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Fruit Of The Earth 100 % Aloe Vera Gel, 12 oz

100% Aloe Vera gel from Fruit of the Earth has no color additives and provides a pure, refreshing experience for your skin whenever it needs it most. It’s made from fresh aloe vera leaves and provides non-oily moisturizing directly to your skin. After all when summer gets the best of you, there’s no better friend than aloe vera.

Key features

  • 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Fruit of the Earth
  • Fragrance free and no color added
  • Natural moisture for your skin

Honest reviews


One of the Best

Fruit of the Earth has been around for, hmm, maybe 30 years? I remember the first time I bought aloe gel it was Fruit of the Earth. That was when aloe gel was the hot new thing.I have an aloe vera plant, too. It’s been growing about 20 years. Honestly, I do like the freshly cut leaves better for burns and to help heal skin, but the plant has its drawbacks, too, primarily the fact that when you cut off a leaf, it’s going to take time for a new one to grow. And it can get messy, and you have to use it fresh. The fresh aloe gel isn’t really like a gel. It’s really more like extremely watery mucous. I only use it for first aid, because straight up, the fresh aloe makes my skin feel tight.So, I did some research on the ingredients after I’ve used this for a while. I noticed when I used it near my eyes, they burned a little. It was nothing major, but I wanted to know what was up. Besides aloe vera, this product contains, pH adjustor, thickeners, stabilizers, preservative (tocopherol), and anti-microbials. I’ve no intention of writing a thesis, but my research revealed that several ingredients may irritate the eyes. These types of ingredients are required for a uniform product with some shelf life, and protection from yeasty beasties. So don’t put it around your eyes, OK?I use it to calm irritated skin. It’s cooling on a hot day, and boy, it feels like heaven putting this stuff on your feet at night. I use it to help wounds heal faster, and as an after shave/after epilation. Sometimes I just put it on because I feel like using it.Though I do have the eye irritation that I have to work around, I recommend this. I researched a lot of aloe vera gels on Amazon, and this is the best formulation I could find, bar none. Please note this is not a food grade aloe vera gel.

Felecia Hampton, SC

Bad for you or not….

I always read reviews about this product not being natural but either way it’s a very good product. This size bottle has lasted me a very long time I bought it almost two summers ago and the bottle still isn’t finished… It has help aide the healing process with several of my scars, and I even use it on my face from time to time. Yes it dries my face out and makes it peel a lot but it eventually evens my skin tone fade scars and dark spots. I use vitamin e oil from CoCo Care that I ordered off Amazon to help with the peeling and dry skin. Great combo,I recommend.

Charity Waring, TX

What’s not to like

Aloe Vera gel. What’s not to like. So many uses for this product. You just can’t go wrong to keep a bottle of this in your house. When my face feels irritated I smooth some of this on and it works right away. I keep it in my fridge to keep it cold. Awesome product.

Geneva Hales Corners, WI

Good gel

I use it on my hair when I need a very light hold , it works wonderfully… Very light gel. And my hair never feels hard using this gel

Christi South Bend, NE

Great product, some stickiness though

Use this all the time not only for sunburned skin, but daily use too. It’s just a little sticky when you apply it, however. A little scent, but seems like it’s all natural…

Bessie Rampart, AK

nice product, nice packaging

With aloe listed as the first ingredient by weight, no added colour (why do some manufacturers think they need to add green to their aloe products?), no added scent, this 12-ounce container also is a convenient size. For moisturizing (esp in place of lotion in hot, humid weather), for soothing sunburns, for helping cuts and scrapes heal, I highly recommend this Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. Nice attractive packaging and appealing brand name, too!

Dollie Witt, IL

Fruit Of The Earth Fruit Of The Earth 100 % Aloe Vera Gel worked for my acne

Fruit Of The Earth Fruit Of The Earth 100 % Aloe Vera Gel worked for my oily acne prone skin. I usedthe aloe vera on my face twice a day and it cleared my acne up. I would recommend this product toanyone dealing with acne prone oily skin.

Rachel Mittie, LA

All purpose gel

I purchased this gel to slick down my edges because i wear my hair in a bun a lot and i love the slick look. when i received the product i found myself using it for not just my hair. I used it for my skin from time to time as well i love this gel it doesn’t get flaky like other gels and is very soothing on sunburned or irritated skin i even use it when in shaping my eyebrows with my eyebrow razor. I love this product but i will unfortunately not purchase it from amazon its too pricey for the size of the bottle although i still have a small amount left im sure i can find some elsewhere for a much cheaper price but besides that I LOVE it.

Petra Bulpitt, IL

Nothing Better

There’s nothing better. Great for babies, kids, and parents alike. With one lotion, no need to buy multiple brands. It’s natural, effective, and protects your skin. As usual with aloe it goes on sticky then instantly dries. Nice.

Jami Forkland, AL

I Love This Stuff

Great product! I mix it with just about everything to give moisture to my concoctions. It mixes well with pure coconut oil and glycerine. Its an awesome moisturizer, that I highly recommend. I mix it with coconut oil and smooth it on my face at night. Despite the ingredients it feels non-greasy when it dries and the excess on my hands, I just smooth into my hairline. It’s a welcome humectant for natural african american hair.

Joanne Colts Neck, NJ


I figured that this would be an awesome product to have. It’s all natural and can be used for many things. It’s great for the skin, and hair.

Gale Harwood, MO

Hair Gel?

I purchased this to use as a hair gel for my natural 4a-c hair as a gel for hold. It doesn’t have any more hold on my hair than when i style just using conditioner. Luckily, I have made my own sealer that works great as a styler and moisturizer.

Judi Alder Creek, NY

Best Sunburn Gel out there

I’ve used this for years after getting too much sun. It definitely prevents peeling and instantly soothes the burn quickly.

Sherry Belle Rive, IL

I know this isn’t pure 100% aloe vera, and I don’t care

I’ll be honest. When I purchased this 5 years ago at my local Wal-Mart, I thought it WAS pure 100%, and I didn’t bother to read the ingredient deck. I don’t think Fruit of the Earth tries to deceive, you need to read the labels on all products. I use this with my FaceMaster as conductive solution, and I’ve used it in the past when my dog had some type of allergic reaction to the grass, it made her more comfortable. I have re-purchased it since then, only because the bottle is huge and I never use it up before it starts getting cloudy.

Pamala Dora, AL