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Fruit Of The Earth Vitamin E Gel, 12 Ounce

Ward off dry skin with the power of vitamin E and aloe vera. Use daily as a moisturizer or apply to sunburned or irritated skin to soothe and heal. Alcohol free moisturizing, antioxidant therapy.

Key features

  • Moisturizing, antioxidant therapy
  • Alcohol free formula
  • Use daily as a moisturizer or apply to sunburned or irritated skin to soothe and heal

Honest reviews


Did not like

this was tried on my face, nail cuticles, dry skin, and well, let’s just say i finally gave up and it is now by the kitchen sink. Maybe I will remember and use on my hands after I wash dishes. IMO it was a waste of $10.

Rosie Chilhowie, VA

Great product for soothing skin

Especially in the summertime, I found this product great for my skin; very soothing and beneficial to my skin. Very good

Hester Paramount, CA

Lessens scars, heals wounds, softens skin.

I got this because I was told to after my skin grafts. I now use it on EVERYTHING! I’d eat it if it could sustain me. It makes marks from blemishes go away faster, replaces facial toner, heals wounds faster, softens skin, moisturizes under your eyes and tones. I just can’t go wrong! I’m sure I can use it as a hair gel just like their aloe gel too, but I don’t require hair gel. Even if you need extra moisture in your delicate feminine parts, this does the job! Heck I’m willing to try it out during sex too! I love this product. It would be nice if they sold it in stores by me, but they don’t. Grab all that you can!

Carla Mc Knightstown, PA

Great skin conditioner

It smells a little herbal perfumey when first applied but the smell fades after a few minutes. It also feels a little tacky while it’s drying but once it’s dry it leaves skin smooth and silky and very well conditioned. It’s a great substitute for body lotion after a shower during the summer months.

Pauline Nottawa, MI

Fruit of Earth Vitamin E Gel made my skin so soft

Fruit Earth vitamin e gel made my skin feel very smooth and soft. It cleared up myacne really good. I would recommend this product to any of my friends with oilyacne prone skin.

Brandie Cherokee, KS

Cool and Healing

Here’s a great non-greasy natural product that soaks in and helps your skin heal. I love the cool, refreshing gel.

Selma Leola, AR


Great as a moisturizer for skin and hair. this is a good quality product. Double duty needed for this winter season.

Sherri Howard City, MI


I have had this annoying rash forever and this stuff did the job. It is great for cooling off a sunburn also.

Rosalind North Royalton, OH