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Frownies Corners Of Eyes And Mouth, 144 Patches

144 patches in a box Frownies Facial Patches are applied to the forehaed and between the eyses over lines and wrinkles caused by expressions.

Key features

  • Frownies are a simple method to reverse deep expression lines Frownies repair wrinkle-damaged skin without dangers of injections or toxic chemicals
  • Dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles safely and naturally
  • Trains the underlying facial muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost
  • Use daily or nightly; leave on for a minimum of three hours
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Complete waste of money

I have to wonder about all the 5 start reviews? My experience is:1. at bedtime-wash my face with facial cleanser2. apply them exactly as described on the package and website3. they barely stick on after spraying them with water4. go to sleep, wake up in a few hours, they are all aready came off5. in the morning pick up all the unstuck “frownies” and put them in the trash6. look in the mirror and see absolutley no difference whatsoever.Dont waste your time or money

Lessie Smethport, PA

Simple, effective, wrinkle reduction

I still can not believe that these things actually work. I tried them as a bit of a lark, thought what could it hurt? Have to say I was pleased with the initial results and have continue to be impressed.Frownies are a kind of stiff craft-like paper with a natural gum adhesive on one side. They come in squares with perforated sections to tear off and use on the desired areas of the face. To apply the Frownies you simply massage the area of application for about 15 seconds, wet the backside of the Frownie patch with either toner mist or plain old water, gently lift the skin adjacent to the application area, to smooth the area, and apply the Frownie patch. Ideally the patch should be left on overnight, but if this is not possible you can still get good results with 2-3 hours of use.The idea behind these things is that you retrain the facial muscles by temporarily freezing the area. (Much like Botox.) I also think that when you remove the patch, the area is slightly irritated and you get some temporary swelling, thus you see less wrinkling for a short period of time.I have been using these things for about a month now and can absolutely say that they have helped. Especially in the () area beside the mouth and nose. Hints I can offer are: Don’t use the huge perforated sections of the square if you don’t have to. Cut sections to fit your face and use. When applying to the () area, leave a bit of room to the side of the nose – they become extremely irritating when they harden up if the patch is brushing against the curved side of the nose. Remove these things in the shower if you can – or at the very least thoroughly wet them.One other issue of note – some say that surgical tape is just as effective for use in this manner and is a good deal less expensive. Nexcare flexible clear tape has been reported to yield pretty much the same results. I have not tried the tape being happy with this product, but those looking for an even more affordable solution, might want to check it out.

Ines Brenham, TX

Itchy, uncomfortable

These patches remind me of pieces of envelope paper with glue on them. They have hard edges which I find uncomfortable and itchy. It’s difficult to sleep with them on and in the morning, yes they temporarily flatten lines, but at the expense of a border in the shape of the Frownie showing all around the area they were plastered to. A few facial expressions later and, voila!, you have the border AND the wrinkle. Don’t waste your money.

Sonya Twilight, WV


Seriously, between my eyes, I see a huge difference when I use these. I can forget for a few days and then, WHOA, I am back on them. They stick nicely and come off only when I decide to take them off. They work by immobilizing the muscle…like botox but naturally letting the muscle become lax because it isn’t always being used…the anti-workout. I use them all over my face where I notice expression lines and am a huge proponent. I am too broke for botox, but honestly, these work just as well for me. I am 42

Kristie Danbury, WI


Sadly I have to report that I am not using my frownies….I vought them for some deep creases that had developed around my mouth. But they are uncomfortable to wear and don’t stick as well as I hoped when used with face cream.

Luann Westlake Village, CA



Graciela Kewadin, MI

Don’t buy this.

I’m half embarrassed that I even bought this product, but pushing sixty aren’t we all looking for a miracle wrinkle remover? Well, this isn’t it. I think I could do the same thing with duct tape at night as this product does.

Pauline Boulevard, CA

Not really worth the time

I tried these because I have the start of a wrinkle around the corner of my mouth, I have used them for several months and have not noticed any improvement, the wrinkle is not getting in worse though, that may be something due to the patches. But I don’t think I will be purchasing any more of these.

Jeanette Mazeppa, MN

Use the 3M clear bandaid tape instead

I’m in my early 40’s and have started to get laugh lines (not so funny), and I tried these. They actually feel really hard after applied to y face, and don’t hold as well as they should. In the morning, it kind of hurts to pull them off. I went back to my mom’s method of using the clear bandaid tape.

Ebony Tannersville, NY


As soon as I finish this I need to order more. They really do give the lines a break through the night. I wear them overnight.

Margo Frankfort Heights, IL