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Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel – 6 oz

Moisturizing Therapy for Sunburn – Dry – Irritated Skin OFFICIAL SKI TEAM SKIN CAREFruit of the Earth. ADVANCED RESEARCH Proudly Presents 100% PURE ALOE VERA GEL: FRAGRANCE FREE NO COLOR ADDED Cooling soothing gel from nature’s miracle plant of the ages. Made from fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Forms a protective barrier which helps retain moisture and promotes healing. Non-oily moisturizer provides effective relief from sunburn, minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites, chafing, itching, dry skin.Quickly Absorbed. Will Not Stain. Discover the many uses of aloe! TRY IT! As a shaving gel. As a hair styling gel. On blemishes.How do you use aloe vera gel? Please write! NO ANIMAL TESTING

Key features

  • Moisturizing therapy for dry or sunburned skin
  • 100% pure aloe vera; fragrance-free; no color added
  • Forms a protective barrier to retain moisture
  • Can also be used as a shaving or hair styling gel
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Healthy and great hold

To begin with when I opened the Gel I was surprised it had no scent. However, it made up for that with the amount of hold it had for taming unruly curls and my edges. Also, the gel does not leave any residue or buildup and can be used quite often. It doesnt have any unhealthy ingredients such as alcohol which can make the hair have a crunchy feel instead of a soft supple feel. I would probably suggest this for people who have a unruly curls or edges. Just dab a tiny bit between your hands rub where is needed and voila your hair will come out great. An added bonus is Aloe vera has healing properties for the scalp and is extremely healthy. Lastly if doing a twistout or bantu knots I would recommend this.

Liz Payette, ID

Purchased for My Daughter

And she loves it. I also use 100% aloe to seal the cuticles of the hair after shampooing as well.

Jerri Hiller, PA

Aloe freak

Nothing to say except excellent. I use this daily. I can find lots of ways to enjoy.I love that this product. I have this little bottle and the giant one and I won’t be without.I keep the aloe in the shower actually.I mix some in my conditioner for extra hydration I apply to face after shower while pores are still open. Mix with oil and apply to body.I also mix one tbsp of this with 4oz water and a tsp of jojoba oil (or argan ) in a mister bottle for a frizz fighting spray. It works well. You just can’t go wrong with aloe in my opinion.Aloe also makes a great styling aid. My bf uses this in place of gel now and he loves how his hair holds without looking hard and "wet." It is also great for frizz free curls.I have troubled skin and I have really noticed that by adding aloe to my routine my face has calmed down a lot. It seems to give my skin a more even tone.I do a raw honey/citric acid mask in shower. Rinse. Blot with towel lightly. Apply some BP, spitz glycerin/ water, then apply a little aloe to lock it all in. My skin has showed huge changes doing this. My skin will never be perfect but this sure helped get it the best it can be.

Cathryn Tomball, TX

returning this. 🙁 unhappy

I am so unhappy with this item, I oredered it because It said 100% aloe, I fell for thepackage info, this isn’t 100% aloe, and when I put it on my face after a derma roll, oh my god, it burned, real aloe doesn’t burn, because I have used other brands and real aloe. I am returning this, Ican’t believe the waste of money and time getting it through the mail. consumers need tostop deceiving to sell. 🙁

Ursula Melba, ID


UHG. How did I fall for "100% Gel." Yuck. As another reviewer pointed out, that does not mean 100% Aloe… I tried to use this once, but it just didn’t even feel right. Waste of money!!!

Katrina Lewis, CO

Use for a long list of things

This is the best thing in the world for burns, so recommend keeping some near the stove. Also best for sunburn, the quicker you apply it, the better. If you search for the uses for this product you will be amazed. Never run out.

Therese Janesville, WI

The best!

This the best face moisturizer that I’ve ever tried. I started putting it on after showering, and after just a couple of weeks started noticing healthier looking skin.I’ve tried quite a few different types of face moisturizers, and the only other two that match the effectiveness are hemp-seed oil, and coconut oil, but they both have downsides that the aloe doesn’t. The hemp seed oil looks oily on your skin, and my wife hates the taste of the coconut oil 🙂

Katheryn Leland, IA