle is plastic (but sturdy), I think because my mother-in-law has a Fuller Brush Denture Brush with the same shape as this brush only considerably smaller. It seems to be much sturdier and with a wooden handle and a heavier metal holding the plastic bristles. (I recently purchased her two more directly from Fuller Brush because the one she has had for nearly 30 years has begun to rust). Holding the brush down to the floor of the tub you can run your feet through it one at a time and your feet are clean. Boy, it reaches from here to there.I must say I would gladly recommend this bath brush. The company who sent it to me also included a little freebie treat of a little box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares with just a hint of brown sugar. Uuum sounds good enough to eat.

Elizabeth Long Beach, MS


The bristles were too stiff and the whole thing too big and unwieldy to use as a shower brush for either back or feet. I am keeping it around to see if it’s useful to clean bathtub or shower tile.

Lourdes Summit, SD

Absolutely love this brush!!

I bought this brush just over two years ago through Publisher’s Clearing house of all places. I was tired of the weak handled soft bristled brushes that you can find at any department store. I was always breaking the handle of those brushes because I was pressing so hard because the bristles were too soft (broke about 1 per month). I use this brush in the shower to scrub my back, lower legs and feet (I have a narrow shower stall and a bad back) and I can tell the difference in my skin when I don’t use the brush. The bristles are a perfect blend of firm (closer to the handle) and stiffer (towards the end of the brush).I just broke the handle of this brush recently and went into a panic to find a replacement. I am so glad that Amazon carries it. I was beginning to make plans to “Frankenstein” this one back together using pvc pipe…hmmm, still might do that to have it as a backup.

Deana Bingham Lake, MN


There isn’t one thing about this turkey that works. It’s too long, the handle is slippery, the shape hits nothing on your back, when you soap the bristles it catapults soap into your eyes. It didn’t come with a string to hang it up when your done. It has a HOLE for a string but nope, nadda, zippy doo da day no string. It has two kinds of bristles, a soft and a hard, the soft ones are too soft and the hard ones abrade the skin, AND they are placed backwards on the brush. I HATE IT!! Going to try and return it and get something else.

Gail Tabernash, CO

Great brush

Get this for doing your back and it feels soooo good, when you use, we are 76 & 74 and no-one does our backs anymore but this does the job.

Letha Wyoming, MN