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Fromm Diane Stay Sharp Edge 5 3/4″

Scissors for Optimum Haircut Experience Haircuts pays a crucial role in enhancing an individual’s appearance. And the Fromm Edge-Ahead Tension Shear plays an important role to help you achieve your desired hairstyle. It features German design to help you get professional results. Sterling-coated, hand-honed and hollow-ground blades Sleek and lightweight design Opposing handles and an adjustable set screw Detachable finger rest for comfortable grip Achieve consistent cutting with ease and precision by using Fromm Edge-Ahead Tension Shear. Just For You: All hair types A Closer Look: The semi-offset handle of Fromm Edge-Ahead Tension Shear comes with a special detachable finger rest to provide a satisfying grip for hair cut. It has the sterling-coated blades that are semi-convex and hollow-ground for precise cutting results. Get Started: Follow instructions on the label

Key features

  • Microserrated and semi convex edge
  • Lightweight handle
  • Made in Taiwan

Honest reviews


good item..

I mainly purchased this item for trimming my own hair in which i already tried it once and it was ok. I just thought it would be a bit more smoother.

Minnie Hastings, PA

Fromm’s Done It Again

These shears cut like butter. Are very sharp, easy to hold, easy to manuever and easy to store for a very reasonable price. I’ve been cutting my hair for quite some time and had never invested in professional shears. Wish I had purchased these sooner.

Estela Capshaw, AL

These are SHARP!

These arrived today and I started doing my trim and I accidently cut my finger and I didn’t think much about it until my finger was covered in blood! I couldn’t believe how sharp these are. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for (minus the cut), because the sharper your scissors are, the less likely your hair’s ends will fray and turn into splits. This is what I am trying to avoid, as I’m growing out my hair. I have pair of $20 barber shears, and these Fromm scissors are much better. I cut my hair dry, and with the cheaper scissors, I hear a “crunch” sound when I cut my ends. I don’t hear anything when I cut with these. They are worth the money; I just hope I didn’t dull them by cutting my finger 🙂

Bernadette Wheaton, KS

Great alternative to expensive Japanese shears

I’ve been trimming my own ends for about a year now since I got tired of scissor-happy stylists. Before I started learning to cut my own hair I did some research on hair cutting tools and found out how important scissors are (especially sharp scissors). The best are made in Germany and Japan. The Japanese shears were way out of my budget and since I was looking for scissors to cut my hair when its dry, I needed beveled blades which were recommended for dry cutting or cutting hair before shampoo so I got these Fromm shears. They are amazing. I have cut myself twice while cleaning them so be careful, because they are very sharp. I have long layered hair and a lot of people ask me who cuts my hair and gasp when I tell them I do it myself. I do not recommend that people start cutting their own hair if they don’t know how to do it, but these scissors are great for maintenance at home if someone is cutting about half an inch or so and they are definitely great for short hairdos especially for finishing areas above the ears and behind the neck. Great price in comparison to Japanese shears and will cost less to sharpen when the time comes.

Madge Warwick, MA

Very happy

I’ve owned a few pairs of hair cutting scissors, and so far these are my favorite (and most expensive, although not by much). They are nice and sharp and give a clean cut. I also like the rubbery texture on the inside of the handles – makes it easier to keep them in place, I think.

Trina Kent, PA

Good for search and destroy

I bought these shears to clip my ends and they work very well. I trim my hair in small sections so I don’t know how they would perform with a thick portion of hair but they work for me. Made in Germany.

Patti Columbus, PA

it cuts smooth doesnt pull hair.

i have used it for few trims and feel that it doesn’t pull the hair but rather smoothly cuts its.

Delores Pandora, OH